Planets In Different Houses

Outer and Inner planets both have an equal effect on the living bodies on the earth. All planets have their recognition and cover different life areas on earth by their rays and gravitational forces. The result of worlds also depends on the astrological houses they are deposited at birth and during its transit period. These houses are also considered to be good, bad, and neutral. Different planets give different outcomes in these houses. For instance, malefic planets in the sixth house are considered auspicious while benefic planets lose their effect.

Similarly, the eleventh house of the charts is considered neutral. Any planet posited in the eleventh house gives beneficial results, may it be natural benefic like Venus, Jupiter, and Moon or natural malefic like Mars, Saturn, and Rahu, etc. Every house of horoscope has its meaning, and it also represents a particular arena of life. Planet posited in a specific house may increase the result of that house depending upon planets' placement. Adversely, it may also lessen the good effect or give a negative outcome.
This article has been covered carefully in this article, highlighting the results of various planets in different houses of a horoscope. The viewers will feel enlightened after going through these studies.