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Ketu in 7th House

Ketu in 7th House

This role of Ketu at home makes a lot of excursions even in childhood (with family members or sometimes alone). The trips are now no longer snug or success and minor health issues like fever, headache, blood pressure fluctuation will possibly be present for an extended period during the tiresome journey, regardless of the mode of journey. The native regularly tends to worry a lot, whilst far away from home for numerous days, weeks, or months. The fear pertains to affairs at the domestic level and mostly members of the family along with the partner. When Ketu is connected to Mars or Saturn in the 7th house, it generates a far-flung suspicion about the partner, more so in instances in which stress exists in the bond between husband and wife.

Effects of Ketu in the 7th House

If there is an aqueous Rasi (Cancer, Aquarius, and Pisces) and Capricorn in the 7th house, the native needs to be cautious around water, be it a tank, pond, swimming pool, river, sea, or ocean; in fact, drinking water storage tanks. The native must not take risks with water; however, the ability and competence in swimming. 

Another vulnerable factor with these individuals is that they spend mostly under provocation and emotion, after which remorse the spending, in particular, if the expenditure was intended for partner or family. But these individuals now no longer mind wasteful spending on friends of either sex. Their annoyance and anger additionally stay under control while maintaining relationships with outsiders of both sexes. However, it isn't always the same at home with family and own set of relatives. 

One school of concept holds the view that Ketu is more beneficial while in Scorpio. However, experience doesn't confirm it. On the other side, Ketu in Scorpio offers hardships now and then or a minor sexual disorder and issues in the reproductive system in females.

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