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Jupiter in 8th House

Jupiter in 8th House

The presence of Jupiter in the eighth house in the horoscope gives mixed results. The horoscope's eighth house is considered the most mysterious place. The presence of an auspicious planet at this place can be affected by the decrease in its auspiciousness. In some cases, the placement of Jupiter at this place can give bad results, while some things can get affected. Both sudden gains and losses are seen from this house.


The eighth house is the house of age, death, secret mysteries, ancestral property, the position of earth womb, hidden matters, secret diseases, secret enemies, esoteric sciences, occult mysteries, share market, insurance, policy, sudden events, etc. The position of Jupiter may be weak here, but it can prove helpful in strengthening the spiritual side of the person.


Effect of Jupiter in the 8th house

Jupiter being in the eighth house is considered to give long life. Jupiter at this place gives the native an important place among the distinguished members. It deeply affects the person in terms of spirituality. The presence of Jupiter in the eighth house can make a person well versed in astrology, tantra mantra, and esoteric sciences. Strong intuition is also gained in some cases. The quality of forethought is obtained. The position of Jupiter here can also make the person arrogant and harsh. It gives a stubborn attitude. Due to this, one may have to face problems many times in their life.


The person with this planetary position may become better at making policies. The person can work in a research-related field. They are capable of doing a thorough investigation of anything. The person has good talent and skills and can easily understand things. By easily reaching the root of any problem, the person can influence others. Jupiter, the karaka of the knowledge, is in the eighth house, which gives sound qualities to the person. One of the major qualities of this planet's placement is that it gives the skill to the person to understand those things others can't. Under the influence of Jupiter, the person becomes aware of the rules, traditions, and customs and is not easily disturbed by them.


Impact on career and business

Jupiter being in the eighth house can give a situation of uncertainty in the field. Business success requires a constant struggle. One can get profit from work related to the property, old artifacts, and objects. One can work as an astrologer, spiritual worker, tantric, religious teacher, religious preacher, and guide. In the case of property, one can earn profits by being associated with things present under the ground. The person may engage in the work related to the detectives, lawyers, investigators, clerks, psychiatrists, administrative work, consultants, technology, writing, publishing, etc.


Marriage and love affairs

In terms of married life, Jupiter in the eighth house gives a situation like a roller coaster ride. The person feels excessive attachment towards his lover or a life partner. Here a person can get benefit from the wealth of his life partner. On the other hand, the partner may face a lack of happiness in their life. There is a possibility of having a secret relationship. In terms of physical relationships, it gives the feeling of dissatisfaction in life. The happiness of married life often gets interrupted, and there may be a delay in getting married. The person with Jupiter in eighth house in their birth chart will get a devoted life partner and will receive love and trust from them, but a lack of satisfaction in their relationship may remain, which can become a major cause of concern for them.


Effect of Jupiter in the eighth house on health

The effect of Jupiter placed in the eighth house can keep a person more affected by the disease. Problems mainly related to stomach, liver, and sugar can creates problem. Mental anxiety and excessive thinking can also affect health. There may be complaints of pain in the bones and nerves. The native might complain about joint and foot pain, which can become a major cause of concern. Inflammation can also become a major problem. Severe disorders like cancer, tuberculosis, anal disease, piles, jaundice, malaria, etc., can also have an effect soon.

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