Mercury Transit in Libra

Mercury Transit in Libra

22 September, 2021



01 October, 2021


The transit of the planet Mercury has a significant effect on your Zodiac sign. Mercury is the strongest planet and is also referred to as the messenger of God, famed for its logic, along with enormous skills and swiftness. Mercury shares a friendly relation with Venus, and Venus is the ruling planet for Libra. Thus Libra being a moon sign and signifies by air creates a purification to the speech of the natives due to this transit. It helps in improving your communication skills which would attract people and would be beneficial for you. It increases your creative abilities and gives you a mature mindset. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Aries

The transit of the planet Mercury will not be in your favour. During the transit the Planet Mercury will be posited in your seventh house, the seventh house of your Zodiac sign is the house of your marital life. Determination of one's partnership in various fields of life is very important in terms of astrology. Though the transition period is not going to favour the Aries natives, they might face some serious health issues. If you don't take proper care, you might get some severe disease mainly related to your skin, and you should surely consult a specialist for the skin. Working professionals might get some stress related to work, and any kind if the effort is going to be a waste, so the natives are advised to spend some time to relax rather than taking stress. They can give some time to do something they love like their hobbies, so they could feel lighter and energetic again. Native's marital life will also be a little stress, you would get annoyed, and there will be many misunderstandings which would make you upset. So talk to your partner properly and try to sort it out simply rather than making a fuss out of it. This unfavorable transit will bring distraction in your economic life as well, and you will get into a quarrel with your family members also. You have to take proper care at your expenses, or else your expenses might get overburden. Try to save during this period of time. Trips are there on the cards of business natives, though they would not earn enough profits. Have patience and don't lose hope, after the transit ends you will be back in your normal life.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Taurus 

The planet Mercury has a very friendly term with Libras ruling planet Venus, while its transit the planet is put towards the sixth house of you zodiac sign Taurus which will be favourable for them. Students working hard for their studies will definitely get good results at the end. You will notice a certain improvement in your way of speaking, you will be easily communicating with people, and everyone will be impressed by your logic and humour. Natives competing in debates will surely attain success. You will be interested in literature and in reading various books, novels, magazines, etc. You will defeat every opponent standing against you, your confidence will break all the obstacles, and your performance will gradually increase. People of this zodiac sign, who are influenced by the bull, will be very successful in the field of writing and gain enormous fame. Even, they are a centre of attraction in social media and will influence many people due to your communication skills. There are many trips on your card with your lover, you will be able to spend a memorable time with your lover, and your relationship will prosper during this transit. Married natives would also enjoy the same advantages and will be one step closer to each other and create a better understanding.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Gemini 

The Mercury transit will be posited in your fifth house, which is known as the house of progeny, it signifies your children, education and knowledge. This transit will be favourable for the Gemini natives; your relation with your family will get stronger. spend more time with the younger members of your family. You will get to have a happy family trip or picnic during this duration. Your will be filled with joy and happiness, And you will spend a memorable time with your family and get closer to them. If your mom's health was at a decline from a long time, this transit would improve your mom's condition too, and she will be in good health by now. Student natives with the zodiac sign Gemini will gain interest in learning new things, they may specifically try to get involved in the field of religion and spiritual subjects and spend more time in learning religion and scriptures. You will also feel for someone of your opposite gender; both of you will have a memorable time and will enjoy each other's company. However, this relationship would be a temporary one. People trying for a baby might have a chance of getting a twin. In an overall basis, this transit is going to be very precious and memorable for the Geminis.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Leo

The planet Mercury during its transit will be positioned in the third house of the Leo natives, the house of courage and valour. You will notice a particular change in your speaking, and you will be able to communicate fluently with others. On the other hand, people would understand you better. Your relation with your family will remain as it was, on the other hand, you might have some quarrels with your siblings, so take care of that and try to solve it out with the help of your family. You will lose interest in your ambitions and might feel lazy, because of this you will be financially weak too. Though your friend circle will increase and you will enjoy more with your friends. You might feel physically and mentally weak, maybe because of over thinking, so calm yourself down don't think too much, to have a peaceful mind you can do pranayam or yoga and get yourself back.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Virgo 

The second house of the zodiac sign Virgo signifies one's money, wealth, speech, etc. which in accordance with the 'Kalpurush Kundli'. The transit of Mercury takes over this house and may affect the natives in a positive way. You will have a good connection with your family, and they will understand your good intentions and hard work you do for them, you will be successful in impressing them by your speeches and mindset. You will have delicious dishes at home, which would keep you fit and healthy. Apart from your family, your communication skills will also attract everyone at your workplace, they will start respecting you, and you will have a good image in front of them. If you have some juniors working underneath you, motivate them and help them out with everything related to work. This would increase their affection towards you and will respect your more, and you will surely notice an increase in their work pace. People in the field of business will get profits from their schemes and ideas. Students preparing for the competitive exam will get success from their hard work during this period of time.

Impact of Transit of Mercury in Libra on Libra 

According to the 'Kalpurush Kundli,' the transit will take place in your own house, and the planet Mercury which signifies speech and intellect will be posited in your first house which is your ascendant house. The first house of your zodiac sign Libra signifies health, nature, and knowledge. The planet Mercury is known as the strongest planet, and a friend of Venus would leave a positive impact on your personality and in the aspect of life. Though you should take proper care of your health at this time, regular exercise and yoga will keep your health balanced and mind peaceful. You get excellent results in your professional field, your hard work will pay off, and you will perform better at your workplace. Libra native involved in the fields of business will earn huge profits. Apart from that, new starters are recommended to take care of their expenses and or else they might face over budget. Your overall expenses would be stable though due to some expenses might incur due to the health problems of your family member. Students native have to take some serious decisions regarding their future, and they should take advice from their family members as well before taking any final decision. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Scorpio

The planet Mercury is the strongest planet, and the transit it leaves a significant impact over the natives of Zodiac sign Scorpio. During its transit, the planet is posited in your twelfth house. Your twelfth house, according to the Kalpurush Kundali, is known as the house of expenditure. The impact of Mercury transit on your Sign will not be favourable for you. You should take care of your expenses, have a proper account of your spending and spending too much on daily life itineraries would lead to over budgeting. You should make a proper budget plan in order to be successful in getting control of your spending. Students may get a chance to travel abroad for their higher studies will get a chance to fulfill their ambitions. Scorpio natives working in the field of business would get a chance to go on trips, though they won't feel good about it and would be annoyed with the trip. Stay alert as your opponents they will try to put obstacles to distract you, take proper precautions. This transit will affect you negatively; your health might deteriorate. You should take proper care of your health, especially your mental health, this duration will give you excess stress which will also lead to appetite loss. Students have to do hard work, intact they might ignore their studies right now. People who are married should maintain a good relationship with their spouse and try to understand their sentiments. If you don't give proper attention to your spouse, it might lead to quarrels and conflict between you both. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Sagittarius

The Mercury is the strongest planet and having friendly relation with Venus; it leaves a very important impact in your Zodiac sign. During the transition of Mercury In Libra on your Sign, the planet shifts its position to the eleventh house, which implies the house of profits. This means that this transit will prove favourable for the Sagittarius natives. There are huge chances of getting your money from someone you have lent to, and it would save from a huge debt issue. Natives planning for something big can execute during this duration and earn huge profits. You will open new doors of happiness with your family, and your relatives will be very helpful during this time and help you in gaining profits which will increase your financial condition. During this transit natives in the profession of the job will enjoy benefits like getting help from their colleagues and have a good time hanging out with their friends. Couples who have recently got married will enjoy an amazing time with each other and get closer to on other too, there is a huge possibility that they might be blessed with a baby and their relationship will loyal with each other. Student natives can enjoy this duration rather than taking stress in their studies if necessary, taking help from seniors will solve their issues.

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Capricorn 

The impact of Mercury would get the natives charged, keep them energetic and enthusiastic. The transition of the planet Mercury will take place in their tenth house of the Zodiac Sign Capricorn, which signifies the house of work. The tenth house is also known as the house of Karma Bhava, which may be the reason for your increase in energy and excitement during this period of time. Natives associated in the professional field will be receiving amusing results of their hard work, and they will be praised at their workplace because of completing their task before time. The natives might get increments in their salary too. Apart from that person with the business profession, there are possibilities that you will earn good profits during this duration of time. You will surely defeat your enemies. Your logic and humor will prove to be very impactful on others, including your opponents. You will be the hero of your family you will be able to understand and solve everyone's problems and will create a good image in front of everyone. The love life of the natives will be very favourable too, they will get to hang out with each other, and during this time they will get to know each other, and everything they do will attract you towards them. On the other hand, the student natives are required to take more care of their health rather than putting mental pressure on their studies. As we know, a healthy mind keeps a body fit. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Aquarius 

The Mercury transition taking place on Aquarius will leave an impactful effect on the Sign, the planet will be posited in their ninth house of the Aquarius natives, and as per the Kalpurush Kundli, the ninth house signifies one's religious, luck and fortune. Though, due to this transit, you may have to face difficulties and obstructions in your life. You have to give your level best performance to achieve good results. The natives will earn profit in terms of financial fields, though there will an increase in their expenditures for some reasons. There are trips on your card, and it is recommended to avoid them for a little bit or postponed your trip unless there is a case of emergency. Your family life will also stay on the decline in terms of relation; you will get into quarrels because of your pride and conflicts with your siblings are also possible. Apart from that, your love life will remain balanced. It would be very beneficial for the student natives to keep a distance from their friends as they would distract you from your studies. Other than that your hard work will prove to be good during this transit. 

Impact of Mercury Transit in Libra on Pisces 

During the planetary movement the planet Mercury will make its transit in the eighth house of your zodiac sign, your eight houses which are also known as the Ayu Bhava signifies longevity. You will receive favourable results due to the transit. You will notice an improvement in the field of finance, the natives will get chance to pay off their debts and free from any stress, and they will be left with some money for future savings too. The natives working as professionals, will get praised and known for their wit, and honest work, along with those natives who wish to change jobs will be successful in getting a new one. People in the field of business should not haste and make a mistake; rather, they should consult someone experienced and then implement their ideas. You mothers health will be at stake, so natives are serious about your mother health take her to a doctor before anything serious happens. 

Due to the impact of Mercury transit, the natives will have interest in studying mysterious science subjects like astrology, mythology, etc. You will create a good image in your social life people will tend to follow your thought and get your advice during this time period.

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