Venus Transit in Pisces

Venus Transit in Pisces

17 March, 2021



09 April, 2021


Venus is the planet that governs luxuries of life, enjoyments of life, creativity, love, marriage, and passion. The transit of this planet in Pisces stands for creativity, admiration, soul, mystical things, inherent talents, and business. All kinds of limitations will be transcended during this phase.

The single native might wish to get married and might look for prospective partners. People who are already married might not be happy with their partners. Spirituality will become the ultimate key to all solutions during this phase. People into art and creativity will prosper during this phase and will be at their highest stage in terms of creative acumen.  

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Aries

The transit of Venus will situate itself in the twelfth house of Aries and Venus itself is the lord of the two houses of the Aries, the second and seventh houses. There might be financial issues that might become a matter of concern. A lot of expenses will be done on the materialistic front which will bring happiness. Professionally, there are some promotions in the store. Businessmen will earn huge profits during this time. Foreign projects can also be offered. The phase is favorable for making substantial investments. However, it is advised that addictions must be avoided. Business trips are also on the cards. Newlywed can visit foreign countries. Health must be kept the priority as minor ailments might take place.  

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Taurus

Venus governs the first and the sixth house of Taurus. It gets situated in the eleventh house of Taurus. This phase will bring promotions and increments in the salary. All the aims will be fulfilled which will bring mental peace and satisfaction. Health will witness improvement as there has been a prolonged ailment that will end now. Friend circle will expand, and rifts should be avoided. Love life will be full of romance and intimacy. Quality time will be spent with partners. Students will do well in their studies. Professionals will also perform well in the work sphere. Businesses will thrive during this time. 

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Gemini

Venus will situate itself in the tenth house of Gemini. This transit will bless Gemini with happiness and familial peace. Families might buy a new vehicle and fulfill other dreams. Professionals will receive the best results for their efforts. However, over-confidence should be avoided. During this transit, the interaction skills of Gemini will be at the best which will mesmerize everyone around. The education of Gemini will enable me to perform well in the professional sphere. This will bring wealth to Gemini. Certain distractions might take place due to overthinking. Overthinking must be avoided as this might hinder constructive actions.  

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Cancer

Venus will enter the ninth house of Cancer. Venus is the leader of Cancer’s fourth and eleventh houses. During this phase, touring is on the cards. This time is favorable in terms of recognition and respect.

Professional success in the form of increment and promotions are on the cards. Chances of buying a new property far away from the native place are high. Businesspeople will enjoy fruitful times. 

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Leo

Venus will shift to the eight houses of Leo. This phase will be fraught with difficulties in the professional sphere. There will be a rise in certain mystical feelings inside Leo during this time. This will result in over-expenditures. Siblings might seek the help of Leo in solving issues. Leo is advised to stay away from journeys as this might not be a suitable time for them. Health should be kept in check. 

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Virgo

Venus will move into the seventh house of Virgo and Venus itself regulates the second and ninth houses of Virgo. Marital life will be full of blessings and positivity. The spouses will help in earning huge profits. The bond between the partners will become all the stronger. People who are in business will have an amazing time in business and building such ties. Journeys will be a success and it’s a good time to travel. Recognition and fame are in the store. People in politics might rise and be efficient politicians. Finances might be invested in the business. This phase will be fraught with mental satisfaction. Virgo will also receive love from the people in the vicinity. 

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Libra

The transit will situate itself in the sixth house of Libra. This phase will be full of financial constraints. There will not be enough resources to meet the ends. A lot of struggle will be involved to save money. This time won’t support good health as well. Too much stress will have an impact on schedule and diet. This will, in turn, cause problems in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Debts will get cleared off from the list but financial losses will prevail. Work needs alertness and vigilance to receive the best outcomes. This phase will demand a lot of hard work from Libra. Success will not be easy. It will involve a lot of effort, patience, and focus. 

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Scorpio

Venus will situate itself in the fifth house of Scorpio. Romance will prevail and a wonderful time will be spent by the partners. The bond will strengthen and the relationship will become stronger during this phase. Fights and misunderstandings will vanish during this phase. Only love will be present in the lives of Scorpio. Students will do better in academics as compared to previous times. The creativity of Scorpio will be at its highest and this might also help in amassing wealth and recognition. Popularity among friends and the opposite sex will increase and this will widen up the friend circle of the Scorpio. Some of the Scorpio who are expecting a baby will be blessed with adorable babies. Business people will earn profits and enter great business deals. 

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Sagittarius

The transit will occupy the fourth house of Sagittarius. This phase will bring prosperity to the familial front. Ceremonial events will be on the cards and a lot of guests will grace the occasions. There will gaiety, happiness, and excitement around during this phase. Familial ties will get strengthened. Professionals will perform better and bear good results. Venus transit in Pisces will have a positive impact on the enjoyment of luxuries and comforts. There are chances of purchasing a new vehicle. Sagittarius will also get renovations done at home. 

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Capricorn

Venus will situate itself in the third house of Capricorn. This phase is suitable for undertaking trips and journeys. These trips will be major with family and friends which will prove to be very relaxing for Capricorn and rejuvenate their energy. New friends will arrive in life. Love will be at its best during this phase. Children of the married couple will be progressing gracefully. Students will perform well and get good results. Professionals need to maintain good relations with fellow colleagues. This might help in getting promoted in the future. 

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Aquarius

Venus will remain in the second house of Aquarius during this transit. There will be a lot of positivity in the life of Aquarius during this period. Religious activities at home will bring in a lot of tranquility in the family. Food will be in abundance during this period. Luck will be in the favor of Aquarius during this phase due to which economic conditions will be stable. Social reputation will be at its zenith. Family members will be supportive. Profit will be earned through real estate and automobiles. 

Effect of Venus transit in Pisces on Pisces

Venus will situate itself in the first house of Pisces. Venus the lord of the third and the eight houses of Pisces. Physical ailments will keep on occurring during this time. That is why; health will require special attention. Financial stability will be present during this phase. There will be a lot of inclination towards research and the need to know unknown things. This phase will fill the siblings with a lot of confidence. Siblings will be supportive and offer Pisces a lot of love and positivity.

Marital life will be full of peace and tranquility. The partners will understand each other and comfort each other. A business will witness profits. The personality of Pisces during this phase will be very impressive and people around will appreciate them for their radiant personality.

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