Ketu in Different Houses & Signs

The accurate point where the Sun's path intersects with that of the moon is known as Ketu. The sign where the Ketu is placed at your birth is known as your Ketu sign. It is the Southern tip of the moon. It is similar to Mars in its function and is evil. Generally, it is termed as the Dragon's tail; it is a smoky planet without a head and drives one towards moksha or spiritual liberation. It is also associated with illusion, detachment, mystery, e.t.c. Rahu, the northern lunar node, is seen as the Dragon's head, whereas Ketu is the tail; each completes one another. Things like material possessions that Rahu gives, Ketu tends to take them away. Both of them denote an inextinguishable desire. Ketu induces nature specific to psychopaths and serial killers and is also the creator of investigators and famous musicians.

Effects of Ketu in different Houses and Signs 

With the nature of a dragon's tail, Ketu is very restless, and people with Ketu in their sign are unlikely to settle at a place for long. It gives Aries a tendency for an unorganized journey; in Gemini, the person often likes to make short trips; in Sagittarius, it is responsible for religious travels; in Pisces, it creates an urge for foreign travels. Ketu is also related to communication and language, and the relative position of your sign also dictates your linguistic skills and efficiency. Taurus, Sagittarius, and Pisces are well-versed in foreign languages, but they practice this skill differently. Ketu in Taurus have tenderness in their speech; in Sagittarius, Ketu brings out an assertive and decisive touch to people's speech; Ketu in Pisces adheres a serene touch to a person's speech, and in Gemini, Ketu gives them the power of imitating voices, like that of birds and animals. 

Ketu also governs a person's fears, phobias, and other subjects of concern. Ketu in Cancer renders people concerned about their families consistently; in Libra, Ketu instills abandonment issues; in Taurus, Ketu makes the person worry about their material possessions a little too much; in Scorpio, Ketu would make the person afraid of altitudes, poison, and their foes; in Cancer, Ketu would cause the person to be afraid of being in a crowded space and Sagittarius, it would instill a fear of confined spaces.

Ketu is also known as the karaka of confusion. Ketu's position in a sign also dictates things that arouse confusion in you. Ketu in Sagittarius causes paranoia in people about their studies; in Libra, it makes the person indecisive in their choice of apparels; in Capricorn, it causes the person to be paranoid about their social status, and in Pisces, people remain confused regarding their spiritual belief. 

Ketu is also responsible for causing misunderstandings in the signs it is placed in. In Libra, it creates misunderstanding between partners; in Aries, people are prone to misjudge their emotions. Ketu in Cancer disturbs a person's mental peace, and in Leo, it makes the person emotionally soft and prone to trust people readily. 

The sign-in which Ketu is placed decides the things you do not feel like disclosing and maintaining secrecy about. It makes people in Capricorn give importance to their business and maintain secrecy on it; with Scorpio, it makes the person keep their research confidential; in Aries, it gives the person a mysterious personality, and in Gemini, it causes identity confusion and other doubts of the self; in Cancer, people withhold sharing matters of their household.

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