Effect of the sun transit in Cancer on the zodiacs

Effect of the sun transit in Cancer on the zodiacs

16 July, 2021



16 August, 2021


Sun is a blazing planet, whereas Sun is the ruler of the watery sign Cancer. The effects can be surprising once the fire and water move along with each other. 

This transit may have beneficial and harmful effects on all Zodiac Signs. Sun Transit into Cancer gives a range of implications, in which you will find new love or career opportunities. Let's look at Sun's transit in Cancer and how it can affect a person.

How will Sun Transit in Cancer affect different Zodiac Signs?

The transit of the Sun in Cancer will have varying effects on different zodiac signs based on the particular signification of different planets on each zodiac sign. Reading the impact of Sun in Cancer will help a person know many do’s and don’ts during this transit. This will also help a person to prepare for some specific effects of this transit of Sun in Cancer. Now I will explain the impact of the Sun in Cancer on each zodiac sign as below.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Aries

Sun will transit in the fourth House for Aries. Fourth House signifies your identity, your House, and your mother. As an Aries personality, you would like to start your things quickly, but your plans to travel may get postponed. You may get disappointed because of deferred plans. Transit can bring distractions and changes in your familiar environment, which can be a reason to worry.  

You can feel a bit deceptive about other things, and you may doubt your capabilities. This will lead to a feeling of alienation, and you may leave everything midway. You should avoid clashes and arguments at your workplace. Matters related to Property or land may get postponed. You will not do any work in a proper manner, so it's better not to take any work opportunity at present.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Taurus

Sun will transit in the third House for Taurus. This will outgrow courage in Taurus natives. The Third House is the House of mental fortitude. You will value your ambitions and will use your energy to fulfilling your aspirations and ideologies. You will work hard to be the best at your workplace by strongly conquering all the problems in terms of a job. This energy will keep you one step ahead of others. 

If you are searching for progression and promotion, you will surely get the news of being promoted. Sun is Lord of your 4th House, which indicates your home. Sun is traveling to the 12th House from its sign, resulting in inauspicious outcomes from expedition and migration.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Gemini

Gemini has the fundamental character of a storyteller. But Sun's transit in your second house can give you a difficult time in terms of conversation.  The transit will affect by creating excessive problems and discouraging influences in your everyday life. Sun is positioned in the House of your savings. This signifies that you may need some assistance in financial matters. 

You may have to invest your energies in fulfilling your objectives and ambitions. Transit can also bring you bad luck and issues related to money. The House also signifies your food habits; Sun positioned in the House may lead you to work upon your diet. Otherwise, you may have to face health issues; this brings fore problems related to the eyes.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Cancer

Sun will transit in Ascendant House for Cancer; it will improve your leadership and managerial skills. This will lead to a cautious approach. You try to complete all your pending work. Sun transit will make you more protective and kind towards your family and friends. 

Sun, concerning Seventh's House, signifies that you may fall into an argument with your life partner, and this will lead to bitterness in your married life. Don't let your selfishness drive your energy. You should understand this and control your nature. If you have a history of facing problems related to heart and depression, then you should not ignore your well-being. Hence, it is significant that you should practice yoga, meditation, and physical exercise.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Leo

The strength of Leo natives will desire special scrutiny. This is because Sun is in the 12th House in your chart, which signifies external movements and utilization. This transit will let you question your ability, which can lead to the downing of your self-confidence. This may lead to making decisions in haste.

Don't try anything immoral in this transit; it can make you face severe issues. This is not the righteous phase to settle down for new decisions or choices. Comparatively, you need to stay under your limitations and benefit from your past errors. 

Keep yourself distant from any avid choices. By the time this phase will lead to making you more powerful and self-reliant. Keep yourself calm and self-consumed. This will help you in getting closer to your family.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Virgo

Sun transit in the 11th House for Virgos will be an auspicious transit for the natives of the Virgo Zodiac. The transit will bring plenty of benefits and profits for you, and you may start working with the external association. This transit will get sudden earnings for you.

You will get beneficial results from father and government offices. You will get increased profits and salaries in business and your professional life. Business trips can prove to be auspicious for you. 

The position of the Sun can make you obstinate, which will not be your congenital nature. This will prevent you from accepting solutions for confrontational issues.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Libra

Sun will transit in the 10th House for Libras. Tenth House signifies a promising situation for the Sun and your profession. The transit will help you get settled in your life and will help you in growing your domination. The transit effect will help you finish all your pending assignments and complete new commitments with efficiency. 

Practical support from the government and the father's side is on the cards. The transit demonstrates beneficial results for those who want to start their career in a government job. You can be hindered by past health problems creating a problem for you in this transit.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Scorpio

Sun in your ninth House will acquire some unwanted postponements. Sun is situated in the 12th House from its position of strength. The transit will propagate issues between father or father- figures. Try to solve all your problems and do whatever it takes; otherwise, you can find yourself in a tough situation. 

Sun in the Third House can make you rude and give issues in family and life partner. This is a tough time. Try to avoid any vacation; otherwise, you will not be able to handle the outcomes. You can face issues related to knees and stress in your legs.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Sagittarius

Sun will transit in the eighth House for Sagittarius. The eighth House signifies vulnerability and change, and this transit will bring an extreme phase for Sagittarius natives. Besides this, your rivals can plot obstacles in the way of your development or promotions. Avoid taking any liabilities or obligations during this phase. This kind of issue may lead to psychological disbalance, which can decimate your mental peace. You may get rude while communicating with your acquaintances and can fall into arguments with your parents. 

Sun is transiting in your subsequent House that shows diet patterns, so it will be beneficial if you pay extra attention to healthy intake. Otherwise, you may face health problems related to your teeth and central areas of your body.

Sun Transit in Cancer effect on Capricorn

Sun is transiting in the 7th House for Capricorn; the 7th House signifies your partnership and your spouse. This transit might not bring promising results for you. The position of the Sun may affect you by making you argumentative, and you may face disputes with your seniors; this can be the reason for your stress. Your opponents may be in a higher position than you at the period of transit. There can be some differences that can cause you and leave you with a feeling of helplessness. 

You need to work hard in your career front as this transit will bring obstacles regarding your jobs and salary. There can be disputes between unmarried couples, and the strength of your spouse can be the reason for stress for married natives.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Aquarius

Sun will transit in the 6th House for Aquarius Zodiac Sign; the sixth House signifies rivalries and foes, and the transit will give you successful outcomes. You can get successful results from your hard work and assignments. This transit will bring a lot of opportunities. Your status in society will improve. Sun will provide several options and will bring out the fundamental quality of Aquarius. 

If you are involved in the business, you will surely get beneficial results from hard work. There will be an increase in the flexibility in your personality. The prosperity of your life partner can be a reason for stress in this phase.

Sun Transit in Cancer Effect on Pisces

Sun will transit in the fifth House for Pisces. You may not get anticipated results. There will be issues related to differences in approaches with your seniors, which can be a reason for your stress. 

You may encounter problems in which your rivals may want to drag you down. Sun will make you inflexible in this phase. This can be a cause of disputes with your acquaintances. Those who are married will find issues at home, and you may face health issues related to acidity.

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