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Mars in Aquarius Sign

Mars in Aquarius Sign

The native will be dishonest, poor, and unhappy. He may indulge in gambling and horse racing. His appearance will be displeasing and he may look older than his age. He will be unhappy on account of a wayward son and poor health. He will be cruel, an alcoholic and malicious. A good and well placed Mars in this sign may turn the native into a scientist, especially if the planet is placed in the second drekkan of the sign. He may work energetically in group activities for public welfare. When the ascendant is Leo, a powerful Mars, being the owner of the fourth and ninth houses and therefore a very beneficial planet for this ascendant, located in the seventh house in Aquarius, will no doubt give results of a powerful rajyoga and will give benefits to the native through his spouse and marriage, but it may make the native's spouse sensuous and irritable. This description of the spouse may not be true if the drekkan in which the planet is placed is the third one. The aspect of Jupiter or Saturn on Mars will tone down the adverse results. When Mars in this sign aspects Jupiter placed in Virgo, the native is likely to be childless.

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