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Yearly Forecast for 2019

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aries aries



BUSINESS:- This year is very good for you, If you want to change business or job then first half of this year will be favorable for you. What ever change you will do that will be beneficial but you will have to do more struggle in second half of the year. You will not get support from your colleagues working under you.

MONEY-PROSPERITY:- In this year you can save money and work for this but it will get spent on house, family and need of other people. Some part of money will spent on elders of family also but you will remain blessed from them. Because of that you will get growth in money and property.

HOUSE-FAMILY-SOCIETY:- You may have worry about your home and family but you will  overcome that tension with the help of your life partner. Complete year vision of SHANI will be in 4th position, because of that situation of doubts will remain in the family.

HEALTH:- For health this will be a normal year for you. Time to time you will have to face pain/trouble because of your old disease. Especially you may get the issue of joint pain. So to stay fit and ok you should do regular exercise.

CARRIER AND COMPETITVE EXAMS:- For students, this year will be good; there are possibilities of success in spite of health issues. Just keep patience and do hard work. Defiantly success will come at your step. Technical students will get respect in their institute and special award in their work area.

TRAVEL- TRANSFER:- This year there is a possibility of transfer according to your wish. But it is possible that on that place also you will be disturbed. Keep patience as after some time you will get peace and that place only will be good for you. If possible postpone all travels because this year is not good for travel. However, travel of small distance will happen time to time.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- You should do some special pooja for SHANI DEV this year, because of that your life will be happy. There are possibilities of religious travel. You will be blessed from masters and elders because of your respect feeling for them at religious place.

taurus taurus


(E, OU, A, AO, WA, WI, WO, WE, WO)

BUSINESS:- From business prospective this will be a good year. This year will also be good to start new business and do new changes in this year. Natives who are in service, change in job will not benefit them. You should work with concentration and full dedication so that yours senior remain in your favor. Any type of negligence can be proved harmful. For students also this year is good, Grace of your Gurus  will shower on you so you also respect them & obey their orders.

MONEY- PROSPERITY:- Economically this year is good. You will be getting money in a large amount. You will get growth in savings; you will have control on expenses. If you want to invest some where, you can do more amounts in this year, it will give your benefits. Avoid lending the money to any one as chances of such money coming back are less. 

HOME-FAMILY-SOCIETY:- Your mind will be happy from house and family matters. Health of your family members will be good. There are possibilities of any good work, marriage, and new birth in your family. Environment of your family will be peaceful and happy.

HEALTH:- From health prospective this year will be best. In the second half of year you should have take care of your health. Patients of diabetes are required to special take care of their regular food/exercise. Otherwise they can get health issues and may have to face serious results. After morning bath, they should  offer JAL to SURYA LORD and chant GURU MANTRA, because of which you may get some relief in health issue.

CARRIER AND COMPETITIVE EXAMS:- Students will require more hard work this year. Do hard work as much you can and prepare a time table and follow it because this year is not so good for competitive exams.

Natives, searching for job , there are possibilities of completion of their search in the first half of the year. Do hard work in first half of the year only because there are no good signs in second half.

TRAVEL-TRANSFER:- You will remain busy in religious works. This year there is possibility of pilgrimage, But take care of small troubles which you will have to face. Do not be afraid.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- This year you will get interest in religious work and mind will be calm. You should consume yellow things on Thursday like- turmeric, banana, besan ke laddu and chane ki dal. And you should wear yellow clothes, which will be good for you.


gemini gemini



BUSINESS:- Native in business class should evaluate all profit and lose of new business, before starting it. Do not take any decision in hurry, decision which is taken without thinking can be harmful. You should be careful from your business partner. For business class this year is not so good, so do not discuss unnecessary your business plans and procedures with any body. You will be depressed from regular problems and you will require more self confidence.

Students will require more confidence and dedication. Stay dedicated for your aim and study with firm determination.

MONEY- PROSPERITY:- On money-property fronts this year is not so good.There are less chances of earning money. Keep control on your unnecessary expenses, because this year will come with more expenses from which your economical situation can be affected. Better that you do not borrow any liability from others. In the middle of year you will get some new chances of income from which you will get benefit.

HOME-FAMILY-SOCIAL:- You should maintain  your respect in society. Do not behave improper with anybody else it can bring bad impacts on you.  Your mind will be disturbed from house and family. You may be worried for study of kids and health. Keep patience, and work with courage and patience.

HEALTH:- Your health will be ok. Consumption of tea, coffee, chili and spices should be reduced else you could  get any stomach related disease. You should continue your regular time table and do regular exercise.

CARRIER AND COMPITITIVE EXAMS:- This year is very good for students, On this good time students should  try to get success by attempting multiple exams. With more hard work you will surely get success. This year is not so good for natives who are searching for job. You may have to face struggle and challenges.

TRAVEL–TRANSFER:- This year will come up with a good chances for those who want service in foreign. Transfers to the place of your choice may not give you  calm and peace. In the middle of year you will feel peace.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- This year if you want to do some religious work then you should do with planning otherwise there is possibility of problem. Worship for SHANI DEV and go to SHANI MANDIR. Do chant of HANUMAAN CHALISA on every Tuesday and donate for poor.


cancer cancer



BUSINESS:- This year is good for business. Business man can earn maximum profits but in the 1st half of the year because middle of this year is not in favor. Where ever you want to invest, decide it in first half of the year only & do it with planning.
Natives who are in service should not change the place as present place itself & only give you prosperity. There is a possibility that your  expense would exceed your income.

MONEY-PROPERTY/PROSPERITY:- There is possibility to get more benefits this year. There will be growth in money and property. This year where ever you invest, do it on the name of your life partner, you will get more benefits. Possibility of expense on jewelry of gold is there, which will be beneficial for you in coming days. There is a possibility of profit in partnership.

HOUSE-FAMILY-SOCIETY:- You will be disturbed from house and family. There will be an uneasy environment at home. You will require more efforts to make peace in home. You will get full support from life partner but you will be worried about your kids. On  social front, there is no possibility of special benefit. You should have control over your anger and tongue to maintain your respect the in society.

HEALTH:- You will be required to take special  care of health, you may get bad health due to irregular time table and you may suffer from heart related issue. You should keep a watch on your  irregular blood pressure. Do regular exercise so that you will not get any problem related to health. Every day offer JAL to SURYA DEV in a copper vessel after bath.

CARRIER AND COMPITITIVE EXAMS:- This year is favorable for competitive exams. Students will surely get success in the middle of year if they do some more hard work and have firm determination in first half on year. Students should  maintain a time table and follow it, success will surely come.

TRAVEL AND TRANSFER:- There are less possibilities of travel. If business men are thinking to set up a business at new place then they will get success.
Natives if struggling for transfer then in the middle of year they will get success. But after transfer also there will be no special benefit and mind will be disturbed.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- This year you should worship for” LORD GANESHA” so that he can solve problems coming in your path, and open path of progress for you. Do not do any work which can bring bad name to you. You should try to get blessings and wishes from elders and poor.


leo leo


(MA,  MI, MU, MAI,  MO , TA, TI, TU, TE)

BUSINESS:- This year is very good for business; there are possibilities of adding new dimensions. Natives, searching for jobs, their search will get complete this year and who are already working, they will get promotion. Relation with seniors will be good and there is a possibility of getting full support from seniors.
This is also good for students; Students are required to do study with concentration to get success in this year.

MONEY-PROSPERITY:- THIS YEAR is good for investment. You will get relief from all loan and liability. First half of this year is good for investment. You will get improvement in your economic status and there is possibility to get ancestral wealth.

HOUSE-FAMILY-SOCIETY:- During the first half of year there is a possibility of new relations. You will get proper support from your family, house and life partner. You will get respect and positions in family. You can expect some good things at home like marriage or new birth.
Environment of your house will be happy and encouraging.

HEALTH:- You are required to take special care for your kids. For you this year is favourable for health. But you will suffer with fever and cold like small disease, you should take care of food because due to irregular food you may suffer from dehydration and indigestion. You may have complaint of pain in stomach. For better health, after the morning bath, you should offer jiggery water for SURYA in a copper vessel. 

CARRIER AND COMPITITIVE EXAMS:- For students this year is good. Some more efforts and some more hard work will lead you at the top of success. Do regular work, and natives, searching for job they will surly get success in this year, because of that they will get confidence.

TRAVEL- TRANSFER:- NATIVES who wants transfer, they will not get success, because if you get the transfer in this year, that will not be as per your wish. This year is not good for travel. If possible try to postpone travel because there is a possibility of harm through travel or any problem in this year.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- You should worship HANUMAN LORD SPECIALLY. After first bath chant of hanuman chalisa regularly and visit HANUMAAN MANDIR on Tuesday and offer PRASAD. Donate gifts to poors and get the blessings of elders.

virgo virgo


BUSINESS:- Mind will be disturbed from troubles related to work and business in the first of this year but you should have patience because at the last of year- profit in business and you can add new dimensions in your business. This year you will get all paused money. You will feel happy and mind will be satisfied due to progress in your business. For students also this year is very good, you will get success in competitive filed.

MONEY- PROSPERITY:- This year has come with many good things for you. You can use your  money in investment as much as you can in middle of this year. If you do investment on the name of your family member, then you will get more profit. You will get growth in your savings. Wherever you will do investment, you will get only profit.

HOUSE-FAMILY-SOCIETY:- You will get happiness from your family. You will get respect in family. You will get proper support from your life partner and close relatives. Also you will get mental peace.

HEALTH:- This year all native’s health will be good, and mind will also be calm. Health of family members also will be very good. Because of that feeling of courage and happiness will remain in your mind and positive thoughts will generate in mind and life will be full of happy waves.

CARRIER AND COMPETITIVE EXAMS:- This year is very good in the terms of carrier.  If you have applied for any competitive exam then this year you will get success. Native’s who are searching for job in first half of this year, they can get job possibly. Native will get government job or any positive news/benefit from government. Business class will also get success in competition with their competitive.

TRAVEL-TRANSFER:- There are possibilities for foreign tour, which will be the source of benefit and happiness. Employees who are waiting for their transfer, they will get disappointment this year but on the current place they will get good benefit. Because of that their mind will remain clam and happy. You can get success on current place only, so do not think about transfer.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- This year you should worship for bhagwaan “VISHNU”. On Thursday you should wear yellow color and donate yellow things because of that you will get new path of progress. You will get more glory and respect. Will get monitory benefits, mental peace and environment of family also will remain full of affection and love.


libra libra



BUSSINESS:- This year is medium for business this year there is possibility that you go to different place for work. There you will not get much profit in business because of that your mind will remain disturbed, but you will be satisfied from your work. Because of that jealousy will increase in people for you. You are required to be careful from your enemies. They can catch you in some conspiracy. In adverse situations you will have patience and work wisely which will bring you respect .

MONEY- PROSPERITY:- You will have to effort hard to get success in this year. You should invest wisely and carefully. You should invest only after double checking the possibility of profit. You will be leaned yourself and feel helpless against your unlimited expenses.

HOUSE-FAMILY-SOCIETY:- You are required to have control on your anger. This mainly in the 1st half of the year can disturb the  environment of your family.However you will get full support from your life partner which will make your feel happy give peace of mind.

HEALTH:- This year you may get issues related to your health. You may get joint pain and body pain. Try to avoid unnecessary arguments otherwise you may get high blood pressure. You should Take care of your food and health and do regular exercise.

CARRIER AND COMETATION EXAMS:- It is not so good year for carrier etc. You will require more hard work and concentration to get success in competitive exam and success in service. With regular hard work and efforts you will get success.

Businessmen if want to add new dimensions in this year, then they need to take care. What ever the step you want to take, take them after analyzing about profit and loss doubly  and take decisons with care. Better consult on these decisions with persons of your confidence. 

TRAVEL-TRANSFER:- This is the best year for travel. There is possibility of long and religious travel, because of that your mind will remain cool and you will be getting felling of happiness. Employees for whom transfer is paused from a long period of time, they will get success in first half of this year. New place where you will be transferred, that will be according to you only.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- You should do worship for MAA DURGA this year, because of that you will get full fill all the wishes which are pending from a long period of time. Native will participate in religious work proactively. You will get peace of mind from it.

scorpio scorpio


(TA, NA, NI, NU, NE, NO, YA, YI, YU)

BUSINESS:- This year will be a normal year for service and business. This zodiac is under the vision of SADE SATI (SHANI). Business men will have to take care before investing money anywhere. So that they can escape from loses and take benefits. There is not much possibility of benefits for servicemen also. Place where they are already working, will work there only and they can be unsatisfied due to some ideological differences with their seniors/boss.)

WEALTH PROSPERITY:- This year is not suitable for you to invest anywhere. There are chances of profit if you invest in the partnership of your life partner. You are required to invest only after proper inquiry and very wisely. There are less chances of profit and more investments, due to that mind will remain disturbed. Have control on your anger, Do not interfere in unnecessary disputes otherwise, you will get many enemies.

HOUSE SOCIETY AND FAMILY:- Your mind will remain disturbed but environment of your house will remain peaceful and happy. That is why you will love to spend as much as time at your home as possible. You will get proper help from house, family and life partner. From which you will get peace of mind.

HEALTH:- This year you may remain disturbed mentally. You will be disturbed from work- and business. If you adopt positive thoughts and throw negative thoughts from your mind then your health will remain good and your mind also will remain calm.

CARRIER AND OTHER COMPETATION EXAMS:- This year is not favorable for students. This year they would require firm study with full concentration. They can only get success by removing attention from all other work and concentrate only in their study.

TRAVEL AND TRANSFER:- The first part of this year is not good for travel. In first of year if possible ignore the travel otherwise there is possibility of unnecessary problem. Middle of year is favorable for travel. Travel of this middle time will be good and will give happiness also. This year is not good for transfer also.

RELIGIOUS-WORK-DOMESTIC PEACE:- There is possibility of any religious task, any worship work-function in family. This year you should worship for LORD HANUMAN JI. Should do SUNDERKAND PATH on every Saturday, due to which you will get peace of mind and way to progress. Do not let overcome laziness on you. Other wise it will be a hindrances of the way of your progress.


sagittarius sagittarius


BUSINESS:- This year will be favorable for business class. Impact of SADHE SATI of this year is on your birth zodiac. If you want to make any changes in your family, then this is not a right time for it. If possible do not make new changes otherwise you may have to face loss instead of profit.
All natives of this zodiac are required to be careful from their enemies; you should take any decision wisely and with care. Try to avoid and be apart from the conspiracy of any type.  Chant shani mantra and keep the right conduct.

MONEY-PROSPEERITY:- Do not do any investment in this year because this year is not favorable to you. There are very less possibilities of profit/ you should invest, where – 100% chances of benefits/profit are available. This year will come with more expenses, so you should have control over unnecessary expenses. Because the coming time can be harmful. There are possibilities of fewer saving.

HOUSE-FAMILY-SOCIETY:- Mind will be disturbed because of house and family.  Environment of your family will be stress full and disturbed because of bad economic state of your home. Mind will be worried/stressful. On society FRONT also, this year is not so good. You should have control over your statement and promises otherwise you can get involved in unnecessary disputes.

HEALTH:- This year is normal for health. You should keep doing your daily routine work and take care of your health and food habits. You can suffer from joint pain and cold etc. keep doing regular exercise.

CARRIER AND COMPETITIVE EXAMS:- This is year is normal for students. You would require more hard work in this year. You should continue your hard work/struggle and study with concentration, success will surely come. Do not let the feeling of laziness overcome you. Be dedicated for your aim. Natives, searching for jobs would require more hard work to get the success.

TRAVEL- TRANSFER:- This year is not good for transfer. Employees wanting transfer this year,  will not get success. There is no possibility of long travel. Travel of short distances will be beneficial for you.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- You will get interest in religious work. You can arrange a special ritual and pooja at your home after that your mind will remain calm and happy. You will get new chances of progress, Happiness and prosperity will come at your home.


capricorn capricorn


BUSINESS:- This zodiac will be affected from SADE SAATI of SHANI, Natives of Capricorn, who are searching job, there is possibility for them of getting job in first half of this year, If we look as per business terms, this is a very good year, If you are interested in some new business then you will do it. This year natives can get promotions etc which were stuck  from last many years.  
For students this year will bring success, they will get good marks in exam, due to which they will get confidence.

MONEY- PROSPERITY:- On the economic front,  this will be a normal year. Last year where you have invested, will not get any benefit from it. Also you may not get any benefits from the investment you do in this year.

HOUSE – FAMILY- SOCIETY:- There is no need to worry about family. You will get proper support from your family members. There is a possibility of  marriage of someone in your family. You will get proper respect from society. If you get the chance to be a leader for doing justice, then you will do  unbiased judgment for society. You will get more respect from this decision.
HEALTH:- You are required to take care of health and avoiding mental stress. You are required to do regular exercise and eat proper food otherwise you may get diabetes or stomach related diseases.

CARRIER AND COMPETITIVE EXAMS:- People preparing for competitive exams should work hard. Coming time will be beneficial for you.  In the start of this year you are required to be careful about carrier and exams. Natives who want to take admission in a high institute for a high education, they will get success.

TRAVEL-TRANSFER:- All natives who are interested in transfer on their selected place from a long time, there is a possibility of their transfer. Native will do religious travel this year, due to which they will get the mental peace.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- You will get interest in religious task this year. You should do special ritual and worship for SHANI DEV and on the day of SHANI you should go to SHANI MANDIR , So that good vision of SHANI may stay on you and read the HANUMAAN CHALISA.


aquarius aquarius


(GU, GE, GO, SA, SI, SU, SE, SO, DA) 

BUSINESS:- This year is very good for business. Business class can invest in this year as much as they can, because this year there is possibility of unlimited profit. You should have patience and keep working; you will defiantly get the success.
For students also this year is very good. Those students who were unsuccessful last year, they can get success in this year by doing hard work and effort. Students will get confidence due to that they will improve in education.

Natives can invest in share market as much as they want or theycan, because this year possibility of lose is minimum and you will get increment in your savings and money-prosperity. There will be minimum expense and what ever expense will be that will for religious and good works. There is a possibility of marriage in your home or a new birth.  This year is very good in terms of growth in money. 

HOUSE-FAMILY-SOCIETY:- You can get the new birth of baby in your family because of that your mind will be calm and happy. You will be happy towards of new child in home and will get proper support from your family members and life partner. Your life will be happy and encouraging because of happy and favorable environment of family.

HEALTH:- You will not get any special issue in your health, only you will have to take care of your food. You can get un- digestion due to undisciplined food. which can  effect your work / jobs  unnecessary. There is a possibility to have high blood pressure some times.

CARRIER AND COMETATION EXAMS:- This year is not so good for competition exam. Students will require more hard work. People, who are already working some where, they should stay working there only, do not think to change now. Because change of job will not be beneficial this year.

TRAVEL- TRANSFER:- There is a possibility of word tour this year; possibly you will have to go outside of India for business or service. Tour towards west will be beneficial for you. Natives who are doing efforts for transfer, will possibly get the transfers  according to their wishes. 

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE :- You can arrange some special function, religious task, pooja, AKHAND RAMAYAN, MATA KI CHOKI OR JAGRAN this year. Due to that you will get more respect in society and publicity also. You will be helping poor people time to time. You will respect your teachers and elders and obey their suggestions also.

pisces pisces



BUSINESS :- Business men need to take care while planning. They should postpone idea of adding new dimensions, because this year there is possibility to get issue in running of your business in a good way. Should maintain a good behave with business partner and take his/her opinion before taking any decision in business. Because of that your business will keep going. 
This year there is a SHANI’S VISION (DHAIYA) ON YOUR ZODIAC. There is a possibility of lose instead of profit because of vision of SHANI. If you are working somewhere then should take care specially. You should avoid unnecessarily arguments other wise you can be proved wrong in front of your seniors and you can loose your job also.

MONEY AND PROSPERITY:- Do not do any new investment. This year can bring bad economy. There are possibilities that you may lose your money / wealth accumulated in earlier years. 

HOUSE-FAMILY-SOCIETY:- You will have tension of home and family in this year. Any possible work can stop in first half of this year. There can be worried situation in this year due to health of any family member. Because of that your mind will be disturbed and there will be mental disturbance.

HEALTH:- This year you need to take special care while driving otherwise you can get an accident. From the normal  health view point,  this will be a normal year but there is a need to take care of food and health. So that your health will stay good, This year  you may get pain in legs.

CARRIER AND COMPITION EXAMS:- You should maintain positive thoughts in your mind and do not let negative thoughts overcome you. This year you will require hard work. Natives who have not got job they may need to wait for some more time. In second half of year you may get success. For success in  competitive exams, this would a normal year, Students who are interested in getting admission in high education institutes, they will require more hard work.

TRAVEL TRANSFER :- There is no possibility of transfer in this year.  You will have interest in religious works but in the first of this year chance of pilgrimage will get postponed. In second half of year there is possibility of a long travel /world tour.

RELIGION-WORK-PLANET PEACE:- This year you will get yourself involved in religious work. You may arrange any special, function, Pooja, HAWAN,  etc. This is a good year as per religious work.