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Ketu in 2nd House

Ketu in 2nd House

In Astrology, Ketu is considered an invisible planet, and it signifies various things in one's native's life—seclusion, isolation, solitary confinement, introvertedness, and so on. This planet is headless, so being different from other planets, it casts its effects differently. According to it, darkness means light. It sheds light on all those things that the native has already got in his past life. So, he won't crave them in his life. It imparts non-attachment and spiritual tendencies to worldly ambitions and desires. It is also regarded as a half-planet that equips the native with psychic abilities.

Ketu in 2nd House Positive Traits

  • The people who have Ketu in the 2nd house of their natal charts tend to talk wisely. With excellent command in their languages, they are very expressive and eloquent. They are also well-versed in various foreign languages. Ketu's effects in 2nd house will make the natives indulgent in a materialistic lifestyle.

  • The natives who have Ketu in the 2nd house may be fond of collecting various magazines and books. They like to read some of them and take a look at others. They are dab at writing, literature, and accounting.

Ketu in 2nd House Negative Traits

  • Those who have Ketu in 2nd house can be afflicted with some speech disorders, such as stammering and learning problems. So, they mostly depend on others for help. 

  • The malefic effect of a gruesome planet can aggravate eye problems and increase expenses. The natives may lack politeness, courtesy, and manners. This planet also signifies detachment. When positioned in the 2nd house, the natives may have a broken relationship with their family members, including life partner, according to the marriage scenario of Ketu's presence in the 2nd house. 

  • The natives with Ketu in the 2nd may not maintain a good relationship with their family members. They may also lose wealth due to government policies. But they should not feel worried about its malefic effects. They can overcome them by performing remedies.

  • The malefic effects of Ketu in the second house also make natives forgetful about words and sentences while expressing their views. They may leave incomplete sentences, and start afresh, which may turn them into good orators, even if they talk about challenging and new concepts. 

  • The natives may be arrogant and haughty. They may also develop boastfulness and vanity. This may create differences between them and their family members, which may add to their woes. Besides, the natives may be blamed for misbehaving with the government officials, which may land them in a difficult situation.

  • Last but not least, Ketu's presence in the 2nd house may trigger heart attacks and strokes. It also makes the natives mentally unstable and agitated.

Career and Professional Life

When Ketu lies in the second house of career, the natives may drop their studies midway and start earning at a young age. They may also travel to foreign nations regarding their business purpose and to earn a higher income.

Effects on the Male Kundali

When Ketu is positioned in the second house of the male natives' birth charts, it leads to various problems, such as impairment, stammering, speech disorders. Also, it can make them agitated and unstable. So, they become harsh and misunderstood by others.

Effects on Female Kundali

  • When Ketu is positioned in the second house of the female natives' natal charts, they may be unfortunate regarding their family and financial matter. They sell their assets, such as properties or jewelry, to fulfill their liabilities. Moreover, they are God-fearing individuals who avoid indulging in immoral tasks.

  • They are likely to sell their assets like jewelry or properties to fulfill their liabilities. Such people are God-fearing individuals who avoid indulging themselves in immoral tasks.

Effects on Marriage and Personal Life

Those who have Ketu in their horoscopes' second house may not get cooperation or support from their immediate family members. Still, the in-laws and the spouse may help them both emotionally and financially.

Remedies to Alleviate the Malefic Effects of Ketu

The natives should not be scared of the malefic effects of Ketu. They can alleviate its effects by adopting the following tips:

  • They should apply tilak of Saffron on their foreheads. 

  • Develop a strong character with positive thinking.

  • Visit temples frequently.

  • Donate two-colored blanked to the poor or in Bhairon temple on Wednesday or Sunday. Mustard oil can also be donated on Saturday. 

  • Lord Bhairon should also be worshipped if Ketu is troubling more and more.

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