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Mars in Capricorn Sign

Mars in Capricorn Sign

Mars in Capricorn makes the person courageous, full of energy, clever, hardworking, struggling, ambitious, enterprising, and a successful personality. According to Vedic astrology, Capricorn is considered the exalted position for Mars. The placement of the red planet in Saturn's sign gives the quality of far-sightedness to the person. Different results can be seen when Mars is placed in the Capricorn sign. The most important thing is that Saturn is the lord of the same zodiac sign in which Mars is in exalted position. In astrology, there is a mutual contradiction in the relationship between Mars and Saturn. Mars which talks about increasing activity all the time, while Saturn shows the state of progressing slowly. The sheer amount of energy in one does not let it stop, and the other is known for going with a quieter intensity. For these reasons, the person gets unexpected results.


Mars is a powerful planet, and Saturn gives obstructions. Due to this placement, the person may struggle to channel their energy in the right direction. When Mars goes to Capricorn, a person can get a lot of mental and physical strength. They can be very strict in their work and get stuck in things, due to which sometimes he has to wait for more to get favorable results. The position of Mars in Capricorn inspires the person to keep moving forward. Fearlessness and assertiveness are also obtained in them. These people are capable of accepting many types of challenges in their life.


Impact of Mars in Capricorn on Personality and temperamental characteristics

When Mars is in Capricorn, the nature of a person is tough, determined, aggressive, hardworking, aware, alert, and tactful. The person is like a coconut, which is hard from the outside but soft from the inside. They are emotional but are not skilled in expressing their feelings too much, due to which many times their gentleness is not visible to others. These people follow the traditions and are also very conscious of the rules in society. At times, they may seem mysterious, due to which everyone wishes to know more about the person with this planetary placement, but they appear more isolated, due to which the person may face distance in their relationship with their relatives or loved ones.


They do not have a good quality of displaying their emotions and build relationships. Sometimes these people can also appear rigid, but in reality, they are not. There is always a feeling of affection and generosity in their heart toward others. These people are involved in social service work, which is such a side of their character that other people also get surprised. They are very gentle towards the weaker section of society. The presence of Mars in Capricorn can make a person appear very devoted. When he does something for someone apart from their harshness, then it also serves as an example for society. They also have good intellectual and tactful qualities. They also get success leaving their mark. Their hard work always motivates them to fight the challenges of life.


Impact of Mars in Capricorn on career and business

Due to Mars being in Capricorn, the person is conscientious or loves to do every work cautiously. They are honest in their work. They do not like to depend on others for work. It is their specialty to do everything on their own. Many times it takes time for them to get the fruits of their hard work, but they definitely succeed in it. With their determination, they are quite capable of doing tasks and also dealing with challenges. Their efforts in the workplace can make the future very convenient. These people do well in the karmic field of their life. They also get respect at the workplace. They get respect for their determination and hard work. These people are successful in getting a high position, even if it takes some time, but success definitely works in their favor.


They have big goals in their career. The desire to fulfill their ambitions and get a good position, which is clearly visible in their nature and behavior. Their efforts made for their field of work also provide them with material happiness. These people struggle a lot for happiness, prosperity, wealth, and comfort in life. These people are very effective for themselves as well as for others. Other people can also climb the ladder of success with their help. These people are going to work ahead in their careers. They like to be a team leader. They can lead well, and when the red planet is in the Capricorn, the person can do well in property, construction, and vehicle-related work. They can also succeed in advocacy, big business, politics, and other related fields. The person can involve in the fields of the keeper, Security Council, police, adventure, metal, fuel, fire, and other works related to mines.


Impact of Mars in Capricorn on love and marriage

A person is very sensitive in the matter of love. They don't like to be vocal about their feelings. It can be a reason people can face a lot of conflicts in them. They are the people who are devoted in their relationship and in terms of loyalty; they play their part extremely well. They are the ones who love to work more on reality rather than on fantasies. You can also say that they are less romantic, but the love and sexual attraction within them is amazing. They like to take full care of their partner's needs in their relationship.


They also fulfill their responsibilities towards marriage and family. They like to speak their mind directly and clearly. Mars in Capricorn also gives them the quality of commitment that strengthens their relationship's foundation. They don't show any kind of rush in their relationship. They move forward after testing the faith in their love relationship. There is a lot of feeling of sexuality in them, but it is visible only when the partner is close to them. They don't like showing off.


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