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Ketu in Aquarius Sign

Ketu in Aquarius Sign

Saturn also rules over Aquarius and also shares a friendly relation with Ketu. Saturn signifies the renunciation of worldly interests, and along with Ketu's association with spiritual liberation, people born in this planetary position are inherently sensible and realistic. On the other hand, Ketu also gives the natives an undying thirst for desire; thus, despite knowing the reality of life, these people have a hard time giving up their desires. Ketu is an airy planet when positioned in Aquarius and gives the person a tendency to create unrealistic and unattainable desires. Although they are keen on performing social services and Ketu's presence further augments their interest in benevolent tasks.

The natives are stubborn and seldom agree to go against their wishes. They like to travel. Health issues may also pass down upon them from their elders, and they are susceptible to ear disorders. They aren't right in their relationship with friends and families either. They are also likely to face trouble having a steady flow of income, and success in life is often delayed. 

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