Mercury Transit in Virgo

Mercury Transit in Virgo

26 August, 2021



21 September, 2021


The incredible planet Mercury is the ruling lord of Virgo, and during the transition period, the planet changes its position and brings an influential impact on different fields of one's life. The Mercury transit has an impact over one's way of communication, helping others, family, finance, intellect, marital life. This transit will be influential on each of the signs in the zodiac circle as Mercury's rulings nature is over one's communication, technology, and travel. This transit will bring some favourable impact on the lives of natives. You will be able to notice an inclination towards learning, the chance of travelling to your desired places, one's status in the society. Hence Mercury plays a critical role in the lives of natives. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Aries 

The planet Mercury will be posited in the sixth house of your zodiac sign. Your sixth house will also host the position of the sun. Thus the Aries natives will face the impact of two planets, and there will be a formation of 'Budh Aditya Yog'. Therefore this transition period will heal all your injuries, health issues you were facing for a long time. Working officials will face excessive success in their respective fields, and you will be praised for your hard work and honesty, you may also defeat all your opponents in the office and will prove yourself aa the strongest competitor in your office. Business natives will earn good profits through their investments and properties; there is a good chance you will be able to pay every debt. It's is expected to have a little bit control over your expenses; spending too much might lead to over budget. Your married life would be full of happiness and harmony, though paying attention and spending time with your partner will keep you away from clashes and arguments. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Taurus 

During the period of transit, planet Mercury will change its position and will be posited in your fifth house, along with the Mercury, Sun will be posited in the same house. Both being in the same house would create favourable impacts on your house, Taurus. The love life of Taurus natives will prosper; you will get to spend some of the blissful moments with your partner. You will have a sense of mutual understanding with your spouse. There are some arguments and clashes between you both, though you have to handle it with patience and try to impress them. Some of the natives will gain interest in spiritual studies and religious concepts at this duration. This would be the perfect time to buy a car or property; you will be successful in it. You have to take proper precautions regarding your health. Your mother's health is going to be perfect; any past problem in her health will tend to heal during this period. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Gemini

This transit will bring a positive impact in the lives of the Gemini natives, the fourth house of your zodiac sign, Gemini will host the position of the planet. There as, your fourth house represents one's well-being and happiness. There is a sign of gaining inheritance to some of your ancestral properties, and you will also gain good profits through these properties or assets. The powerful Mercury and sun being in the same house will bring luck in your life, and you will reap the fruits of benefits during this time. Natives who are not living with their parents will get to meet them, and you will show love and care towards your parents. You will also get some quality time to spend with them. You will have good terms with your siblings and relatives. Your relationship will gain momentum, and you will spend some memorable time with your partner. Working officials will get into the path of success, though they have to stay away from office politics or else your opponents would try to ruin your image. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Cancer 

It is the third house of your zodiac sign will host the transition period of Mercury. Your third house is also known as Parakram Sthan. The transit of Mercury in your house will increase your energy, give you a positive mind and brings good luck in the field of work. The combination of Mercury and Sun will bring a favourable impact on your house by enhancing your confidence, patience, communication skills, and intellect. You will feel powerful during this time, and you will have absolute clarity in your thoughts and ideas, people will tend to get attracted by you, and you will be able to accomplish every task with perfection. Working officials will enjoy the benefits of this transit, some of you will get promoted, which would bring you out of stress. Though you may get overconfident sometimes due to your short temper you will get involved in arguments, so keep calm and don't engage yourself in such problems which will ruin your good image. Business natives will earn good profits through their investments and other sources. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Leo 

The Mercury transit is going to take place in the second house of the individuals, and the conjunctions of Mercury and Sun will bring a positive impact over your sign, Leo. You will get some good news during this time, Leo natives involved in business fields will gain enormous profits through different sources, and you will also have a good chance to receive profits through ancestral property or past investments. This profit might help you to clear out your debts. You will have a good sense of humour, and your communication skill will help you make new friends. Natives who are involved in the field of media, law, or sales professionals will earn huge benefits. Students preparing for competitive exams have to focus on their studies, which is the only way to score good results. Your love life will be standing, and you will spend a happy time with your family. Apart from that, your parents will have a blissful time with you. The working official has to stay away from office politics. The natives will have a perfect health condition.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Virgo 

The transition of Mercury will occur in your own sign, thus creating a Budh Aditya Yoga formation. The Mercury and Sun will collaborate, and both their positioning will be in your first house, which is your ascendant house. The natives will be fortunate during this time period. Your superiors will highly support and respect you for your dedication and hard work. You will be praised, and everyone will be impressed by your timing. Stay alert from your rivals; they will give their best to ruin your image. There is a family trip on your card, you will spend some blissful time with your family at this duration, your partner will support you, and both of you will develop a sense of mutual understanding, which will reduce your clashes and arguments. Health-wise, you are recommended to do regular exercise or yoga in order to keep yourself fit and fine. Maintaining your health will also be beneficial for you as it would ease up your mind. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Libra

The planet Mercury will make its transit and will be posited in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign, along with that sun will take the same position, and their conjunction will show ups and downs in your life. The natives have to work really hard in every field to attain success. The working people will have to take certain responsibilities, which would increase your work pressure and put you in stress. Don't worry and you must take this as a test and give your best to complete your tasks responsibly. The natives will witness an increase in expenses, so you are advised to have control over your daily expenditure and prevent your overspending. The Libra native will spend some memorable time with their family, and your spouse will be very supportive with you during this time. Your health will remain stable. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Scorpio

The impact of the transit will give favourable results to the Scorpio natives. During the transit the Planet Mercury will change its position and will shift towards your eleventh house, your eleventh house is also known as the Labh Ghar or the house of profits in Vedic Astrology. So the combination of Sun and Mercury will improve your financial condition, there are chances of financial gain through different sources. Natives having problems with their overspending habit will finally get a way to stop it. You will finally get some saving schemes which will help you in the long term. Apart from that, you are advised to take proper precautions regarding your health, any ignorance in terms of health will put you at risk. Stay away from fast food and maintain a proper diet. There are several personal and professional trips on your card. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Sagittarius 

The Sagittarius natives will host the position of Mercury in their tenth house, where the house is also known as Karyakhetra or working house in Vedic Astrology. The natives will enjoy the benefits during this transitory period. Working natives will go excessively good in respective fields, and you will be praised by your staff for your brilliant work. You will also have a chance of getting an increment or a promotion. Native who are deciding to change their job will get total success. Your family front will remain happy, and your siblings will also maintain good relations with you. Your partner may shower you will love and support you in every difficult situation. Your health will remain stable, though a checkup will help you in preventing problems for the long term. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Capricorn 

The dualistic planet Mercury changes its position during the transitory period, and your ninth house hosts the transition. Your ninth house represents one's confidence and enthusiasm. The natives will get the favour of luck and support during this duration. After this transit, the natives will notice an increase in one's intelligence and memory power and which will help you attain success in different aspects of life. Working natives will get to use their luck in the work front, initially gaining success. This is the best time to confront your feelings to your loved ones. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Aquarius

The transition of the Planet Mercury will take place in the eighth house of your zodiac sign, which would have both positive and negative impact on the lives of individuals. Your disputes with your father or any elder will finally have closure, and you will spend the duration in harmony, you will get to spend some blissfully time with your family. Natives in relationships will get a chance to convert their love into marriage, though they will face certain difficulties in doing so. However, you will find a way to clear every arising dispute; just don't lose patience. There are high chances of gaining through some unexpected sources during this transit. Your friends and family will give you full support at every step of your life. Married couples will get great chances to get closer to each other. Your health will remain good, though doing some physical activity like playing sports or doing exercise is recommended. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Pisces 

The transition of planet Mercury will take place in the third house of a zodiac sign. The Pisces natives will not enjoy the transit, as there will not be any favourable outcomes. They will have to go through some stressful things like bad health, loss in business, disputes etc. Your health will be affected by the change in the climate. You are recommended to take proper healthcare during this transit. Natives who are in the field of jobs will remain safe from their rivals. Natives who are planning to change their jobs are advised to wait for some more time as this time might be a little crucial for them. Single natives trying to get married should remain careful as their rivals will try to ruin their image. Married natives will spend this time will no particular issue, though you need to give proper attention to your partner and sending more time will help you know each other better.

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