Mars in Capricorn Sign

Mars in Capricorn Sign

The native will belong to a good family. He would be active in society, hard working, a leader and rich. He will be a reliable person and can be entrusted with responsibilities. He will be bold and will have success over his enemies. He will occupy a high position and will be helpful to his relatives. The native may join a uniformed or armed service and may rise to the highest position therein. He may possess immovable property and may have highly placed younger sister/brother. Mars in the second drekkan of the sign will bring benefits from speculation, and in the third, it will make the native a shrewd businessman or a person having good scientific knowledge. It will be bad for Gemini ascendant. For Virgo ascendant, it will be in the fifth house, where it may cause loss of or trouble through the children When the ascendant is Aries, an exalted owner of the ascendant in the tenth house will ensure a high status and fame for the native. For Cancer, a powerful Mars, being the owner of the fifth and tenth houses and therefore a very beneficial planet for this ascendant, located in the seventh house in Capricorn, will no doubt give results of a powerful rajyoga, but will not be good for the longevity of the spouse. The aspect of Jupiter or Saturn on Mars will be excellent.

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