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Ketu in 6th House

Ketu in 6th House

This is a house where Ketu's effects aren't parallel to that of Mercury, but in other houses, Ketu is parallel to Mercury's result. Ketu in the 6th house offers vigilance, good memory, a tendency to follow up on the past events and actions (however, now no longer in a revengeful manner). It additionally offers a healthy body, tendency, to work hard steadily and continuously, convenience of transport. To the ones dwelling in rural regions, Ketu offers love for pets and milch animals, judgment to forgiving minor offense or insult through others. However, do not forgive or forget serious types of insults or injuries. 


Effects of Ketu in the 6th House

Along with Rahu and Saturn, Ketu in the 6th house can create differences and controversies with maternal uncles and aunts, based on the question of inheritance from maternal grandparents or maternal family. If Jupiter partners with Ketu in 12 degrees, the variations will extend to legal actions as Ketu in the 6th house results in narrow mindedness, especially in the maternal family.

Ketu provides rapid recovery from illness unless it is a bone injury, fracture, or sexual health dissatisfaction. Individuals who combine Venus and Ketu in the 6th house should try the following: Must try and avoid extramarital affairs and freelance physical relationships with any sex.

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