Sun transit in Pisces

Sun transit in Pisces

14 March, 2021



13 April, 2021


Sun transit in Pisces will reflect the deepest desires, desires, pain, compassion, and generosity for Pisces native. This is an encouraging period for your creativity or your romantic dreams. This phase is when acumen will dominate your emotions; however, you will boost your intellect, which will uphold you in achieving your goals and targets. Malefic planets Mars and Saturn will be aspecting Sun during this transit, and this will harm Sun. Transit of Sun in Moon sign of Pisces will increase your intuition, spirituality, and knowledge about different domains. It will form a spiritual or emotional relationship with the father. It will be a flourishing time for artists, politics, spiritual healers, and mentors. 

How will the Sun in Pisces affect the zodiac signs?

Transit of Sun in Pisces will have a different effect on different Zodiac Signs. You can read it in the below article for yourself and your near and dear ones. These are general effects. The actual results may vary as per the state of Sun and sign of Pisces along with other astrological factors like Dasha, Conjunction, aspects, and Nakshatras in your birth chart.

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Aries

Lord of 5th House will transit through the 12th House of Delay and Loss. 12th House signifies Loss, Silent Sufferings, self-discipline, secret enemies, and your side of life. You may have to face challenges in your career; to achieve your desired goals, you may have to work harder than before. If you have any foreign connections or resources, then you might get the expected results. Apart from this, if you are involved in the import-export business, fortune will be in your favor, and you might get better deals. However, you may have to invest more to grow your business. It is advised to refrain yourself from spending in wasteful expenditures and be a bit more cautious when investing in terms of finance as there are possibilities that you may face losses. You might have to face complications in your love life and maintain a balance in your life. If you are married, then harmony in your life will be hindered, and you will that your life partner is making a distance from you. Be patient, and let things settle. It might work out eventually. Your health might get affected during this transit, thus keep good care of your health. Students are advised to work hard to achieve desired results. If you are devising to study abroad, then this will be an auspicious time, as it will be easier to get visa approval or admission to the desired university. 

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Taurus 

Lord of 4th House Sun will transit through the 11th House. Eleventh House signifies friends, hopes, and wishes, the financial condition of the employer. There will be an increase in confidence in your workplace. You will be able to take more responsibility and will be ready to make up with new challenges. If you are proceeding towards a business trip, you will surely get success in that as you will be able to crack profitable deals during this transit. It is advisable to manage your finances with caution, care, and wisdom. Your prior investment will yield better financial results. Your love life will thrive, and you might get into a meaningful relationship. Married couples will come near each other, and this will give you peace of mind. This is an auspicious time to do family planning. There are chances that Sun will boost your immunity. Students of Taurus Zodiac Sign will be able to focus on their studies. If you want to get into a reputed institution, then there are high chances that you may get the desired results.

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Gemini

Lord of third House Sun will transit through the tenth House. Tenth House signifies profession, business, respect, fame, promotion, father, employer, and affairs of the government. You will get expected support from seniors and colleagues at your workplace. If you are a government employee, you will get desired results, and if you want to spread wings in your business front, then this will be an auspicious time. You will be able to work hard to achieve all your planned goals, and eventually, you will achieve them. If you want to initiate a new business, then this will be an encouraging time to start the same, and it is a fruitful time if you're going to invest in some property. You will spend freely on gadgets for your dear ones. You will get a chance to get closer to your partner. You will receive positive responses from your loved ones and may plan to go on a romantic trip with your partner. If you are a married individual, then your partner will support you in all your struggling situations. You will spend this month easily and with positivity. If you are facing any past issues with your partner, then it will get solved by this time. Your health will be encouraging, if you are trying to reduce weight and lose unhealthy fat, then you will achieve the desired results. Students are advised to get a focussed approach to getting desired success in mid-exams. You will be able to learn new and innovative skills in studies.

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Cancer

Lord of Second House Sun will transit through the 9th House. Ninth House signifies long travel, foreign lands, dreams, visions, spirituality, education, intuitions, higher development, and philosophies. You may sense politics at your workplace, so you should be cautious towards your career and work towards your career. You may plan for an official tour properly, and you should execute it accordingly, or else it may go in vain. You should shift your essential focus towards business deals, and you should make decisions in the business front cautiously. If you are facing any court cases regarding your business, then this time will be a bit stressful. You may not get the expected financial rewards that you will receive against your hard work. There are possibilities that you may have to spend some unavoidable expenses which may disturb financial planning. Your love life may suffer from emotional breakdowns. Hence, it's advisable to be a little more romantic with your partner. You can take the help of romantic phrases and try to communicate more. This will attempt to infuse smoothness in your love life. Your married life will be stressful, so it is advised to give your relationship a space to spread wings. You might suffer from health problems. Possibilities of suffering from liver problems due to internal imbalance can be seen. Students might get distracted from their academics and face extreme stress during exams.  

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Leo

Lord of first House or Ascendant Sun will transit through the eighth House. Eighth House signifies money, death, and other matters related to it, stellar experience, and financial affairs of the partner. You may not get expected results at your workplace. The progress may remain less than expected and might face a struggle in your relationship with your colleagues at the workplace. Hence, there are some chances that you may meet some resistance with colleagues or seniors. If you want to go on a professional tour to grow your business, then you may not be able to generate expected profit. You may have to invest according to the requirements of business and might plan finance and execute it with little attention and care. Decisions related to inherited property and can take a long time to get solved. You might need to pay attention to your love life and miss its lost spark and romance in love life. If you are married, you and your partner may have to be patient to attain desired peace in the relationship. You may have to handle family issues with extreme caution. You are advised to take precautions for your health. There are some chances that you might suffer from infectious health issues that can disturb professional life. Students who are notified to push limits and give their best to get desired results in exams. You may have to maintain a proper schedule to study well, as there are possibilities that you might leave the syllabus incomplete.

Sun transit in Pisces - impact on Virgo 

Lord of Twelfth House Sun will be transit through the House of marriage and married life seventh house. Seventh House indicates unions, partnership, marriage, contracts, enemies, and your behavior towards others. Maintaining a harmonious relationship with colleagues and seniors may need you to put your honest efforts. Achieving your desired results at the workplace may be a challenge at this time. People in business, especially in the partnership business, may have to face issues and disputes with their partners. The transit phase will not give fruitful results if you want to start a new business venture. That's why it is advised to plan with caution and avoid making decisions in terms of finance in haste. Ignore any decisions related to joint investments at this time. You may face denials in your proposals made in love. If you are in a relationship at present, then your love life will be moderate. Married life will not be in harmony as it was before. You may face issues in your family life. That's why it is advisable to distant yourself from any disputes. You may have to go through health issues this time, which can be an obstacle in your progression, so you must be cautious about your health. Otherwise, problems related to the back and kidneys may arise.This transit can be frustrating for students; also, you will not get enough support from your teachers. 

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Libra

Lord of Eleventh House sun will transit through the 6th House, the House of Profession, and enemies. Sixth House signifies disease, profession, employees, help, working environment, cleanliness, and small animals. You will be able to overtake your opponents and overcome your enemies. You may grow on your professional front, and your efforts will be appreciated. There are indications that you might get promoted, keep up with your good work. If you are a businessman, then this will be an auspicious time. Your professional networks will improve. You can make profitable decisions in your professional front. Your investment will strengthen your financial position. It's a promising phase to embark on your relationship. You should expect a better response from loved ones, and your mental peace in terms of your marriage will increase, and it will be a harmonious relationship. Your past faced health issues may get reduce. Students will have auspicious time to pursue competitive exams. You should put your sincere efforts will pay off and will get desired results in the academic front.

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Scorpio

Lord of Tenth House Sun is transiting through the House of love and relationship 5th House. Fifth House signifies home, children, Love relation, emotions, and speculations. Your communication and presentation skills will improve. You will deal with your workload and difficult situations cleverly. This will increase your chances of progression in your career. There are possibilities that you might not get the desired results in your business, and business partnership may get dissolved. Long term investment will give you better rewards. Miscellaneous expenses may disturb your financial planning and may be stressful for you. These situations can be stressful for your love life. It is advised to communicate your emotions with your partner. Avoid getting into petty fights with your married life. Pay utmost attention to your health. During this transit, you may have face problems related to the spine and heart. Students may face challenges in their exams. If you put honest efforts towards academics, then you can perform well in exams. You may remain stressful as you will not be able to decide on matters related to new admission. 

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Sagittarius

Lord of 9th House Sun will transit in the house happiness and mother 4th House. Fourth House signifies House, environment, family matters, and your life. You have to practice strict discipline at your workplace, and it is advised to keep control over your words when conversing with your seniors. If you are a businessman, then it's advisable not to shift to a new place. You will not get the expected profit margin. You should be attentive while taking financial decisions; otherwise, they can be an obstacle in the way of your progression. You may give a second thought on the property front. You will not get a positive response from your partner, so it's not an auspicious time to show your emotion or propose your loved one. Be attentive from getting into any disputes in your married life. Pay utmost attention to your mother's health. Your mental peace and health will be great; however, you may face problem-related gas. Students are advised to put your sincere efforts to achieve desired academic progress. You are advised to focus more on exams.

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Capricorn

Lord of eighth House Sun will transit through 3rd House. Third House signifies short trips, writings, academics, mental inclinations, colleagues, and your skills. Because of your positive and optimistic approach, you will get progress in your career. You will feel more energetic and excited about your workplace. Professional abilities will be improved on your business front, and your professional behavior will be fruitful. You may spend on electronic gadgets. You will manage your finances, which will help you in getting the desired rewards in the future. Possibilities of going on a romantic trip with your beloved are there, and if you are searching for a life partner, you may get a compatible partner to get married. If you are emotionally attached to someone, then you may confront your feelings towards them as this is an encouraging time for you. You will enjoy all the marital bliss if you are married. You must include exercise in your daily routine, and you should work upon your dietary plans as this will support you in improving your health completely. You will feel healthier during this transit. Students may have to focus more on their studies, and if you are planning for higher studies in foreign lands, than this is an auspicious time for you.

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Aquarius

Lord of Seventh House Sun will transit through the House of Family and Finance the second House. Second House signifies your financial affairs, monetary matters, profits, self-respect, and self-worth. You should keep an eye upon your communication. You may get changes or transfers at your workplace. Disputes can take place in your business between partners and distributors or customers. You may need expert advice in terms of finance. You may expect profits from vehicle or property matters. You might face disputes in your love life due to your arrogance. However, you may feel a slow pace and steady progress in your love life. It is advised to avoid any making any decisions in haste. It will be helpful if you deal with peace and maturity in your family. The creation of misunderstanding may lead to possible friction between you and your partner. Your health condition will be moderate; however, you may face unavoidable issues related to ear and throat. 

Sun transit in Pisces impact on Pisces

Lord of sixth House Sun will transit through your first House. First House signifies your personality, your behavior, selfishness, and worldly outlook. You need to keep yourself distant from egocentric struggles and be attentive towards at your workplace. There will be a moderate relationship with your seniors. If you are involved in the business, then you may not get expected profits and will not get expected support from your team or your colleagues. Be patient while making any financial decisions; otherwise, you may take a wrong turn in haste. You may give charity for a social cause during transit. Keep control of your anger with your dear ones, and you should have a calm behavior towards them. You might have to face a lack of harmony in your married life. Problems may arise due to past health issues, and your health can become a reason to worry. Students will improve their social network and spread them; however, to get expected support from your friends, you may have to put your sincere efforts.

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