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Ketu in 1st House

Ketu in 1st House

Ketu, also called the South Node of the Moon, is a headless planet. From an astronomical point of view, it is a type of shadow planet, which can hardly be seen by the naked eyes. It is just a manifestation in the cosmic arrangement. As per astrology, it is a malefic planet, but its malefic effects are not as bad as Rahu. Although it brings in lots of mishappenings and misfortunes in the natives' lives, it is also the factor for liberation or the Karak of Moksha as per astrology. From an astrological point of view, the natives of Ketu in the first house usually have a mysterious personality. So, it is difficult for ordinary people to understand them.


How does Ketu in the First House Affect its Natives?

  • In astrology, Ketu is considered both malefic and benefic. If it is benefic in this particular house, the natives will be happy, prosperous, and laborious. But they will always remain troubled because of their progeny. They may feel reluctant to take travel or transfers.

  • During Ketu's transit in the first House in Varsha Kundli, a son's birth is indicated. The native can go on a long journey. Those with Ketu in the first house will always be lucky and beneficial to his father or Guru.

  • On the other hand, if Ketu is malefic, the natives will often suffer from a headache. Besides, his wife will have health-related problems, and she will always remain worried about her kids. If the second and seventh houses are empty, then Venus and Mercury will give bad results. There will be transfers and travels with no gains. If Saturn is malefic, it will destroy Guru and father.

  • If the Sun lies in the 7th or 8th house, then the native's health would deteriorate after his grandson's birth. So, the native should not give alms in the morning and evening.

Positive Impact

  • The native's personality becomes magnetic, which is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. Lots of people feel interested in meeting him or her. When the native cannot express his views straightforwardly, he is advised to say things with a deeper meaning. He may be outdoorsy and willing to travel frequently. He may be even adventurous. He may satisfy himself by touring and exploring different countries, states, and cities.

  • Rahu planet is concerned with spirituality, afterlife experiences, the concept of karma and rebirth, and renunciation. In astrology, it has been explained that Ketu is the taker and Rahu is the giver. Rahu brings the native into evil, and Ketu makes him realize that he is in the wrong zone and needs to adopt the moral and righteous way. So, the damage caused by Rahu is undone by Ketu.

Negative Impact

  • Explorations and adventures are good things. But the native needs to be very careful about his company. If he gets into a bad, his condition may deteriorate. He may become greedy and self-centred. He has to ensure that he does not degrade ethically, or his life could be full of difficulties.

  • If the Ketu is badly afflicted, it may degrade the native's health and reduce his stamina. And if that happens, the native's condition may deteriorate considerably. The native of Ketu in 1st house may lack courage and self-confidence, according to Ketu's effects in the first house.

  • Also, natives with Ketu in the first house have a weak body and weak will power. So, they may not be able to cope with the difficulties and challenges of life and easily give in to stress and pressure. 

  • Ketu also improves the natives' psychic abilities. The planet gives them a strong sense of intuition and can also prolong their lives. It can also give rise to marital discord in their lives. Besides, they are spiritless, deceptive, and ungrateful, according to the ancient texts of India.

  • Moreover, the natives of Ketu in the first house cannot differentiate between the good and the bad things. So, they cannot make proper decisions, which may impact their lives and functioning. They may move towards immorality if they cannot reign according to their animal traits.


Results of Ketu in the First House

  • Those with Ketu in the first house in horoscope cannot differentiate between right and what wrong. This tendency is very clearly reflected in their gestures and personalities.

  • According to Vedic texts, natives with Ketu in Lagna are often spiritless, ungrateful, liar, afraid of sex, and dismissed from service if no benefic influence is found in the first house or ascendant.

  • Ketu Planet in the navamsa chart is not considered useful. The natives will remain perturbed and troubled by their relatives.


Remedies for the Natives with Ketu in First House

The natives can get relief from Ketu-related problems during Antardasha, Mahadasha, or any adverse transit in the horoscope. Three remedies are beneficial:

1. The natives should feed jaggery to monkeys.

2. They should apply saffron as 'Tilak' on their foreheads.

3. If their offsprings remain troubled, they should donate a black and white blanket to the temple.

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