Sun transit in Gemini

Sun transit in Gemini

15 June, 2021



15 July, 2021


We should understand the importance of the Sun's transit in Gemini. We need to know about the peculiar relation between Sun and Gemini. According to astrology, Sun represents your soul, self-respect, father, heart, personality, ego, and government. Gemini indicates your communication, travels, thoughts, simplicity, and public speaking skills. Sun transit in Gemini will be more focused on communication. Your career and personality will bloom by way of communication. There are possibilities of success for people seeking government jobs. Your behavior can illuminate your character and can get increase your social prestige.

How will Sun Transit in Gemini affect different Zodiac Signs?

The transit of the Sun in Gemini will have different effects on different zodiac signs. The impact of transit on various zodiac signs is explained below, and these are some general effects. You can go through with them for yourself or your dear ones. The results or outcomes are based on the guidelines of Astrology. Actual results can vary depending upon the positioning of Sun and Gemini, along with its Lord Mercury in your birth chart. With this, we need to look after other astrological factors like Dasha, planetary relations, and Nakshatras in your birth chart. 

Sun transit in Gemini-effects on Aries:

Sun is Lord of the 5th House for Aries and will transit in the third house. Third House indicates communication, siblings, and intellect. This is the House of determination.

As transit is occurring in the House of travel, so there are possibilities that you may have to go on a professional trip. Pack your bags and get your life moving. Sun will bless you with confidence as the 3rd House is the House of your mental strength. Any decisions on the financial front will give you success, and the results will benefit you. Apart from this, the 3rd House also controls your relationship with your siblings, and you will have a good time with your brothers and sisters. This will improve your relationship with them. 3rd House represents social media and communication; thus, you will get good results from this field during the transiting period.

Sun transit in Gemini effects on Taurus:

Sun is Lord of the fourth House for Taurus, and the transit of Sun will take place in the second House. All kinds of gains and losses are a part of this House. It will be beneficial for you during transit if you avoid people as they may try to take advantage and prevent yourself from making any promises. The Second House is signifying wealth, and the second House also governs speech. Therefore, you should not let the Sun proclaim your tone. You need to bring humbleness to your speech. You can face minor issues, and you will deal with them proficiently. Just try to be a bit calm and patient.

Sun transit in Gemini - effects on Gemini:

Sun's transition in your sign will affect your sign comparatively more than any other sign. Mighty Sun will transit in Ascendant House for Gemini. This House represents personality, expression, physical experience, and temperament. This will result in increased anger and aggression without any reason, and your temper and rage will go up. You may work upon controlling your behavior sooner or later. You need to work very hard on your targets and goals. Avoid taking any risks; a bit of planning will help you in this situation. It is a perfect time from a professional aspect. Sun will bless you with brilliance; therefore, your courageous efforts will help you in achieving success.

Sun transit in Gemini effects on Cancer:

Sun is the Lord of the Second house for Cancer and will transit in the 12th House. 12th House signifies liberation, loss, self-display, and pilgrimage. The transit can be alarming for you, and you can get a bit distracted in your personal life. This will not be a good time in terms of health. You may face minor issues like fever and headache. Sun is transiting in the House of external benefits. 12th House represents expenses; therefore, you need to go through the documentation carefully and think intellectually before investing your money; otherwise, you may face losses. You need to manage and research properly to achieve the desired money flow. In the transition phase, do not trust others easily, as you will get betrayal by people you trust. Thus, don't make any decision emotionally. You should communicate well with your partner; otherwise, you may have to face some misunderstandings in your relation.

Sun transit in Gemini - effects on Leo:

The transition of Sun will take place in the House of gains, i.e., the 11th House for Leo natives. This House represents benefits related to financing, social circle, and your well-wisher. It will prove to be a good transition for you. You will receive an aspired profit during this phase. Sun in 11th House makes you dominant, authoritative and well organized. You will obtain support from your seniors at your workplace. You can expect the initiation of a new relationship in your personal life, especially if you are searching for love, then this is a valuable time for you. It will be helpful for you if you work upon your flexibility. 

Sun transit in Gemini effects on Virgo:

Sun will transit in 10th House for Virgos. 10th House is the House of career, and it represents your profession. Sun in 10th House will bless you with status and help you towards achieving your goals. It will propagate a peak time for your career. You need to be an opportunist as many opportunities are waiting for you in the world. It all depends upon your productivity and potential. This time will be auspicious for businessmen and professionals to seize good advantage of this time. You will increase your ability to evaluate gains and losses. Sun is a prime indicator for a father, so; you may receive his support.

Sun transit in Gemini-effects on Libra:

Sun will transit in the 9th House for Libras. This is the House of spirituality. It is inclined towards good learning, fortune, and spirituality. Sun transit will not bring fruitful results for you. Sun is generally ferocious; this transit can also bring some problems for you. You will not get good opportunities for some time. Don't think about going on a new trip this will not be very helpful for you. Prevent yourself from indulging in any argument with your siblings. This can increase your differences with them.

Sun transit in Gemini-effects on Scorpio:

Sun will transit in the 8th House for Scorpio. The 8th House is the House of profits and losses. Sun transit can bring a lot of ups and downs in your professional life. You need to have faith in your work and should be calm and patient. This change will bring uncertainty to your life. You will feel distressed and distorted, yet you need to control this emotion; otherwise, it will bring sadness in your family'. You should try hard to maintain discipline in your life. It will be helpful if you take control of your health.

Sun transit in Gemini - effects on Sagittarius:

Sun will transit in the 7th House for Sagittarius. The 7th House is the inhabitant of all kinds of partnerships, including partnerships in the profession and personal relationships. The transition will make you aggressive and impatient. You should control your anger before your partner points it out. Otherwise, it will be a reason for conflict between you and your partner.  Your mind will be filled up with mixed emotions. Sun is directly aspecting the House of Ascendants. This will bless you with the ability to enhance your decision-making skills and will improve your authoritative nature. You may face trouble because of your mixed temper and ego.

Sun transit in Gemini - effects on Capricorn:

Sun will transit in the Sixth House for Capricorn sign. This House signifies debt, well-being, sickness, enemy, and competition. The result of transit will increase your competitive nature. If you're suffering from any health issues, you will recover from them successfully. There is a possibility that you will be victorious in a legal case. This is the House of debt; the Sun will bless you with brilliance, and you will be able to repay all your loans and debts. You can expect some financial gains at this time. You will get rewarded for your work done on the professional front.

Sun transit in Gemini - effects on Aquarius:

Sun will transit in 5th House for water bearer Aquarius. The 5th House indicates intelligence, relationship, pleasure, and romance. Your timid and rigid behavior can drift your partner apart. You need to keep control over your words. This can be a difficult time for your love life. You need to work a little bit more at this time. For working individuals, this will be a valuable time. The Sun will bless you with promising results for students, but they need to work a little hard.

Sun transit in Gemini - effects on Pisces:

Sun will transit in the 4th House for Pisces natives. 4th House is a house of property and shows the relationship with your mother. Sun in the 4th House is not a strong position. Therefore, it can bring discomfort. You can have a heaviness of emotions.  This transit can take away the comfort from your life yet, and you will realize and accept it. You will be more action-oriented. Your mother can face health issues, and this will be a cause of worry for you.

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