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Ketu in Aries Sign

Ketu in Aries Sign

Mars rules Ketu, and the planet is believed to have good relations with Ketu, as said by Vedic Astrology principles. Ketu is known to bring out similar traits in a person or at least ones that support the ones that Mars inculcates. Aries is a sign ruled by a fiery, masculine planet, and thus the natives are often volatile in their interaction. Ketu's recklessness adds to the aggressiveness of Mars and makes the person robust in their speech and speak without concern. 

Natives belonging to this planetary position are a living soul and quite the extrovert. Besides being jubilant, they prefer peace in their life and their mode of work. They avoid the limelight and work better from behind the curtains. Although they have an unstable temper and an arbitrary and random frame of mind, they are very dedicated to their work and relentless. They lead a simple life and are known to shift places often. They harbor lots of uncertainty about their relationships.

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