Venus Transit in Aquarius

Venus Transit in Aquarius

21 February, 2021



16 March, 2021


The transition of Venus into Aquarius Moon sign is a conducive shift as it is governed by Saturn, which in turn, enjoys a favourable stance with Venus. While this transition is at play, the sign of Aquarius creates distance from all kinds of romantic relationships including marriages. However, this does not stop them from preferring honest partners. Mutual Understanding and happiness are the two most essential factors for leading a fulfilling love life. 

The people who belong to the sign of Aquarius have a cool and enigmatic personality. They prefer enjoying pleasure from being social and rooted in one’s culture. This majorly happens when Venus is in transition. Venus governs the fourth and the ninth houses for Aquarius. 

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Aries

For Aries, Venus is the Lord of their second and seventh house. During this transition, it enters the eleventh house which symbolizes lucrative deals and success in career. Hence, such a movement is favorable for Aries as there will more opportunities for financial stability and success in every endeavor. It is a highly suitable time when new business deals can be made for monetary fulfillment. 

There are chances of coming in contact with influential people. Entertainment will be at the peak for Aries during this transition. In the light of the love life, it will bloom at its fullest. There will be romance, passion, mutual understanding, and intimacy between the partners. This will improve the bond and allow the partners to spend quality time with each other. Health might be an issue for the Aries during this transition. Hence, Aries are advised to remain careful in terms of overall health. Relatives will be a huge support during this time. Also, the spouses can prove to be a major support in terms of financial aids.  

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Taurus

For Taurus, Venus leads the sign. This transition will prove to be beneficial to Taurus. The leader of the first and the sixth house of Taurus, Venus, will be entering Aquarius and make an entry into the tenth house. During this transit, the focus needs to be shifted towards work and less on the other things. Being lazy can pose harm to professional life while hard work can yield fruits of success. The overall behavior needs to be moderate during this time and special focus must be given to good behavior towards women. 

Harmony and happiness will prevail in life. However, any kind of financial debt must be avoided as repayment can be very difficult during this time. Taurus should also focus on rest and avoid over-working. Being honest and true to the name as well as a vocation should be the primary focus. 

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Gemini

The leader of Gemini, Mercury, is in good rapport with Venus. Venus is the leader of Taurus’s fifth and twelfth house. There will be an entry into the ninth house during this transition which symbolizes chances of travel, luck, religiosity, and honor. Luck will be in favor and pending work will attain completion. 

There will financial stability and speed in work in the store. Students, who are pursuing higher studies, will get benefitted. The love life of Gemini will blossom during this time. Travel is on the cards of the couples. Couples will spend quality time together. Religious events can also be part of the routine which will create a suitable identity in society. Family time can also be present for Gemini.

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Cancer

Venus makes an entry into the eight houses of Cancer. This transition symbolizes changes. The in-depth desires will also be fulfilled during this transit. More expenditure is in store wherein you might have to travel. 

Financial standing might witness an imbalance. The relationship with the mother might get affected. Health and diet need to be watched. There are chances of being a part of a family function. Family happiness will be in a store which will lead to inner peace. 

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Leo

Venus is the leader of Leo’s third and tenth house and its transition into the seventh house (House of Marriage) symbolizes beauty. Love life will bloom at its best. Business deals will yield lucrative profits. Promotions and incentives will be in store. Health must be maintained amidst all the work. Spouses will also receive promotions. Some issues might occur between couples. Extra-marital affairs must be avoided. Success is on the cards but needs to be handled well.

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Virgo

The leader of the demons rules over the second and ninth houses of Virgo. With this transition, it enters the sixth house of Virgo. The sixth house epitomizes troubled times. A lot of struggles hover over the lives of the Virgo. 

There will be diseases, losses, and pessimism. Financial losses will prevail.Required A lot of hard work will be . Disputes with females should be avoided. This time demands a lot of cautious attitudes. Trips and journeys should also be avoided as there will be chances of physical injuries during this time. Fathers might attain profits. Dependence on others should be avoided and only hard work should be relied upon.

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Libra

The Lord of Libra’s ascendant house enters the eight house and will position itself in the fifth house which is the house of knowledge and children. This transition symbolizes the strengthening of the rationale, intellect, and love life. Newborn babies are on the cards and existing wards will make the parents proud. Students will thrive in studies and remain confident. Chance games such as gambling, share markets, and bidding will bring profits. Love life will be satisfying. Entertainment and recreational activities are on the cards during this transit. 

People in writing will be at their creative best. Relations with the opposite sex will also thrive. Happiness and appreciations will prevail. 

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Scorpio

Venus is the leader of the seventh and twelfth houses of Scorpio and it will position itself in the fourth house which is the house of maternal strength, happiness, and comfort. The mothers will be blessed with stable health and all the comforts will be the store for Scorpio. There are chances of purchasing household items such as AC’S, TVs, and refrigerators. The familial life will have the blessings of God. People who are abroad will be returning home.

There will support from the spouse in the light of sharing familial responsibilities which will bestow with inner peace and happiness. Professional success is in the store for Scorpio. However, there are chances of over-expenditure in household items. Also, there will be expenses on the spouse which will not be the reason for stress for you. Rather, it will make you happy. 

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Sagittarius

Venus has leadership over the sixth and eleventh houses of the native of the Sagittarius. With this transit, it will position itself in the third house which is also the house of the siblings known for courage and bravado. Short trips are on the cards. There will be ample support from the siblings. Bonds with the elder siblings should be strengthened. Happy news will be expected through social media channels. Family and friends will have reunions at your place. Professional ties must be maintained. 

Development and conversion of hobbies in the field of fine arts into a vocation will be initiated. Expenditures will be made in the area of hobbies and on siblings. However, extra expenses should be avoided. 

During this time, trips will be beneficial for Sagittarius as those will help them in making new contacts. Students who are preparing for exams will need to put in more hard work for success.  

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Capricorn

Capricorn governs the fifth and tenth houses. Yoga Karak also rule s this sign. With this transition, it will position itself in the second house of Capricorn. Wealth will be in your favor. Communication skills will be improved. Pending tasks will witness completion. Delicious food will be consumed. The family function is on the cards. Professional and financial stability is in the store. Capricorns, who are expecting babies, will be blessed. Couples will have an adorable time together. Partners will be each other’s advisors. Your intellectual strengths will help you make good financial decisions. 

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Aquarius

Venus will position itself in the first house of Aquarius which symbolizes beauty and admiration. Venus is the leader of Aquarius’s fourth and ninth houses. Aquarius is also governed by the Yoga Karak planet which makes Guru Shukracharya play a pivotal role in the horoscope of Aquarians. A lot of positivity will prevail throughout this transit.

There will be a prevalence of inner peace and happiness. There will be a lot of energy in all the endeavors. Aquarius will be blessed with self-confidence and an enigmatic personality. Marital bliss will prevail. Partners will reap professional benefits. 

Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Pisces

Venus has leadership over their third and eighth houses. The transition will make it enter the twelfth house. During this time, there will be an increase in expenditures. Some can be useless and some can be useful.

There will be a need to help the siblings financially which might create pressure. Travel is on the cards but should be avoided. Health will need special attention. The siblings might go abroad for professional reasons. Rest is essential but vigilance is also essential. Behavior with women must be watched.

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