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Good times end, but the memories associated with them stays forever. A businessman in his midforties was doing very well until the middle of the year 2005, but as Saturn shifted from the Gemini to Cancer sign, the expansion plans he had implemented for his business, backfired. His partners also drifted away after inflicting heavy losses on him, major debtors closed without paying him back and creditors turned relentless. His empire shrunk drastically. But his golden run till the middle of 2005 had infused in him such confidence that he somehow managed himself through the crisis till the year 2017. “When will that golden era come? Is there any hope of reliving that time again? These were the questions he asked, when he met me at the end of 2017.

There are numerous such stories. A businessman comes to me hoping to live the time again when everything he touched turned to gold. An unmarried person comes to me expecting to see that time again when there were plenty of proposals, but he/she did not bother. A serviceman comes to me imagining to relive the time of maximum promotions and recognition. Those who have witnessed a lush green time in the past, always have the desire to turn the clock back. Before I reveal the secret about the chances of reliving the golden era, I would like to draw your attention to why the golden era slips away into oblivion. The fructification of the benefic yogas of a horoscope depends upon two factors, one of which is the Vimshottari Dasha (known as Dasha) and second is the Transit (known as Gochar). When these two factors turn conducive for the native, the good yoga starts giving results and the golden run starts. But simultaneously, the negative yoga also begins mustering strength which does not fructify till the above two factors are supporting the native, but as soon as either one of the two (Dasha or the Gochar) turns its back, the charged negative yoga starts to unleash its venom, the amount of which depends on the length of the languishing period. Astrologically, what has happened once can be relived, as the yoga of prosperity that one has seen lies embedded in the horoscope. One just has to know how to tackle the planets. Read more about Dr Vinay Bajrangi.