Sun transit in Aquarius

Sun transit in Aquarius

12 February, 2021



13 March, 2021


Sun Transit is equally important transit as that of Saturn Transit. Once the Sun transits into psychologically active and social sign Aquarius, it’s a great indication to come back and reconnect with the world. Sun transits provide an opportunity to back out from individual identities and comprehend every living thing on Earth that is valuable and can feel connected with them. A favourable Sun in native’s birth chart makes native fearless, dignified, helpful in reaping respect and blesses them with power and authority. 

You will feel the beginning of changes in life when Sun is transiting through visionary Aquarius! Let’s find out how one can get affected and mark an impact on various aspects of lives through powerful transit of Sun in Aquarius. 

How will Sun Transit in Aquarius affect different Zodiac Signs?

Transit of Sun in Aquarius will have varying effects on different zodiac signs based on particular signification of different planet on each zodiac sign. Reading the impact of Sun in Aquarius will help a person to know many do’s and don’ts to be followed during this transit. This will also help a person to prepare own self for some specific effects of this transit of Sun in Aquarius. Now I will explain effects of Sun in Aquarius on each zodiac sign as below.

Sun transit in Aquarius-effects on Aries:

The Lord of Fifth House Sun will be transiting through the 11th House. The eleventh House presents friends and social associates, wishes, and dreams. 

The time is turning to be favourable for you, and you are most likely to expand your horizons in this phase. You can present your qualities which have been suppressed for a long time.  All your pending projects are seen to be reaching their conclusions. You can also get promoted and appreciated for your sincere efforts done towards your profession and business. There are chances that your family may organize some auspicious functions at home, which will increase your social prestige during this phase. The influence of Sun in 11th House indicates a high possibility of travel, which can be a pilgrimage also. You can also proceed towards a trip overseas and will get permitted to do so. All-inclusive, it would be a period of progression and success.  

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Taurus

Lord of fourth House Sun will be transiting through 10th House. Tenth House signifies career, fame, and ambitions. 

Transit of Sun in Aquarius has a direct effect on the matters which are related to career.  Almighty feels that the time is quite remarkable for your career. You can get indications to improve yourself in certain areas, or you may want to rectify certain mistakes. But you should not take warnings very seriously, and this will be the right time for you to rectify your errors.  The influence of the Sun in 10th House expects you to present the right amount of attitude. Ignorance may lead to dissonant outcomes or a very painful transformation process. If you want to refuse to change or hold back from learning something new, then it will be a rough ride during this time. 

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Gemini

Lord of 3rd House Sun will be transiting through 9th House. The ninth House is house of religion, pilgrimage, and intuition. 

Transit phase seems to be very favourable for you and anticipates fair chances of achieving success at your career front. On the academic front, you will be performing well. It seems to be a good year financially, as per your occupation it ought to indicate spectacular progress if you are an employee and can find yourself approaching towards challenging projects successfully. Your social prestige will also get amplified. You can also plan to visit pilgrimage because of the influence of Sun in the 9th House. There are some chances that you may attend a special function within your family. 

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Cancer

Lord of the 2nd House Sun will be transiting through the 8th House. The eighth House indicates inheritance, cryptic learning, and spirituality. 

The period of transition may not be beneficial for you. You can face financial problems during this phase. There are possibilities that you may lose valuables, but you would try your best to keep them secured. You may face difficulties concerning your joint accounts, inheritances, and ancestral properties, which can suddenly become important for you. You may face certain challenges in dealing with such issues, and you try hard to maintain your sanity. Alternative solutions may help you during this period. The influence of Sun in the 8th House can channelize your interest toward the occult, spirituality, astrology, and allied sciences.  

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Leo

Lord of the 1st House Sun will be transiting through 7th House. The seventh House indicates partnership, open enemies, and lawsuits. 

You will feel like a trouble-shooter as there is an indication of obstacles that may arise now and then. It can be so frequent that at one moment you deal with one issue, another is likely to pop out. You might get stuck in legal disputes. It will be beneficial for you to avoid taking risks this time as gains are unlikely to take shape during this period. There are chances of getting betrayed by someone closer to you. Your views on religion can become depressing. Under the influence of Sun in 7th House, your concern would be your partner and your social prestige, but you should not worry unnecessarily about them. 

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Virgo

Lord of 12th House Sun transiting through 6th House. The Sixth House represents health, daily routine, and debts. 

You may face constraints in different phases of your life. Working professionals may face performance pressure because of the influence of the Sun in the 6th House. If you are not aware of the situation and problems, this period can adversely affect your career growth. It’s advisable to keep your expectations low of staying away from depression and disappointment. You can also face financial losses during this phase. 

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Libra

Lord of 11th House Sun, transiting through the fifth House. The fifth House represents love affairs, creative self-expression, and bliss. 

This transit would bring average results in various areas of life. There are general chances that you may get distracted; hence you are advised to be focussed. It would be beneficial if you avoid spending your time in vain, as this can cause frustration in the future. You may face commitment issues in your love life because of Sun’s influence in the 5th House. This transit of Sun enables you to think differently, and you may come up with unconventional and novel ideas. 

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Scorpio

Lord of 10th House transiting through 4th House. The fourth House indicates domestic affairs, family, and relations. 

There are chances that you may face emotional challenges during this time. Your social and cultural values demand attention. There are possibilities of facing disputes at your workplace, and it is also possible that you need to relocate because of Sun’s influence in the 4th House. There are chances that you may face issues within the family or with close ones in this phase.  You may face health issues such as headaches, joint pains, or blood-related diseases. You can also feel irritation due to mood swings.  Emotional connections are on edge throughout the year. 

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Sagittarius

Lord of the 9th House Sun, transiting through 3rd House. The Third House represents psychological inclination, communication, and local travels.

Your intellect is the key to success during this phase.  There is an indication of earning lots of name, respect, and money due to the beginning of creation, and various ideas that are building within you. Your plans will get executed efficiently, and you are about to proceed materialistically because of the influence of Sun in the 3rd House. Despite some problems, you may acclaim socially during this period. 

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Capricorn

The Lord of 8th House Sun will be transiting through the 2nd House. The House represents your earnings, proprietary, and your worth. 

This transit will possibly bring mixed results for you. You would be more focussed on family and finance during this period. Due to Sun's influence on the second house issues related to the Joint Bank account, Property and inheritance may pop out. You will be trying hard to give your lifestyle a positive change. There are possibilities that you may not get happy with the pace of your financial progressions.  There can be a delay in the recovery of all your pending dues, but all these issues will be sorted out by time.

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Aquarius

The Lord of Seventh house, Sun, transiting through the 1st House. The first House indicates yourself, your devotion, and your way of living. 

During this period, you will be more focussed on improving yourself. You will feel the need of realization and want to build a strong image with this you will try to achieve your personal goals and targets. You will be busy with your thoughts on proceeding towards your targets. You will not care about others' expectations and desires because of Sun's influence in the first House. You will find yourself with a strong desire to accumulate materialistic possessions. It would be beneficial for you if you put all your negative thoughts on the edge. You will be rewarded for your hard work and honesty, but you should be attentive towards your health; otherwise, you may face issues because of stress. 

Sun transit in Aquarius - effects on Pisces

The Lord of 6th House Sun, transiting through 12th House.  The Twelfth House represents unforeseen problems, and some silent sufferings and restrictions. 

You may have very busy schedule and maybe worried because of minor issues in different aspects of your life. People expect you to work very hard, but gradually you will overcome all the problems and situation will normalize. Because of Sun's influence in 12th House, you will feel less energetic and will leave you low on vitality. You may feel irritated, and people around you may have to bear the circumstances because of your anger.

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