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Jupiter in Leo Sign

Jupiter in Leo Sign

The Sun rules over Leo, which happens to be a fire sign and has good relations with the planet. Jupiter abates the Sun's infernal presence, thus rendering its effect as warm. Given the good relations between the two celestial bodies, people with Jupiter in their Leo acquire lots of benefits. They harness a lot of self-confidence, with an immense amount of pride in their work. This often results in them developing a superiority complex and a healthy ego. 

They are open-minded, motivated, and have immense faith in themselves and their line of work. They are also way too self-conceited and hardly let go of any chance to blow their own trumpet. They are highly motivated and relentless. They feel comfortable in an environment similar to that of a lion, which also happens to be Leo's mascot. They usually have a generous and charitable heart and look after their friends.

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