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Jupiter in Libra Sign

Jupiter in Libra Sign

Venus, a feminine watery planet, rules over Libra. It is a movable air sign. Although Jupiter is hostile towards Venus, the latter maintains a neutral ground. Like previous relationships, Jupiter and Libra seem favorable to one another. People with Jupiter in Libra have an amiable demeanor as Venus stands for beauty and Jupiter's presence expands it. Their interests lie in ornaments and glamorous items, along with being good hosts and sincere. 

They believe strongly in the presence of God and are open-minded. Their moral backbone is strong, and they are also attracted to people who also happen to be visionaries with a solid moral base. Natives do grab any severe opportunity that comes their way, which is why they are likely to have relations in foreign places. This enables them to enjoy a quality living standard. They are also generous and participate in social service too.

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