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Jupiter in Scorpio Sign

Jupiter in Scorpio Sign

Mars, a fiery planet, rules over Scorpio, which, in turn, is a fixed water sign. Jupiter and Mars get along very well. It is also true that Jupiter is the only planet that has ether as one of its elements. Ether, also known as 'Akaash,' translates to 'space' in Vedic astrology. All the elements are coming together with results in a balanced personality. As far as allegation goes, Scorpio is also known to be vengeful, but it has been observed that they do not let go of betrayal smoothly. They are passionate, motivated, and quiet about their business. They may also be known to be diplomatic. 

They are often full of pride and can become selfish or jealous at times. However, they are wonderfully poised while at it; thus, it is difficult to anticipate their moves. They also have their fair share of spirituality, intellect, and talent in entrepreneurship.

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