Mercury Transit in Taurus

Mercury Transit in Taurus

01 May, 2021



25 May, 2021


According to the Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury affects one's intellect, judgment, communication and behavior. The second sign in the series of the zodiac is Taurus, and its ruling planet is Venus, who has a friendly relation with Mercury. Along with that, it signifies one's wishes and desires, strength and rigidity, income and wealth, goals and ambitions, family and friends, etc. The planet Mercury has a ruling nature on the second and fifth house of your zodiac sign, Taurus. The impact of Mercury over you sign gives a favorable impact for the natives and according to the Vedic astrology, your second house signifies one's family relations, business conditions, jobs, talents, and materialistic things like assets, foods, property, resources, etc. There as, your fifth house represents one's creative talents, educational qualification, entertainment, energy and enthusiasm, interest in new things, tuff competition, etc. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Aries

The second house of your zodiac sign will host the transition of the planet Mercury. Due to this transit, there will be a favourable impact on one's communication skills and knowledge. You will be able to convey your ideas and thoughts fluently. People will tend to understand your good intentions, and you will get full support from them. Natives involved in part-time or full-time jobs will be supported by their individuals at the workplace; even your confidence in speeches will help you pass the interview rounds easily. Though your speaking abilities might put you in danger, people may get hurt or jealous with your improvement. Some of your speeches may turn into an argument or debates. So you are advised to stay calm and solve each and every situation calmly. People who are involved in the business will get huge profits through different sources. Some of you have great chances of earning profits through inheritance of some property or past investments. Your relationship with your beloved may have some chances of getting weak, so spend quality time with them, try to impress them or gift them something. You will get closer in no time, and you will get to enjoy some of the best moments of your life. Your health will be perfect, though maintain a proper diet and do regular workout. You can also get involved in some sports activities which would keep you fit.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Taurus 

The transit of Mercury is taking place in your powerful house itself, and the planet will be posited in your first house, which is your ascendant house. You will notice an improvement in your way of conversation; your impressive way of speech will attract many people and give you a strong personality. You will gain a soft-spoken and polite behaviour which will touch everyone's heart. Natives in relationships will enjoy the benefits of this transit, they will create a bond of mutual understanding, and their love will prosper. You will spend this time in peace and harmony. If you are working as a job official, you will get to taste success due to your hard work and dedication, though you are advised to stay away from office politics and focus on completing the tasks before time. Health-related issues will not arise. Still, you need to maintain a proper diet, and regular exercise is strongly advised.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Gemini 

During the transit, the planet Mercury will change its position and will be posited in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign, which signifies one's mental stress and ability. During this period, the natives will go through some stressful tasks, both mentally and physically. So, don't put yourself into stress by taking too many tasks and maintaining a balance is necessary. If one's involved in business activities, there are several chances to earn a fortune, and you have to keep a track on your expenses or else spending unnecessary will give you unwanted stress. There is a foreign trip on your card with your beloved, you will spend some memorable time with them, and any kind of distance between you both will be sorted out, and your relationship will get the spark back. Working officials should complete their work in the given time, apart from that they will have a decent earning.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Cancer 

The impact of this planet on your house is going to give you some favourable results. Your eleventh house will host the position of the translating planet. And this period will give you certain benefits in terms of your finance, relationship, family, job, knowledge, patience, etc. The natives will get a chance to make new connections through foreign trade and get extreme benefits in their respective financial fields. Your spouse or your partner will be extremely supportive at this time, your relationship will be prosperous, and you will also develop a sense of mutual understanding with your partner. Some clashes are possible at this time, though you will impress them with your caring nature. Jib officials will get help and support from their seniors, and with their ideas, you will create a good image in your respective fields. This will be very profitable for you in the long term. Don't ignore your health, polluted air and dirty surroundings may affect you badly, so take proper care of yourself and your surroundings. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Leo 

The Mercury share a friendly relation with Venus, and during the transitory period, the planet changes its position and shifts towards the tenth house of your zodiac sign. The transit will have a significant impact on one's life. Working professionals will tend to have a more focused mind, and your performance will be praised by your colleagues and seniors. Your excellence and dedication in your work will be the reason for your success. Some of the seniors will give some important favours in the long term. You will be prevailing happiness in your family. Your romantic life will ease your mind, and your beloved partner will support you at every step. The natives will have good health, and join a sports club or doing physical activities will keep them mentally and physically fit. Ignoring your health may affect you negatively in the long term. You will have stable economic conditions and investing in assets or properties will open new doors for earning benefits. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Virgo

During the transition period, your ninth house will be hosting the position of the planet Mercury, and your ninth house represents the house of one's travelling and communication. The natives will enjoy the benefits of long term travelling. If you are trying to change your job, this transition period will give you favourable results. The natives having Virgo sign will experience an increase in their social status, and people will tend to start recognizing you because of your good deeds. You will also earn a special status in society. Your relationship will be blissful throughout the period, your partner will try to impress you, and there will special time you both will get to spend with each other. The natives are recommended to stay away from fast food and polluted areas; there will be some minor issues which can be resolved by proper medication. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Libra 

The dualistic planet Mercury will make its transit and will be posited in the eighth house of your zodiac sign, Libra. The Libra native might have to face some unexpected losses, which will bring a bad impact on their financial conditions. You will be more inclined towards learning new things, most of you will specifically indulge yourselves in spiritual learnings. However, you will gain enormous profits through past investments, and due to some inheritance, your luck will be extremely fruitful. There will some clashes between your partner, so you need to handle them with calmness and care. The perfect way to deal with such situations is by paying full attention to your partner, soon your good behaviour will impress them, and you will get closer to them. Some of the married natives will get good news during this transit. Your health will be strong and stable throughout the duration, though ignoring any kind of health problem will bring a negative impact on your body. Working professionals will get into the path of success through their dedication and hard work. Their wisdom and honesty will prove to be beneficial.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus in Scorpio

The impact of the Mercury transit will not be favourable for the Scorpio natives. During the transitory period, the planet changes its position and shifts towards the third house of your zodiac sign. The natives will have to face certain challenges during this time. You will notice a change in your way of speaking; this will give both positive and negative impact. You will also face difficulties in your marital life, though, and this relationship will require some strong communication and giving proper time and effort will strengthen it. You are advised to have control over your expenses; otherwise, you are overspending in certain things will lead to a financial loss. People involved in the business will have to stay calm and wait for their time to procure a good position in society. There are chances to gain profits through past investments and some recent ones too. Ignoring your health may put you in danger, so maintaining a proper diet is stronger advised. You should also join a gym or yoga class to keep yourself fit. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Sagittarius

The impact of this transit will directly affect your house of income and expenditure. During the transition period, your sixth house will host the position of Mercury. Hence there are chances where you might get involved in a dispute or argument. Natives will also witness an increase in their expenditure which can lead over budgeting. Working officials will gain respect, and their honesty and wisdom will attract everyone's mind. You must try to maintain a proper distance from your rivals they would give their best to ruin your good image. There are several trips on your card, which will give you some happy and memorable moments. Your relationship with your spouse will soon get stable, keep control over your short temperament and pay full attention to your partner. The natives are recommended to get a full checkup ignoring any kind of problem in their health will lead to a lot of stress in the long term. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Capricorn 

The process of impact starts with the change in the planet's position. Mercury, during the transitory period, is posited in the fifth house if your zodiac sign and your fifth house represent the house of intellect and knowledge. The natives will witness an increase in their knowledge, and with a good sense of humour applied in different fields, you will earn a higher level of profits. Student natives have the probability of choosing good paths for their success, and in future, they will be successful. If you are single, you will get a chance to propose your lover and even your lover will accept your proposal. You will enjoy this time an spend a memorable moment with your beloved. There are foreign trips on your card, which will be adventurous and you will discover new things in life. The natives will earn respects through your excellent communication skills, and your ideas will attract many people. Natives will also have the chances of getting a good status in society. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Aquarius 

The transit of Mercury will be posited in the fourth house of your zodiac sign, Aquarius. This period will give excessive gains to individuals. If you are facing any health problem, ignoring it will put your life in danger in the long term. So, take proper precaution and go for a full body checkup. Working natives will have to face certain challenges against their competitors, and your rivals will try to create obstacles in the path. So don't lose hope and give you best to cross each and every hurdle in your path. You will have a romantic relationship with your spouse, and you will also get a chance to spend time with them. So, don't ignore the chance of getting close to your partner. Native who are businessmen are recommended not to invest in anything they are not sure of. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Pisces

During the transport motion of the planet Mercury, the third house of your zodiac sign hosts the position of the planet. This transition will bring a significant increase in their confidence and willpower. You will notice an improvement in your communication skills which would give you certain benefits. You fluent way of communication will be favourable you in a different field. Some of the natives will get good results in their interview. Business natives will get the benefit if this duration. You will play a great role in helping your friends, family and society. Short trips are there on your card. Your marital life will need more attention and love; spending some quality time will give peace and harmony. You will be very efficient at your workplace, and your hard work and honesty will help you in creating a good image of yours. You should maintain your diet and do regular exercise.

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