Mars in Different Houses & Signs

Mars is masculine, short in stature, and has a thin waist. It reddish brown eyes, and is powerfully built. Its hair are short Ta shining, and it is red and shining in appearance. It is courageous, a skilful speaker, tamasik, intelligent, liberal, slim, of changeable disposition, is wrathful, adventurous and capable of causing hurts. It dresses in red. It is the son of the Earth. Its vehicle is a ram. It is active. It is the god of war.

Effects of Mars in different Houses and Signs 

1. Its RELATIONSHIP with other planets is as follows: 

Friendly with: Sun, Moon, Jupiter

Neutral to: Venus, Saturn, 

Inimical to: Mercury

It is noticed that the signs owned by Mars and Venus are seventh and also twelfth from each other. Mars therefore dissipates Venus and stands on many matters opposed to what Venus signifies. There is opposition between the two planets in the above sense. 

2. It is the KARAKA for the following: 

Physical and mental strength, things produced out of the earth, immovable property but not agricultural land, younger brother/sister, enemy, enmity, courage, kinsmen, weapons, boils, soldier, injury, self-praise, bone marrow and energy.

3. It REPRESENTS the following:

(i) Ruthlessness, enthusiasm, generosity, boldness, misdeeds, self-confidence, will, independence, determination, argument, leadership, conflict, the tendency to look upwards, drive, wit, organising ability, ability to get the work done, foolhardiness , unruliness, misunderstandings and telling lies.

(ii) Head, muscle, testicles, sexual vitality, blood, acute fever, inflammations, burns, bleeding, miscarriage, smallpox, sunstroke, measles, surgical operations, wounds, epidemics, excessive thirst, injury due to fire, poison or weapon; dry and rough skin, fracture of bone, loss by thieves, and diseases in upper part of the body

(iii) Battles, enemies, crime, accident, violence, litigation, hearth-fire, fire, electricity, logic, debates, science, iron south, cutlery, athletic performance, engineering, Dhatu (inanimate objects like minerals and metals), quadruped slightly burnt cloth, warrior class, Lord Hanuman, lord Subramanya, summer, coral, deep-red, savage beasts birds of prey, acids, tiger, wolf, battle fields, slaughter house, machinery, and smithy.

(iv) Interest in other's women, territory from Krishna River to Ceylon. Like the Sun it represents Danda (Punishment). Mars governs the age of 28 years and also between 42 and 56 years.

(v) Surgeons, warriors, lawyers, debators, cooks, butchers and barbers. 

4. It is powerful in the tenth and infructuous in the second house. 

5. The difference between Venus and Mars is obvious insofar as emotional side of human nature is concerned. Venus is emotionally sensitive whereas Mars is emotionally excitable. Therefore Venus generates emotional impressions but Mars projects passions. Affection and refinement thus fall within the domain of Venus. Mars governs violence. 

6. Mars is male. Venus is female. When the two join, aspect each other, or Mars influences Venus in any manner, in the birth chart or the navansha chart, it leads to heightened sexuality in the native. This gets exacerbated if the association takes place in a fixed sign. 

7. If Mars and Ketu influence the factors indicating the self in a horoscope, the native suffers from accidents, violence and injuries. 

8: When Mars and Jupiter together influence the self of an individual, they lead him to put in hard work for the good of the society. A good samaritan is born. Contrary is the result when Saturn joins Mars. In this case the native is selfish and perverted, and will have criminal tendencies.

9. Mars is a malefic planet by nature. It rises hind part first. 

10. Placement of Mars in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or the twelfth house causes early death of the spouse, separation, divorce, or marital discord or incompatibility. 

11. Mars or a malefic planet in general in the eighth house in a female horoscope, is known to cause widowhood. 

12. If Mars is afflicted in a horoscope it will cause serious problems for the native every 3 years and 9 months. 

13. If Mars is an adverse planet for the horoscope and is in aspect with either the Sun or Moon, the native will be in serious difficulties at the age of 52. 5 years. If such a Sun or Moon is also afflicted by Saturn, death of the native may occur. 

14. The aspect of Mars on other planets and vice-versa (See paragraph 44 under the opening remarks at the beginning of this Chapter for guidelines for analysing the influence of an aspect.): 

(i) On the Sun-See under SUN.

(ii) On the Moon-See under MOON.

(iii) On Mercury- On the positive side (if the aspecting planet is good for the ascendant), the native will have a sharp and vigorous mind. He may be successful as an engineer, surgeon or a mathematician. He will be precise, correct and dexterous. He will be witty, humorous, resourceful, prompt and lively. 

On the negative side (if the aspecting planet is bad for the ascendant), the native will display prejudice, passion and anger. He will be oblivious of discretion and reason. He may take recourse to untruths. He may be critical, deceitful, self-centred and arrogant. He may marry a widow or a characterless woman, and may not be wealthy. 

(iv) On Jupiter-On the positive side (if the aspecting planet is good for the ascendant), the native will have a positive approach to life. He will be independent minded, persuasive, candid, learned and noble. He will be financially successful. He will have innovative methods of dealing with issues confronting him. He will be just and a champion of the weak and oppressed. He will like travelling and will benefit from it. He will be upright and straightforward. He will be able to motivate others to a higher degree of efficiency.

On the negative side (if the aspecting planet is bad. the ascendant), he may have to face trouble due to religion. He may face religious persecution or may suffer damage due to occult practices. He may be the victim of other's dishonesty or he may harm others by such practice. He may die away from home, may be killed due to enmity, or die in confinement, a monastery or a hospital He may be extravagant. 

(v) On Venus- On the positive side (if the aspecting planet is good for the ascendant), the aspect energises the talents that the native will be given by Venus, and which would have remained dormant in the personality otherwise. He will be fond of sports. He will be bold and able. He will be reputed, wealthy and will spend well. He may earn through the stage, art, decoration, women, music etc. He will be popular and friendly. He may gain through women. He will marry early and will have a good married life. His can be a case of love at first sight. His attachments may be beneficial. 

On the negative side (if the aspecting planet is bad for the ascendant), he will be extravagant, passionate, lascivious, and may run after women. He may spend on sex, finery, jewellery, pomp, show and fellowship. When other malefic planets also put in their influence, he may even have perverted sex drive. The wife may not be long lived. There may be danger to his life through females. He will have a weak will and will be unable to check his wayward ways. If the aspect takes place in a watery sign, the native may get addicted to alcohol. He may like to gamble and have liaison with several women. He may have trouble with money related to the dead. 

(vi) On Saturn- On the positive side (if the aspecting planet is good for the ascendant), his personality will be masterful. He will be ambitious, brave to the extent of being contemptuous of danger, and energetic. He will be of tenacious attitude to work. His mind may be subtle. He will have leadership abilities and may attain fame. On the negative side (if the aspecting planet is bad for the ascendant), he will be fanatically attached to his ideas and faith, and he will be the right material of which militants are made. He will be overbearing and may get notoriety. There may be serious threat to his honour. There may be accidents, injuries or a violent death. The native will suffer at the hands of the government or his enemies. He may have losses due to thefts or disputes with labour. His parents may get estranged from him or may pass away early. If he attains a high position, there is a danger of fall from it. He will have bad relations with his bosses and he will suffer for his hot-headedness. He may be unfeeling and callous.

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