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Mars in 11th House

Mars in 11th House

Mars in the eleventh house direct Drishti to the fifth house and governs education. However, school life gets a bit difficult. No doubt, Mars in the eleventh house assures full results for an individual's effort towards earning an income or livelihood for self and the family. In some cases, when Mars occupies its own Rasi (Aries or Scorpio), or Rasi of its exaltation (Capricorn), or Leo or Sagittarius or Pisces, it is capable of giving unearned income to the individual. It helps to succeed in property and assets, other than the ancestral or parental one, through adoption or gift. It is almost sure that Mars in the eleventh house makes the individual owner of multiple immovable assets, property, etc., by fair or foul means, so much so that the individual might infringe upon someone else's property subsequently manage to get it regularised. In some cases, the individual buys property with his or her earnings or savings. Yet, in other instances, the individual, whether a man or a woman, gains ownership of property by marriage, which can be joint ownership or independent ownership. 

Impact of Mars in the Eleventh House on Native

Suppose Sun is also favorable by its position in the third, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth, or eleventh house itself. In that case, the individual has greater chances of selecting a high-ranking placement in the government sector or any public sector set up. Expectations related to success in the field of politics can also be in the store.

Mars in the eleventh house does not understand the difference in the sources of income. 

If Mars is in its own Rasi, Aries, or Capricorn, the native uses the ways of falsehood and force when it comes to earning money and fame. The native can also hurt the family members, including the mother, due to the career-making dedication. The native might also establish usurpation of the property of the siblings.

This position of Mars symbolizes the native's relations with the spouse of their son or daughter regarding their upbringing, education, and career. Mars has full Drishti on the fifth house.

Mars in the eleventh house has full Drishti on the fifth house, irrespective of differences. The fifth house rules focus on the matters of the children. Mars regulates child-bearing issues, whether a male child will be born or a female child. Loss of children might also take place due to miscarriages. The stars of the husband and wife contribute to the combined result regarding child-bearing. Progeny affects land-related matters too.

The fifth house governs the areas of education and management.

Mars in the eleventh house sometimes offers an individual property more than the actual need. It helps in generating income. Fathers tend to overspend on child's education and marriage related issues.

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