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Ketu in 12th House

Ketu in 12th House

Ketu, also famous as the South Node of the Moon, is a shadowy planet, which lies in a diagonal position to Rahu. As a headless, smoky, and half-bodied planet, it is called the planet of detachment, illusion, spirituality, asceticism, and many other things. It is a mysterious planet, and there is no certainty about its existence, behaviour, tendencies, thoughts, and activities. It is tough to comprehend or predict what is happening within Ketu. It is also the least discussed planet in astrology. Most of the activities that happen without being known to ordinary people are represented by this planet. It is famous for giving birth to the best spies and informers. All the mysterious agents or officers, such as covert operations specialists, undercover agents, and intelligence officers, are known to have considerable influence of Ketu in their birth-charts.


Effects of Ketu in the Twelfth House

The malefic benefits of Ketu in the twelfth house include the following:

  • Nightmares: The natives under the influence of Ketu in the 12th house may experience nightmares from time to time. As a result, they often remain hopeless and fearful most of the time. Since Ketu is a shadowy planet, the natives also suffer from depression and become drug addicts. 

  • Repressed Sexuality: The natives grow up in such environments, where they are shamed for their emotional intensity and sexuality. As a result, they feel unsafe while expressing themselves sexually or find shame around their sexual wants and desires. 

  • Eye Trouble: The natives are at risk of getting eye troubles at a very young age. If Sun or Mas in conjunction with Ketu in the twelfth house, there are fewer eye problems. But natives should not feel dejected due to their eye problems in today's digital media. They can use spectacles to overcome their eye problems.    

  • Some Female-Related Problems: The young women concerned with childbearing often develop an ache in their waist regions. This problem can further aggravate if Saturn is in conjunction with Ketu in the twelfth house. If Mars is in conjunction with Ketu in the twelfth house, it may give rise to women's menstrual problems. Ketu in the twelfth house is also known to escalate tensions or jealousy between brothers and sisters in a family. 

  • Fear of Death: The natives may experience fear of death. As a result, they remain troubled between life and death. They keep struggling with thoughts of suicide and death. They are forced in life to dig into the depths of their psyches, which can lead them to bouts of depression.


Some Other Facets of Ketu in the Twelfth House

  • Salvation: Apart from malefic effects, Ketu in the twelfth house causes salvation in its natives as this planet represents detachment from worldly or materialistic pleasures. It is also called the Moksha-Karaka, or the factor that forces natives for salvation. It keeps reminding its natives of the importance and significance of wisdom and spirituality through various experiences. 

  • Karmic Mission: Ketu in the twelfth house also sheds light on the Karmic mission. As a result, the natives become highly knowledgeable and realizes that life is a cycle. They know very well how to face the darkness and get enlightenment in their lives. 

  • Healing Powers: It gives the natives the capability to dive into the depths and heal themselves to some extent. Using this talent, they can dig into their shadows and use what they find there to heal themselves. It will be a tool that can build powerful pathways for their enlightenment. There is a need to do something for humanity that will benefit others as well as themselves. Thus, this planet possesses a deep reservoir of strength, capability, regenerative ability, and healing power.

  • Hidden life: The natives inherit a psychic sensitivity to the hidden lives of others. They may be inclined to any work that demands digging beneath the surface: police offer, detective agents, researchers, psychologists, etc. Their investigative capacity and clear-sightedness enable them to solve mysteries intuitively. They are successful in detective work, investigative research, forensics, mental health nursing, healing, criminal psychology, or anything that allows them to get into deeper aspects.


Remedies for Malefic Effects of Ketu in the 12th House

The natives should not be scared of Ketu's malefic effects. They can overcome or alleviate these effects by doing the following remedies: 

  • Worship Lord Ganesha.

  • Adopt a good character.

  • Always keep a dog with them.

  • Before going to bed, put Khand and Saunf under the pillow.

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