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Ketu in Gemini Sign

Ketu in Gemini Sign

Mercury is a planet that stands for wisdom and intelligence. It is the ruling planet of Gemini, making it a sign of intelligence and knowledge too. Both Ketu and Mercury are airy planets and prioritize their freedom. They find themselves at unease in claustrophobic environments and are unable to prosper. Ketu, being a headless shadowy planet, makes the natives in this position very unsure and confused. Gemini is a dual sign, which adds to the indecisiveness too. 

The natives are known to have an unwavering ego and take excessive pride in themselves. They lose control of their temper quite quickly, thus giving way to problems in their relationships. Due to their uncertainty and indecisiveness, they are unable to make use of their intelligence and knowledge. Anxiety and gastrointestinal problems are common to natives of this planetary position. They are also likely to travel short distances.

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