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Mars in Aries Sign

Mars in Aries Sign

The native will occupy a position of authority or will be associated with the affairs of the government. He would be full of energy, sensual and fond of travelling. The native will be courageous, truthful and have martial qualities. He will be rich and gain from the government. This sign location is excellent for Mars, since this sign not only is the mooltrikona and own sign of Mars, but the element of the sign is also the same as that of this planet. Mars is not comfortable in its other sign Scorpio as the element is watery there. This location of Mars for Cancer, and Sagittarius ascendants is excellent. Mars in Aries for Cancer ascendant will give wealth and make the native do well in a uniformed service. Mars in Aries for Sagittarius ascendant will also give wealth but is likely to keep the native worried due to his children. The aspect of the Sun or Jupiter on Mars will be excellent for both the ascendants.

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