Venus Transit in Sagittarius

Venus Transit in Sagittarius

30 October, 2021



07 December, 2021


The planet of love, Venus, governs the signs of Taurus and Libra. Venus is considered to be the ruler of demons. It represents riches, comforts, and luxuries. 

Sagittarius is looked after by Jupiter which is known for knowledge. Venus governs the sixth and the eleventh houses of Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius should maintain a balance between selflessness and be self-centeredness. This phase will fraught with adventure, explorations, and solving mysteries for Sagittarius. The social circle will get expanded during this transit. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Aries

Venus will occupy the ninth house of Aries. This phase will have an impact on marital life and professional standing. Married life will be fulfilling and happiness will prevail. Romantic trips with partners are on the cards. Mutual support will be present between the couples. The work sphere will also witness success. Hard work will bear satisfying rewards. Spiritual and religious harmony will prevail. Social reputation will improve and contacts with influential people will also increase. Benefits from the government sector will be received. Familial ambiance will be peaceful and tranquil. A warm family time in the store.  

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Taurus

Venus will situate itself in the eight houses of Taurus. During this phase, health might suffer as some ailments might be in the store. It is important to be under constant medical observation. People who are looking for partners will meet their prospective partners. Taurus will enjoy worldly pleasure during this time. The economic condition will be stable. They need to avoid over-expenditures. This can be done by budgeting so that expenses can be managed Married people will have a good time in each other’s company. Promotions and appreciations at the job are on the cards. It is a time revel in the field of business as well as huge profits will be incurred. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Gemini

Venus will position itself in the seventh house of Gemini. Relations with a partner will flourish. Minor rifts should be avoided to maintain peace. Abroad trips might also be on the cards. Actions must be watched and kept in check. Single people will get married during this time. People in love will have the best of times and will be full of passion. The health of the partners will have to be kept in mind. Mutual care will be essential on the part of Gemini. Home-made food must be preferred over outside food. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Cancer

Venus will enter the sixth house of Cancer during this transit. This phase might be a challenging phase for Cancer as it might throw a lot of challenges on the way. Issues related to real estate can become a cause of concern. Such deals should be avoided as of now. New avenues at the job front should not be considered during this time. Disputes might occur in the workplace. Women must be respected in the professional sphere. There is a need to stay alert as enemies might conspire against Cancer. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Leo

Venus will move into the fifth house of Leo. This phase might prove to be beneficial for Leo in many ways. Long-lasting relationships will be formed. Monetary standing will become stronger. The money will be received from many resources during this time. There might be a lot of sources of earning money during this time. People in business will perform in a better manner. However, they need to be careful of the people around them. Negligence in work should be avoided. Love life will blossom with brimming understanding and trust. Married people will be each other’s support systems. The health of the children might be a constant source of worry. They will perform well in their respective subjects. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Virgo

Venus will enter the fourth house of Virgo. A lot of blessings are in the store in this phase. Familial peace will establish itself in the best possible manner. Material expenses are also on the way. Here, vehicles can be purchased. Financial strength will strong and expenditure will also be high. Investments in property might turn out to be lucrative. Health will be in better condition during this time. Health will flourish during this time. Virgo will be full of energy during this time. Work will flourish. Seniors will be impressed by the efforts of Virgo. Government employees might have to encounter transfer to other places as has been desired for a long time. Marriage is also on the cards. Post-marriage, couples will go too far off places to spend precious time together. Students will receive the desired outcomes. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Libra

Venus will enter the third house of Libra during this transit. There will be a lot of consideration on the life of the people of Libra zodiac. Interaction skills will get honed. This will impress the people around Libra. Younger siblings will gain preference in the lives of Libra. Guests will be gracing the auspicious events during this phase. This will lead to an increase in merriment and gaiety. The social circle will get enhanced and new contacts will be made which will be quite influential. Sudden trips are also on the cards. Religiosity and spirituality will prevail. Health will be at high risk. To keep it in check, a balanced diet can be consumed. Professionally, the ambiance will be healthy. Work will be acknowledged in the professional sphere, thereby enhancing the confidence in Libra. A new business can be initiated during this time. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Scorpio

Venus will situate itself in the second house of Scorpio. Work will at its best during this phase. Scorpio will establish their identity well and this will enable them to earn huge profits. Married couples will be each other’s support system. Familial peace will prevail. Singles will get to introduce their beloveds to the family members. The speech will get enhanced during this time and a lot of people will get impressed by the way Scorpio speaks. Short trips are also on the cards. Financial stability will prevail along with amassing wealth from multiple sources. Share markets will fetch Libra with profits. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Sagittarius

Venus will enter the first house of Sagittarius. This transit will have a impact on sagittarius mind, heart and behavior. Health will need special focus as there might occur certain health-related ailments. Diet will need to be improved. Financial bliss will prevail. Profits will be incurred. It is a good time for business expansion. Professionals will get appreciated for their work. However, there is a need to stay away from wrong-intentioned people. A good time will be spent on closed ones. The family will be supportive. Married people might need to be cautious and stay away from fights. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Capricorn

Venus will enter the twelfth house of Capricorn during this shift. Students will be benefitted and produce good results. People working in MNCs might go abroad. Some financial losses might have to be incurred. There is a need to stress on savings to get rid of monetary crisis. New sources of monetary gain might also come across. Luxuries and pleasures will be enjoyed. Marital life might have to encounter fights and misunderstandings. To avoid these issues, keeping calm is the only solution. Parents will need special attention. Words need to be watched. What you speak will have a huge impact on the relations of Capricorn. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Aquarius

Venus will situate itself in the eleventh house of Aquarius. Financial standing will be moderate as money will come and money will be invested too. A balance will have to be maintained. Love life will be fraught with optimism. Understanding will deep between couples. The bond will stronger day by day during this phase. Trips with family and friends are also in the store for Aquarius. Social involvement will be at their peak which will enhance the social reputation as well. The best friend might enter the lives of Aquarius. Self-confidence will need to be inculcated and this can be done with help of family members. Appreciation and acknowledgment in the work sphere are also around the corner. 

Effect of Venus transit in Sagittarius on Pisces

This transit will occupy the tenth house of Pisces. Employees might have to face difficulties in the work sphere. The business will earn huge profits. It can be widened up as well. 

Interaction skills might not be at their best during this time. This might cause Pisces to hurt others. There is a need to be polite to others. Enemies might try to psyche Pisces out. However, the wisdom of Pisces will help them in sailing through. Familial space might witness some disputes, especially with the younger siblings. The native property might become a cause of worry during this time. Married people will spend a peaceful time with each other. Health might go through a tough phase. To take care of health, one will need to keep the diet balanced. Overall, this is going to be a tough phase for Pisces. 

Health might suffer. There is a need to keep seeking a doctor’s advice. Married people might face trouble. Disputes might be avoided. Ego clashes might occur. Keeping calm is the only solution during this time. Financially, the natives should be vigilant towards expenses.

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