Venus Transit in Gemini

Venus Transit in Gemini

29 May, 2021



21 June, 2021


Gemini is the sign of relations and communications. Venus encourages unions, love and conveying of thoughts and emotions. Thus, when Venus transits in Gemini sign, it calls attention to just and open communication in personal and work relationships. This transit will add on good manners and courtesy in the way Gemini moon sign born people communicate. As Gemini prosper in giving and taking schemes, Venus helps them in getting to the condition of solace where such exchanges happen without any problems.

Venus also gives the Gemini natives a child-like character. An atmosphere of enthusiasm will always be around the Gemini moon sign natives when it begins its voyage into its several houses. It creates a powerful fondness towards art and inventiveness in Gemini individuals.

On the other hand, Venus can make Gemini a bit unpredictable and fake as well, but it depends on the house it is transiting in.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Aries

The transit made by Venus will be through the third house of Aries natives. The later denotes your fearlessness, strength and your connection with your younger brothers or sisters. Those who are interested in creative ventures such as drama, singing etc. will receive plenty of chances to reveal their proficiency. Your creativity can be turned into a business also.

Venus is positioned in your third house which will bring you the likelihood of taking a trip to places of your choice. The planet is also thought to be the significator of love. Thus this period may bring refinement in your love life. You will have a lovely time with your beloved. However, instead of trying to connect with them physically, you should try to connect to their soul.

Aries natives will receive results which are in their favor on a communal level. You can spend a happy time with your peers. Natives of this sign who are recently married can receive a new member in their family, as they are blessed with the gift of life. This transit will be beneficial for the health of the natives. But, you should not consume cold food items, or it may affect your health and cause cold and cough.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Taurus

Venus will transit through the second house of Taurus natives, which indicates family and prosperity. This transit is expected to bring many good changes in your household. You will enjoy the time you spend with your family and you can plan holidays with them. This planetary move will present you with self-confidence and you will try to execute your beliefs and plans. You will speak with respect and confidence, which will help you to win the hearts of the people around you.

Advice that someone close to you offered in the past will be correct now. Venus is the significator of beauty and it is positioned at the second house which is your house of wealth, so you spend some of your money on cosmetic items. But we believe that you should try to save your money right now.

In addition to this, you should stay away from lending or borrowing money right now. Those who are involved in creative work or are taking acting or singing classes may see a sudden rise in their expenditure but this will not affect your financial condition. To conclude, the Venus transit in Gemini will be beneficial for Taurus natives.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Gemini

In the Zodiac sign of Gemini, the Venus transit will happen and it is positioned in the first house which is also called the ascendant house. This house represents your body, character, intellect and destiny. Since the significator of beauty is present, this house will probably move you towards bringing good changes in yourself. You may perform yoga and exercise to maintain your health and you will not hesitate from using cosmetic items either.

Gemini natives who are students can anticipate good results as yoga implies advancement in the educational sector. This time is favorable for the Gemini natives who are in love as there will be more romance and your partner will be even closer to you. If you are single, it is time for you to mingle. You will share your opinions and ideas and may even purchase the things which you like. 

Still, you should not purchase stuff only to flaunt it, or else you will regret it. Gemini natives will be ready to learn new things in the course of the transit. You should appreciate the worth of your efforts and time while gaining progress.

Talking about your health, the transit will present average health for Gemini natives, but there are chances of getting allergies. So you should beware of things or circumstances that may cause an allergic reaction inside you. There are no signs which hint that you may face any major illnesses right now.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Cancer

Cancer natives will witness the transit of Venus through their twelfth, which is also called your house of losses. It represents any losses and detachment that you may come across in your life, as well as long journeys, chances of going overseas etc.

This transit will be beneficial for people whose work is related to trade with abroad countries or professionals working in a multinational company. But it is expected that the transit will bring challenges to other Cancer natives. You need to move very carefully during this time. Your mother may face some health issues during this period, which will cause you to be stressed mentally. So spending more time with her should be your priority.

If you are thinking of making changes during this time, then they will cause you problems after some time although they seem promising in the beginning. In general, Cancer natives do not accept changes easily. Talking about the natives who are married, this transit is not a good time for them. Circumstances of separation from your life partner may appear during this time. So you have to be careful before giving any response.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Leo

Venus will be present in the eleventh house of Leo natives. This is also known as the house of gains and it is thought to be the significator of your goals, wishes and relations with your elder siblings. The position of Venus here is expected to bring many blessings for Leo natives. The efforts you have made for a long time will finally bring you success.

Working personnel of this sign will be appreciated for their work in the office and they will gain the profit of their efforts now. Any trips that you will take right now will be favorable as well. You will finally be able to go on a journey with your family members which you have been planning for a long time. There are chances of Leo natives getting benefits from social media and the internet. Ladies are expected to bring profits for Leo natives.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Virgo

Virgo, which is the zodiac sign of Mercury, will host the transit of Venus through their tenth house. The Kalpurush Kundli says that this house belongs to the Zodiac sign of Capricorn and denotes your job, work life, father, leadership ability etc.

This Venus transit will change your destiny and make it favorable for you. You will be successful in your work and you will not leave any tasks incomplete. You will be supported by good luck throughout the transit. There will be an increase in the luxuries and comforts in your life and this is a good time if you are thinking of purchasing any new item.

You will have mental peace because there of the happy environment prevalent in your family and at work. Your family will be supportive in everything you do. This is a good time for Virgo natives who are a part of the family business as they can take a new step in the business. 

At the same time, Virgo natives involved in work related to film making and cinema will be prosperous during this time. Your current work has a strong possibility of being outstanding. Overall, this Venus transit is in favor of Virgo natives. So during the transit, you should work harder and put in more efforts. Your current hardwork is crucial for making your future better.  

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Libra

The Venus transit will position the planet in the ninth house of Libra natives. According to Kalpurush Kundli, this house correlates to the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius which has Jupiter as its Lord and it denotes religious beliefs, good luck, long trips, spirituality etc.

The planet is situated in the fifth house, from your fifth house of education, which will improve your intelligence. Therefore, this time is in favor of Libra natives who are involved in research work. At the same time, natives who are students will have no problem studying subjects they find difficult. You will work nonstop towards gathering intelligence in the course of this transit.

Your attitude and polite words will bring positivity to your life at home. As for Librans who are in a relationship, you will have a romantic love life. Those who are looking forward to proposing to their beloved will not be disappointed. However, ensure that the connection with your partner is more emotional and less physical as this will make your bond even stronger.  

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Scorpio

The Venus transit will result in the planet’s position into the eighth house, popularly called the Ayu Bhava or the house of longevity. It represents the hurdles in life, mishaps, enemies, competitors, familial wealth etc.

This Venus transit in this house will not be in favor of Scorpio natives. Therefore, you have to be attentive and wary of whatever you do. You will face many challenges in your household. Many of you may feel that your family members are misinterpreting the things you say. So have you be clear with your words and make sure they understand what you are trying to say.

As for the Scorpio natives who are married, you will be worried as your spouse may fall ill. At the same time, you have to take good care of yourself because problems related to eyes and your private parts are expected. You should maintain proper hygiene during this time. As for the Scorpio natives who are in a relationship, there may be ego clashes between you and your partner. You need to speak politely and select your words very carefully or your relationship can face many problems.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Sagittarius

The Venus transit will position the planet in the seventh house of the Sagittarius natives. This house denotes your life partner and all the relations you have with people in your life.

This planetary movement is expected to bring several good developments in your life at home. Any ongoing dispute with a family member will be finally resolved. Your parents will experience good health.

On a social level as well, your performance will be very well and you will experience profits from your friends. The health of your spouse may worry you but your connection with your life partner will be healthy and happy. You should take good care of your beloved and spend a lot of time with them. Taking care of your health is a must. Make sure you drink a sufficient amount of water.

Sagittarius natives who are partners in their own business have a good chance of earning profits in their trade. You can even consider expanding your business during this time. Single natives will finally meet their soulmate, either through the internet or through their companions.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Capricorn

Transit of Venus will be taking place in the sixth house of capricorn natives., which is also known as your house of health. It signifies illness, loans, enemies etc.

The time is not in the favor of Capricorn natives. There are chances of having arguments over small things and you may face problems with your family members. While facing such situations, you must, choose your words carefully and speak only when required. The less you will speak, the fewer number of problems will appear.

Talking about the people who are working jobs and have businesses, you have to be careful too as there might be chances that you may be betrayed right now. While speaking with your female co-workers, be careful with what you say or else, there is a risk of your identity being spoiled.

This transit is not beneficial for the love lives of Capricorn natives as well, because you may get separated from your loved one due to some reason. If you want positive results, you will have to work very hard. Therefore, you have to quit being lazy and become active for hard work. Your enemies will be active during this and may make plans against you.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Aquarius

This transit of Venus will occur in the fifth house of Aquarius natives. It is also known as your house of progeny and also represents one’s education and love life.

Thus, this planetary movement is expected to bring you promising results. There will be love and peace among your family members which will make you very happy. You can discuss plans regarding the future with your family. Taking the advice of your parents regarding improvement in your financial status will prove to be helpful.

The natives of this sign who are married can gain profits through their children. They can do something which will increase your status in society and make you feel proud. This transit is expected to bring your mother many benefits if she is a working professional. You will make profits by dealing with the property as well.Aquarians do not easily express their emotions and this habit of yours may irritate you sometimes.

Effects of Venus transit in Gemini on Pisces

The transit of Venus will position the planet in the fourth house of the Pisces natives. According to Kalpurush Kundali, this house is the house of the Zodiac sign Cancer and represents comfort, expensive lifestyle, mother, wealth and secret love affairs.

During this Venus transit, you can gain profits by the help of your siblings and if there have been any disagreements among you, they will be resolved too. You will be mentally calm but your mother’s health may make you worry.

Coming to your work life, you may face some issues. You may feel out of place while working, thinking that its not the right job for you. However, you should not take any sudden decision involving changing your job.

Pisceans will come across some problems in their love affairs. You should not make promises to your beloved, which you may fail to fulfill. As for the natives who are married, you should forget the past and move forward.

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