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Mars in 8th House

Mars in 8th House

Such a position is a position which is full of risks both for the native and their spouses. It badly affects the nuances of marriage. Other than this, accidents and diseases related to the heart, anal areas, and stomach might also occur. Legalities might hover around. Real estate possessions might be high. Surgeries might take place. 


Impact of Mars in the Eighth House on Native

If Sun, Saturn, and Rahu are the saving stars, they can be saved from all the risks. The astrologers should scrutinize the leads. This position of Mars has a positive impact on income and earnings, but aspects of health, marriage, or love face negativities. The effect of mars in the eighth house is not conditional; the difference lies in the degree or percentage of results in the eighth house, lord of the eighth house, mutual relationship between Mars and the eighth house lord.


Some astrologers suggest Puja, but Puja can reduce such effects or postpone them. There isn't any practical solution to such placements, even if all the thirty-six guns tend to get matched.

Parents of the couple might misinform each other about the dates and birth timings. Non- Manglik might not match with Manglik. The central function of Mars in these positions is to disrupt the union of two people. The consequences can fall on one person in the marriage, or sometimes on both of them. 


There are cases wherein a person belonging to Mars in the seventh or eighth meets with an accident and dies. It destroys the marriage. In many cases, parents were guilty of manipulating the year or date and time of birth to hide the placement of Mars.


Sometimes, the parents tend to change the year of birth, thinking that stars' position would remain the same. The Birth-chart of an individual born, say on 10 Oct. 1925 and 110 Oct. 1926, would be different, though the Ascendant and Sun's position would be the same in 1925 and 1926. However, this is possible only if the date, month, and time of birth have not been changed. A learned astrologer has to see through such anomalies. 

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