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Ketu in Taurus Sign

Ketu in Taurus Sign

According to Vedic Astrology, Taurus is governed by Venus, a feminine watery planet with a mild relationship with Ketu. They live freedom and bring in a lot of movement in their life. It can be the reason for the Taurus native to face issues in their life. But Taurus's earthy element keeps them grounded too, and gives them the ability to handle every situation calmly. The apprehensive and volatile nature of Ketu, coupled with Taurus's composure, gives the native a hard time choosing between a relaxed and sincere state of mind or a restless and active one. 

On the other hand, Ketu's suspicious nature and unstable mood can turn the calm and honest nature of Taurus people into restlessness and prevent them from differentiating between good and evil. In such a situation, Taurus people can be deafening and have a stubborn tendency in conversation. Although it is often seen that Taurus people have very calm and introverted personalities. People of this zodiac have a lot of desire for luxury and material comforts in their life, but to get it, they may have to work very hard in the presence of Ketu. If we talk about the positive impact of the position of Ketu in the life of the people of this zodiac, then Ketu gives thoughtful thinking to the Taurus people. This can help a person differentiate between good and evil.

The natives of this planetary position are marked by a tendency to procrastinate and be as stubborn as a bull. This ego in them can also cause their failure to keep up a relationship with their love interest. They are likely to make individual immoral decisions in their life, and although they show compassion and care, they are unlikely to receive reciprocation for them. They have a problematic relationship with their family, as well. 

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