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Mars in Aquarius Sign

Mars in Aquarius Sign

When Mars is in Aquarius, the sense of ideal, hope, enthusiasm, and freedom is seen more. Mars can give favorable results in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign owned by Saturn, but it is also a positive auspicious sign. Sitting in this sign, Mars also gets this auspiciousness. When mars is in Capricorn, which is the other sign of Saturn, some stubbornness and anger are more visible in itself, while in Aquarius, these qualities get changed. The arrival of Mars here also makes a person friendly.


This planetary placement allows the desire to work independently and enjoy life enthusiastically. The influence of Mars in Aquarius also allows people to connect intellectually and deeply. Infinite possibilities can be seen in Aquarius. Here one can see the vastness of the fantasies of thought in their thinking. They try to connect all dots. The influence of Mars appears quite encouraging here. The quality of passion and ideals is also included in this.


Mars is a fire element, and Aquarius is an air element. Having these two together can increase the energy in a person more. The person loves adventure, and has the passion for trying new things. They stay ahead in showcasing their skills. They are known for connecting and discovering new things. The position of Mars in Aquarius also gives curiosity to the person. The strength of emotions is also seen here. The combination of Mars and Aquarius gives a few astonishing qualities, which help the native to work for change in society. They also get the quality of carrying many people with them. These people are also capable of being able to lead the people, or you can say that they are born leaders.


Temperament and personal characteristics for people Mars in Aquarius 

When Mars is in Aquarius, the person shows a generous personality. They also have a lot of independence, love for relationships, and emotional attachment. The impression of personality definitely affects others as well. Due to the presence of Mars in Aquarius, a person has more desire to move ahead with their own moves and ideology. Here there is little desire to get involved in pressure or unnecessary issues. A person is aware of their thoughts and ambitions. He is also excited to complete them. They are talkative and can speak against wrong things. When Mars is in Aquarius, there is also an attraction that is visible from far away. People connect with them and are also inclined to be friends with them. One likes to move forward with happiness and a better outlook. They may also like the company of intelligent people.


They also get the opportunity to work and connect with high and special people in their life. They also keep an eye on the activities around them. Reckless nature can also be seen in some places. These people are not afraid to put their thoughts in front of others and are skilled in expressing their views. Those who are fond of living a good lifestyle can achieve a good lifestyle. In Kaal Purush Kundli, Aquarius comes in the eleventh house; this place shows their income, desires, and relationships. When Mars is here, they will not want to get these things done but can get all of them. They have efficient behavior and the art of adapting to the situation.


Stay ahead in career and business.

The presence of Mars in Aquarius is good for the workplace. One can be ahead in exploring possibilities in many places. They can also achieve mastery in doing many types of work. There is also a desire to change the way they work. Doing one type of work can soon feel boring. They also have the desire to change their work and try new things. They can also stay ahead in making new plans and implementing them in their work. They may see some problems due to their impulsive behavior. They are more in search of passion and adventure. These people can also be ahead in doing audacious things. They are free to think and act in any way they like, and it can be very difficult for them to work under the control of others. Efforts can also be seen to build the future.


Mars and Aquarius together can give a person the tendency to do risky work. The person can lead or join politics. They can succeed in the fields related to writing and speech. This planetary placement gives the quality of being a good speaker. Whether it is in the field of communication or marketing-related work, they can achieve success in their life. The person may get involved in the land and property deals. Only their risk-taking quality in business can push them forward. These people can astound others with their quick decision-making skills. They also get the ability to solve problems naturally to a great extent. These people can also become guides and they can also be religious preachers.


Impact of Mars in Aquarius on Love and marriage

In the matter of love, these people are romantic. They know how to talk lovingly and also express their feelings. They don’t want to express their desire in front of their partner. They are excited about love; they can like touching and loving things. They have a special place among their friends. These people are also very emotional in their relationship. There is a desire to know their relationship deeply.

Be it a relationship of love or family; these people have an affinity with everyone. They are fair people and give equal importance to theirs and others’ wishes. They do not get too bound by rules but do respect the feelings of others. Marriage relations remain favorable. These people want to find a partner like themselves because their free and independent existence wants to have fun with their partner and lead an exciting life.

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