Mercury Transit in Pisces

Mercury Transit in Pisces

01 April, 2021



15 April, 2021


Planet Mercury is the strongest planet and shares a friendly relation with Venus. The impact of Mercury transition is over different fields which include communication, business, partnership, preaching, and it also has effects on one's ability to memorize. Apart from that, accounting, marketing and analytic skills are mostly affected. The zodiac sign Pisces signifies Moksha or peace, the chance of going abroad, your health, physical fitness, focused mind, etc. 

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Aries 

The Planet Mercury rules over the third and sixth house of your zodiac sign Aries. During the transitory period, the planet shifts its position and moves towards the twelfth house of the Aries natives. The twelfth house represents the house of expenditure. Also, this transition will bring a negative impact on your zodiac sign; the natives have to face several ups and downs during this duration. The natives will have to take proper care of their health because due to the influence of the planetary movement, one might notice a decline in their health or suffer from some serious disease like insomnia or skin related disease. So it is recommended to have a proper checkup and have a healthy diet. You will remain disappointed at this duration because of your hard work will not give any results. Stay alert from your opponents and rivals; they will always plan something out to in order to create obstacles in your work. The student natives will get the favour of this transit, and they will be able to go through the competitive exams and get good results, student natives might also get the chance to study abroad. Though to acquire success, they need to work really hard and focus mainly on their studies and exams. You will also gain leads in some legal matters and attain success. You need to take proper control of your expenses, or else your total expenditure might get overbudget. Your sibling will get the chance to go for a tour to foreign countries, and you may get a chance to get hired from a foreign or multinational company. Natives who are studying law will get favourable results, and they will keep this balanced throughout the course during this period. 

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Taurus 

Venus is the powerful Lord of your zodiac sign Taurus and has a friendly relation with Mercury. The Planet Mercury has its ruling power over your second and fifth house. During the transition, both the planets will be posited in your eleventh house. The eleventh house of your zodiac sign is also represented as the house of profits. People in the field of business will get the favour of this transit. You will get excessive chances to expand your business and earn profits through it, and this period is the best time to release your money to buy some good investment for the advancement of your business. You can also involve your family member to help you out with your business. And luckily, your flow of income will tend to sort out all income related issues, and you will be able to repay all the debts, and your business will be totally settled. Thus the transit of Mercury over your sign would be very favourable for you, even in terms of your love life. All the fights and distance between you and your partner will end up. You will get enough time to spend with your lover and let them know about your true feelings. You will get total support, and your relationship will get its charm back. Student natives will tend to have more interest in their studies. With hard work and full dedication, you will be able to peruse in a better college or even get a chance to travel abroad for your higher studies. Along with that, your family will be really supportive of your decisions and ambitions during this transit. 

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Gemini 

The powerful planet Mercury is the ruling Lord of your flourishing house, including your fourth house. Due to this transit, the planet will change its direction and will move towards the tenth house of your zodiac sign. The impact of Mercury will reflect on your career, relation, business, etc. This transitory movement of the planet will help you out in the field of business you will be able to take the right decision, which would be very favourable for your future. Though make sure you don't get overconfident, which will bring distraction in your work. Apart from that, you will spend a memorable time with your family; your family member will understand your good intentions and support your decisions. You will be able to express your feeling more conveniently, and you will notice a change in. And in such you will get an enthusiastic environment which would prevail your households. If you have any issues related to your property or any case in court, the decision would be in your favour, along with that any documentation issues will be resolved. Don't get involved with your office colleagues; they would create distractions in your work. And even don't share any personal information with them. During this duration, you may feel low and unhealthy. So, do regular excessive and keep yourself fit. 

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Cancer 

The Planet Mercury rules over your twelfth and third houses, and due to the transit the planet changes its position and is posited in your ninth house, which represents health relationship and travel. Due to this transit, you will get the opportunity to travel abroad. Student natives trying to get into foreign countries for higher education will be successful at this duration. You will also considerably notice an increase in your social circle; people will tend to get influenced by you. You can give a new direction to your life will great efforts. Some natives will also tend to gain interest in the writing profession. And it is possible that you will go into the direction of media or journalism. You will witness a gradual increase in your communication skills, people around you will understand your ideas, you will also acquire an interest in performing social functions and events. Your siblings will support you in every field, especially in the field of finance. You will take great interest in different hobbies like gardening, writing or acting, and there are chances you will go further in this field. You will surely take stand against the evils of the society at this duration. However, stay alert and keep your vocal talent in control or else being too much outspoken can put you in danger. 

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Leo 

Mercury is a dualistic planet will be posited into the eight houses of the Leo people during the transition period. The presence of the Planet Mercury weakens the Leo sign natives, and the duration of this transit will not be favourable for you. On the other hand, the Planet moon being the Lord of your second and eleventh house will bring a drastic fall in your income. If you are working in the field of business, you might incur huge losses, which might increase your expenditure. Though, you don't have to stop expecting after the small period your financial condition will get a good position. At this drastic time, meeting your in-laws would bring great help, their mature and handful of advice will surely help you out to get through this situation and improve your economic condition. Natives working as am an employee, or having a job have to face many ups and downs, your opponents will wait for a chance to destroy your career, stay alert from them. You may also lose your job, so better keep cautioned and stay away from your opponents and don't share any information with them. You will surely enjoy and feel peaceful in organizing and doing poojas, chanting and learning new rosaries will be satisfying too during this duration. The natives will gain interest in studying spiritual subjects and will gain an interest in such activities. This will refine your ideas and balance your mind in taking decisions for the future.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Virgo 

The dualistic and strongest Planet Mercury is the Lord of your tenth house, while the transit the planet will be posited in your seventh house. This transition will have a favourable impact on the Virgo natives. You will notice an improvement at your workplace, and the impact of the transition will give you favourable results. The natives have the chances of getting promoted. And even, you will also get a salary hike which would ease your expenses. And certainly, the business natives will get the opportunity to gain excess profits and clear out all their debts. Apart from that, there will a negative impact on the people in terms of your health. It is recommended to take proper health care and do regular exercise, which would keep you fit and fine. You will be able to have a stronger relationship with your life partner, and their advice will be very beneficial for you, though you have to face disappointment at times. However, this will not bother your relation with your partner; instead, your relation will get sweeter and stronger with your spouse. Your relationship with your father would soon get better. You will use your humour in the right way, and this will be very beneficial for your business activities. 

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Libra 

The Planet Mercury is the Lord of your ninth and twelfth houses, and during the transition, the planet will change its position and will be posited in your sixth house. Due to the transit in your sixth house, you will have to work harder to attain success. Though working hard will give very little success, and due to this, you will remain worried throughout the time period. Your income might also deteriorate. You are expected to pay more attention to your diet, and avoiding fast food is best for now. You must try not to get involved in any sort of arguments or debates; this might lead to a quarrel. Your father will receive certain positive results, and he will surely attain an enormous amount of success. Suppose you wish to share any kind of personal details it would give your opponents the opportunity to take unnecessary advantage and put your life at risk. 

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Scorpio 

The dualistic planet Mercurys is the Lord of your eight and eleventh houses. And during the transition period, the planet tends to change its position towards the fifth house of your zodiac sign Pisces. And the result of this transit will be the quite favourable and adverse situation with regards to your love life. Though your partner will talk to you in a sweeter way, still you will find it difficult to understand them. This will create some misunderstandings between you both, and certainly fights and debates will become a part of your relationship. And you should choose your words carefully in front of your partner. If you are married, these quarrels will not affect your children; they will tend to focus on their studies and do well in life. However, keep your eyes on them and see if they don't get distracted from their studies. The natives will also find themselves lucky in putting their money in lotteries, share market or other investment. You will get to earn from several sources which would improve your financial condition. The planetary movement is very favourable for you or academic life too, hard work and dedication will take you towards success.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Sagittarius

The Planet Mercury is the strongest planet and is also the ruling Lord of the seventh and tenth house of your zodiac sign. During its transition, the planet moves towards the fourth house of the Sagittarius natives. The impact of this transit will create a network between your personal and professional life, so your personal life could be clearly seen influencing your professional one. Thus it's advised to maintain a balance. Your family members will maintain peace and harmony, and they will try to understand and nurture each other. However, some clashes are possible, and you are recommended to stay away from any debates or arguments. During this transition, you will solve some problems of your life partner and put them out from stress. Your work life will prosper due to your hard work, wisdom, dedication and honesty. You will able to get some amazing ideas and complete your tasks with ease. You will also notice an improvement in your business field, and even your perspective about business ideas will be cleared. During this duration, your mother might take some serious decisions regarding the family.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Capricorn

According to your Kundli, the Planet Mercury is the ruling Lord of your sixth and ninth houses. Your zodiac sign gets influenced by the planet and has a positive effect over your luck. During the time of transition, the planet is posited in your third house. And because the transit is taking place in your third house, you need to take proper precautions for your speeches. The chances are that any of your close friends or family might get hurt with your words. Your opponents will be very dangerous for you right now, and they will try to ruin your image in the society. If you are trying for a loan to get approved, this time will surely give you positive results. Your dedication and hard work will surely take you one step closer to success. Natives working with your honest attitude will attract the coworkers and will take you to the peak of success. They will stay by your side and help you out with every problem in your way. Capricorn natives are working in the field of law, and as advocates will get tremendous value and achieve success. Apart from that, try not to express your views and thoughts on any social media platform, because people against society may try to create a problem in your personal life. 

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Aquarius 

The dualistic Planet Mercury is the ruling Lord of your fifth and eight houses. For people who have the zodiac sign, Aquarius is highly influenced by the transition of Mercury. During the transit, the planet will change its direction and will move towards the second house of your zodiac sign Aquarius, and due to this transition, you will notice a mysterious tone in your speech. People listening to your words may find it very difficult to understand, which might give birth to confusion and clashes, and you will remain in a state of confusion. You should have a proper diet and do regular exercise in order to avoid any kind of disease or discomfort. You will earn more than your expectations and will be able to easily repay all your debts. Natives who are a student will be able to get good marks in their higher studies, and their dedication and hard work will surely take them to the path of success. And this will give them confidence. Married couples will hear some good news from their children. Your lover may introduce you to their family. Your life partner may suffer from a skin disease, so take proper precaution for him/her. Make sure you don't take it lightly. 

Effect of Mercury Transit in Pisces on Pisces 

The dualistic Planet Mercury is the strongest planet. The transition of the planet Mercury will take a position in Pisces itself. Mercury is the Lord of your fourth and seventh house, respectively. The influence of the planet Mercury will be very impactful on your house. During the transition, the planet will change its position and will be posited in your ascendant house. The natives are advised to keep their eyes and ears open and always have focused on their presence of mind. You have to take your decisions carefully, or else it might create problems in future. This transit will especially help you in improving your business conditions. However, it would be great to take decisions by asking your elder or experienced person. Your achievement and change in your behaviour will create jealousy among your friends. Matters related to property will be in your favour during this transition period. Your mother will support you in every task, which would be really helpful. You may have some issues in your love life, so don't hate and solve every problem with patience and sweetly. Some of the natives will gain interest in learning new subjects.

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