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Ketu in 11th House

Ketu in 11th House

The presence of Ketu in the eleventh house is favourable and suitable for the natives. The eleventh house is the Upachaya house, and any planet positioned in it is considered good in terms of worldly matters. The natives may be accumulating lots of wealth and property. They are also habituated to hoarding their wealth. They may have different sources for getting income—racing, lottery, batting, market, etc. As Ketu is also related to the spiritual or religious matter, the natives may earn money through spirituality and religious work. Ketu in the eleventh house also makes the natives royal in behaviour. They may be kind-hearted, skilled, intelligent, and well-versed in speech.


Effects of Ketu in the 11th House

  1. The eleventh house is an indicator of sudden gains and wealth. It sheds light on various aspects of sudden income, prosperity, and good wealth. Besides, it sheds light on one’s social sphere. 

  2. When Ketu is positioned in the eleventh House, it mostly gives favourable and positive outcomes in the natives’ lives. They also get various sources of income flow. As a result, they do not become hopeless even during the most challenging times. 

  3. The natives also become religious, and with the help of their faith and spirituality, they can face tougher than the most challenging times. They are also kind and benevolent. Because of their good nature and devotion, they become famous among the mass.   

  4. These natives are suitable for administrative jobs as they are dab at handling odd situations and may strongly and boldly lead their organizations.

Effect on Career Due to Presence of Ketu in 11th House

  1. The natives get success in politics after the age of forty years. They may also win elections with a thumping majority. They can get tremendous success and wealth in various fields: sports, anchoring, daily soaps, films, mass media, etc. If they are in physical sports, they can become stars or a youth icon from 22 years of age. If they are in entertainment, they can become a popular anchor or actor from the age of 35 years. 

  2. In films or politics, the natives can make fortunes overnight. There is an excellent chance of success in politics for natives after the age of forty years. If they adopt the spiritual path, they will get lakhs of followers in their spiritual line. They may become spiritual guru. If they are in service, they can get a high position after the age of 44. They may also become a high-rank government officer in the police department or Railway sector.

  3. The natives may have to face many struggles till the age of thirty years regarding their growth in life, financial stability, and success. Exceptions are there if the 11th lord is very powerful and very well positioned in natives’ horoscope. Ketu in the 11th house gives a substantial amount of wealth and materialistic comfort to natives after they attain forty years. But their financial condition will not improve till they attain thirty years of age. 

  4. But they will become wealthy after lots of failures, struggles, and dejection in life. They can earn wealth from more than one source or occupation in life. The natives may suffer financially or emotionally during their childhood and teenage years and sometimes at a young age.

Effect on Marriage Due to Presence of Ketu in 11th House

  1. The natives’ lives will be soothing except for some minor ups and downs due to family discrepancies. They may marry twice as the spouse may die early when the 7th lord is weak and in a malefic state. A relationship with a spouse will be peaceful and loving, but some arguments and fights may happen during their young age. 

  2. Although relationship or bond can last for a long time if 7th lord and 7th house are not much damaged. The spouse will be supportive and co-operative towards the native. The native may also end up marrying their love partner in life.

Special Effects on Life Due to Presence of Ketu in 11th House

  1. Ketu in the 11th house brings a significant change in the native’s life after 40 or 44 years of age. His life will be full of struggle till the age of 35 years. Ketu present in this house allows the native to earn money from more than one source, or he may have more than one occupation simultaneously in his life. Ketu gives fruitless labour, heartbreak, and unfulfilled desires up to the age of 35 years. 

  2. Ketu gives advancement in the native’s life after their middle age. It makes the recipient of accolades and gives them much support from the public after forty years of age. It also gives them a flair for blogging and writing, and the native may earn from publishing, blogs, online business, writing books, novels, poems, autobiography, etc. Such a native might also live long.

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