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Jupiter in 1st House

Jupiter in 1st House

When the residence of Jupiter is in the 1st house, it gives maturity of thought and action to these individuals, and it also makes the individual experience with lifestyle. As it has been already stated above, Jupiter makes an individual highly efficient and good-natured. Apart from that, the native will be a legislator, parliamentarian, or even a prestigious minister in the cabinet, or an able adviser to a king or ruler or Emperor. It is a fact that was believed in ancient times was that, while appointing a person as a minister or adviser or in any other important capacity or post in the court or darbar. The king or the ruler or the Emperor used to get the position of Jupiter examined in the Birth-chart of the individual concerned.

Impact Of Jupiter Being In The 1st House On Career Of The Individual

With Jupiter in the 1st house, an individual will prove themselves to be good as a treasurer, cashier, banker, insurer, accountant, lawyer, law-maker, judge, jurist, advocate, solicitor, economist, and teacher or professor in economics, statistics, accounts, law business management, and other such subjects as have been mentioned above.

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