Sun Transit in Capricorn

Sun Transit in Capricorn

15 January, 2020



12 February, 2020


The transition of Sun in Capricorn is also known as Makar Sakranti, is as important as Saturn Transit. People who are struggling to outgrow their career and self-respect will get success by working upon it. If you are planning to get settled in foreign lands or if you want your seniors to be in your favor, then this transit will be fruitful for you. As per astrology, Sun governs your inner spirit, self-respect, heart, personality, father, your career, and government.  Capricorn signifies discipline, organization, law and order, orderly function, government, and the position or rank you hold. As per the religious aspect, this transit is much significant as it signifies the start of Uttarayan. The Sun will move towards the northern hemisphere. This phase is encouraging because it's the time that God will wake up from sleep after six months as per Hindu mythology. This is the time of the festival. 

As per principals of Vedic astrology transition of Sun in Capricorn is in the signs of its enemy Saturn. But transit of Sun in Capricorn will not be that much worse, however this is favourable for certain people. As per Kaal Purush Kundali, the sign of Capricorn is in 10th House, and the planet Sun is powerful when it's in 10th House. Apart from this sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn is a sign of justice and discipline, and these features are very much liked by Sun. By looking at the movement of the Sun in the Northern Atmosphere and initiation of Dev Paksha, the transit will be auspicious for everyone. Sun's transit in Capricorn gives an efficient approach in life.

Sun Transit in Capricorn – Impact on all Zodiac Signs

Below is the article are some general results of the Sun's transit in Capricorn for every Zodiac Sign. Read the products as per your Moon sign. 

It should be noted that these are general outcomes. Actual results can vary depending upon the State of Sun in your birth chart. The results might get affected by Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn along with other Astrological factors such as Conjunction, aspects, and Nakshatras. You should also keep your Karmas aligned. As a result, they may get affected by them too.  

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Aries:

Lord of 5th House Sun will be in 10th House, which signifies your career, father, arrogance, spirit, self-respect, and your personality. This transit will be beneficial, especially for people who are involved in government, politics, and holding an authoritative rank. Also, students who are studying political science, law, and mechanical engineering will get fruitful results. Children will tend to distant them from their home. People involved in social service will work upon bringing changes in society. People with a competitive nature and dominating attitude can earn name and fame during this transit. 

Sun transit in Capricorn – Impact on Taurus:

Sun, Lord of fourth House, will be in 9th House, which signifies foreign trips, father, spirituality, philosophical views, and higher education. The transit may influence you to settle in your homeland. Your health can get affected; you will be able to change your values and will get progressive. Your mother will play an authoritative role and will influence you according to her spiritual and religious views.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Gemini:

Lord of 3rd House Sun will transit in the 8th House, and the 8th House signifies House of in-laws, joint-property, lifespan, surgery, and secret affairs. Younger problems may create problems for you. You will create problems and can create doubt in other people's minds but sharing your secrets may be beneficial for you. Your conversation may suffer when talking with your father. Travelling can make you stressed out. Your deep secrets can be harmful to you.

Sun transit in Capricorn – Impact on Cancer:

Lord of Second house Sun will transit in 7th House. The House signifies partnership, life partner, career, contacts, and other people. Sun is weak here and can give an edge towards your enemies. Profit in the business of father or life partner may improve. You will make more friends and enjoy appreciation in your career. It will be beneficial if you are involved in the trade of Antique furniture or running an NGO.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Leo:

Lord of Moon Sign Sun will transit in 6th House. This House signifies diseases, challenges, court cases, enemies, small animals, competitions, finance, and disputes. This transit will be favourable for you and will destroy your enemies. You will get free from all your debts. Those who are involved in government services may outgrow self-esteem and recognition. Those who are appearing in competitive exams such as civil services will get successful.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Virgo:

Lord of 12th House Sun will transit in the 5th House for Virgos. Fifth House signifies children, love relations, romance, art, intellect, and higher studies. Your children may get the opportunity to study in foreign lands. You will get involved in foreign affairs through the government. If in your birth chart Sun is under malefic influence, then there can be a lot of tension and can get worried about children or education.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Libra:

Lord of 11th House Sun will transit in the 4th House. Fourth House signifies Mother, mind, and vehicle. Sun is a planet of hindrances for you. That's why you should avoid dealing with property and vehicles. Your friend may block your ways; with this, you may feel a lack of peace of mind. You may join politics and deal with government affairs. Be patient and thoughtful before making any investment. 

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Scorpio:

Lord of 10th House Sun will transit in the third house. The House signifies younger siblings, short trips, communication, administrative jobs, writings, and your neighbors. Relationships with neighbors and more youthful siblings might get effected. Your arrogance and overconfidence may be a cause of trouble for you. Also, people involved in media and journalism may face criticism. 

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Sagittarius:

Lord of 9th House will transit in 2nd House. 2nd House signifies savings, property, family, eating habits, and speech. The ability to earn money will be influenced by your father, especially the authoritative nature of your father. You may have to sacrifice some family matters because of your father. The transit will be beneficial for politicians and the government

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Capricorn

Lord of eighth House sun will transit in the 1st House (Moon Sign). First House signifies your physical self, personality, spirit, government, and fame. Transit may involve you in some secret activity. Your ego may get hurt because of your father. You may face sudden fame and rise in your career. The reporter who is involved in the investigation, especially those who are working for the government, may expose some secrets. There are chances that you may solve issues related to inheritance. Please don't get into a causal relationship as they may cause trouble for you.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Aquarius:

Lord of 7th House will transit in 12th House. Twelfth House signifies loss, expenditure, hospitalization, foreign residence, spirituality, and holding high ranks. You will get successful in activities in foreign lands. If your spouse is a working professional, then you may fall into a selfish dispute. That's' why you should control your egoistic nature; otherwise, it may hinder harmony in your marital life. However, Sun in its enemy sign cannot get ruled out, and opposition may plan challenges for you.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Pisces:

Lord of sixth House Sun will transit in the 11th House. 11th House signifies profit, income, completeness, professional networks, and elder siblings. You may have to work jointly with your elder brothers and sisters. There are possibilities of earning sudden profits. If you are holding an authoritative position, then you may have to face a lot of opposition from enemies. Sun's transit is not beneficial for children; that's why you should try not to force your thoughts on your children. If you have any maternal uncle, then transit will not be beneficial for you.