Mars Transit in Libra

Mars Transit in Libra

22 October, 2021



04 December, 2021


Mars is a masculine and furious planet. In a native’s horoscope, Mars governs physical urges, confidence, and courage. It represents the military, real estate business, engineers, builders, warriors, soldiers, and other armed forces.

Effect of Mars Transit on other Zodiac signs

Mars is the sign of Libra, full of passion and vigor, making its natives obsessive, curious, and energetic. They are primarily daydreamers and impatient. To get success in his life, they may become tyrants.

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Aries

Mars will transit in Zodiac native’s seventh house. This house indicates spouse, marital life, and other partnerships in the native’s life. Mars’ transit in your marriage house can give rise to your married life problems, and your spouse can get annoyed with you over trivial things. A heated exchange of words may occur between you and your spouse over petty issues during this transit period. There may also be some changes in your partner’s behavior, which may be with a burst of anger. They may also try to dominate you in the meantime. So, you should not try to infuriate them, at least for this duration. People of Aries Who run a business in partnership can have a dispute with their business partner. Maintain cordial relations for the progress and betterment of your trade. From a health perspective, some abdomen-related diseases might crop up for Aries people during this transit period.

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Taurus

Mars, the fiery planet, will transit into the zodiac’s native sixth house known as your House of Enemies. This Bhava indicates legal disputes, marriage differences, immunity, competition, job, pain, diseases, and opponents. The Mars transit will be auspicious for Taurus natives in many ways. Those against you will be scared of facing you, while legal and ongoing court cases may get resolved in your favor. You can read more about factors to win legal or court cases on the link given below. Based on your hard work, you will get success at your job. Your willpower towards your goals or tasks will propel you in your life. Finally, this transit will relieve you from the problems which were plaguing you for a long time. Students can expect good results during this transit as there is a probability of success in competitive exams. On the contrary, this transit is not favorable from a health point of view. 

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Gemini

Mars will transit through the fifth house, known as the progeny house of your zodiac sign. With this, you can get information about new opportunities, education, intellectual abilities, creativity, children, and romance in the native’s life. This time may not be favorable for Gemini natives, as you may get poor results in many fields of life. The number of your opponents will increase, implying that you need to be extra cautious during this time. Health issues may trouble your children, which will cause unrest. So, you need to take extra care of your children’s health. You should be in a position to face all the adverse conditions and not try to escape from them. You may get gains through betting, shares, gambling, etc.; nevertheless, you are advised to contemplate the subject properly before investing in these fields. If you avoid such activities, it would be better for you. Be careful while communicating with your loved ones, and make sure you do not use harsh words. Your expenses will increase, so you need to keep a check on your extravagance. During this transit, your creativity may not be on a high. Those pursuing higher studies may have to face adverse conditions. 

Effects of Mars Transit in Libra on Cancer 

Mars will transit in the zodiac’s native’s fourth house while transiting in Libra. This house is also known as the House of Mother and Happiness and signifies your overall feelings, popularity, movable and immovable property. This transit may also bring upheavals for Cancer natives. As the fourth house indicates your mother, this transit can affect your mother also. Your health may deteriorate, or both of you may get into an argument due to different opinions. Tiffs and arguments can disturb your marital life and cause separation among your family members.

On the contrary, indigestion, fever, and blood-related problems may also trouble you. Keep distance from unnecessary gossips or debates and have serenity in your life. Those born under the crab’s sign may think of switching their job to give a boost to their career. Your spouse might get a promotion or hike for their outstanding performance at work. 

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Leo

With the beginning of this transit, Mars will transit in Leo native's third house. Courage and Velour’s house indicates the native's zeal, enthusiasm, energy, curiosity, willpower, and courage. You will stay hale and hearty during this transit. There are also chances of getting materialistic gains. Your kids and spouse will fill your life with love and happiness. A hike in salary is also on the cards. You will be spending a bit of it on new clothes. Although your courage, self-confidence, and Valour will increase, your siblings might face some challenges. Journeys undertaken by you during this transit will be fruitful, and you may get benefits through the government or your seniors. You may get embroiled in a tussle with your colleagues; however, it will not affect your career.

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Virgo

Mars will transit in the second house from the Lagna Bhav of Virgo natives. House of Wealth and Family, also known as the Kutumb Bhav, indicates one’s primary education, speech, livelihood, wealth, family, etc. This transit may also give harshness to your speech due to the influence of Mars. So, you need to have sweetness in your speech. You may also face some challenges at your workplace, and there is a possibility of having a heated exchange of words with your seniors. So, you should abstain from doing such things that can upset your seniors or boss. In addition to these things, those born under the maiden’s sign need to control their temperament. Economically, you may get some gains. Regarding your family life, you may get involved in a verbal spat with your family members. Under such a condition, you need to stay calm and composed and accept your mistakes.

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Libra

Mars will transit in your zodiac sign and enter ascendant or the first house. According to astrology, this house is the self’s house, also known as Tanu Bhava. Under this transit’s effect, you may become rude and may speak in an ill-tempered manner. You may get agitated on trivial things that can offend others and have a negative effect on their minds. During this transit, do not try to dominate other people as it will be troublesome for you. Disputes and fights can make you stressed. Your mother’s deteriorating health can worry you. You need to work very hard to reach your professional goals and advance in your career. While driving, be careful to avoid any accident or danger. Do not consume any intoxicating substance or alcohol while driving.  

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Scorpio

Mars transit will occur in the zodiac’s native twelfth house. Vedic Astrology is called ‘the House of Expenditure’ and indicates foreign traveling, salvation or moksha, losses, purchases, etc. With the beginning of this transit, troubles will crop up in your marital life. Your spouse may be troubled with your behavior. So, try to have a harmonious relationship with them and do not have arguments unnecessarily. When it comes to your finances, you may face challenges due to your extravagant nature.  You can plan to go abroad. Do not lose heart due to hurdles coming across your way, as you will be able to remove them with your hard work.

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Sagittarius

Mars will be positioned in the eleventh house. It indicates your elder siblings, friends, achievements in life, income, etc. During this transit, you will get good results in different fields of life. If you are involved in a court or legal case, the court’s verdict may favor you. You will be able to defeat your enemies confidently. You will enjoy the company of your friends. Your social status will improve, and you will get success in your efforts. Your business will also improve, and you will be happy and content. Minor tiffs may crop up in your love affairs, but you will have the time of your life with your spouse. You may also get profits from a foreign land.  

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Capricorn

During this transit, Mars will enter the tenth house, which indicates your ambitions, objectives, politics, reputation, father and his conditions, career, and profession. This Mars transit will give impetus to your professional life. During this time, you will access amazing heights of your career and set new milestones. You may get a promotion at your workplace with your hard work and intellectual skills. You will get the responsibility to execute a major project, or there will be an increase in authority at your workspace. But during this transit, keep away from politics and official disputes. Do not try to become a part of it at any cost. Instead, lay focus on your work. 

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Aquarius 

During this transit, Mars will enter the ninth house. Known as the House of Luck or the Bhagya Bhava as per Vedic Astrology, it indicates your principles, religion, holy place, travel, guru or mentor, and luck. During this time, time will give you mixed results. There is also a probability of your job change or being transferred to a different place. You will also get reliable sources of income. Those pursuing education should form a good relationship with their gurus or mentors to get good results in the long run. Regarding business, you cannot expect good results.   

Effect of Mars Transit in Libra on Pisces

Mars planet will occupy the eighth house for you. According to Vedic Astrology, this house is also called ‘the Ayu Bhava' and indicates future challenges and obstacles in your life, age, sudden incidents, and research. To get recognition and success, you need to work very hard to execute your plans. From a health’s point of view, this transit won’t be suitable for Pisceans, so you need to abstain from spicy or oily foods and keep away from injuries, blood-related problems, accidents, surgeries, etc. Obstacles may crop up at your workplace, and they may affect your mental health. Also, sudden loss in your financial condition can disturb you. If you are married, there are chances of getting involved in a heated exchange of words with someone from your in-law’s side.

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