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Ketu in Virgo Sign

Ketu in Virgo Sign

The presence of things beneath the surface of the earth has fascinated humans for a long time. Virgo is an earthy sign, resembles a profound, observatory nature. It is ruled by Mercury, which shares a normal relation with Ketu. This particular position of planets brings out the mysterious and confidential aspect of a person. The person is quite talkative and possesses adequate mental faculty for in-depth reasoning and analysis. Due to their normal relationship, the natives have a stable temperament and more control over their state of mind. 

Ketu in Virgo makes the person spiritual and very intelligent too. They also have proper knowledge of ways to use their intelligence and are likely to thrive in business. They know their way around things and have a burning desire to achieve their goals in life. Yet, they are also likely to be inconsiderate of their time and suffer from leg and stomach disorders. 

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