Who is Dr. Vinay Bajrangi?

Who is Dr. Vinay Bajrangi?

Who is Dr. Vinay Bajrangi & why should you need him ? 

I am a Post Graduate Civil Engineer with a Phd in Astrology undergoing Second Phd process. Am practicing in Vedic Astrology for about 18 years now.  SO whatever I say would have a scientific and mathematical base.

Astrology is an authentic & ancient science but in the modern times, seems to be losing its sheen therefore before consulting any Astrologer for Vedic astrology services, foremost things to understand are:

  1. An astrologer is different from a Jyotish. As per Vedic Astrology, Jyotish means lighting the future path and this is possible only when someone studies your deeds of past life & present life, underlines the good & bad karmas & then suggest you for future path. Jyotish is unlike an Astrologer who talks only about astrological predictions for future.
  2. A horoscope & its planetary positions are fixed & even Lord Brahma, the creator, cannot change whatever is embedded in horoscope.
  3. Results of all positive Yogas and negative doshas depend as to how are we able to activate the positive ones or keep the negative ones suppressed / de-activated. Nothing gives guaranteed results. 
  4. No ritual is potent enough to change any dosha / planetary position in the Kundli,  be it negative or positive. Therefore the solutions should be Karmic based and not only astrological remedies based.  
  5. Before depending on any astrologer, one must verify the basic qualification, theoretical knowledge of Vedic Astrology books & practical exposure of minimum 20000 Horoscopes.

Now learn something about Dr Vinay who writes the title Bajrangi as he is a hard core follower of Lord Bajrang Bali & has got some divine powers from this greatest Lord Bajrang Bali. He is a highly qualified person: 

  • With a Doctorate in Philosophy of Astrology Science
  • Having Post Graduation in Civil Engineering.
  • An eminent & learned Vedic Astrologer
  • A Numerologist,
  • Gemologist,
  • Graphologist,
  • Vastu Shastra Consultant.

He has seen over 80000 Horoscopes from all age groups, fields & sphere of life both nationally & internationally. His Kundli Analysis system is based on deep study of:

  1. Ancient vedic doctrine of Sage Bhrigu ,
  2. Sage Parashar,
  3. Various North Indian Techniques ,
  4. Numerous South Nadi Techniques,
  5. KP,
  6. Vastu Shastra

All these methods & his expertise in these streams when operated in tandem makes him a trustworthy Indian Vedic Astrologer. To know little more about him & his methodology, Read 

His regular articles in Leading Newspapers, Magazines  

Him as one of the MVW on QUORA 

Read him in public domain on

Read his blogs.  

He offers astrology by date of birth through personal consultations, astrology online for all major issues like business astrology, career astrology, marriage astrology, kundli matching by date of birth, online kundli matching, many times free astrology through his blogs, Face book etc, daily horoscope & his other astrological expertise includes Vastu Shastra, past life readings, birth time rectification.  

When we are sure that the astrologer possesses basic fundamentals apparently, we generate faith in the person, it brings positivity in us. Then with this positivity in mind, whatever advice he / she gives, one should take it with full faith. This faith connects you to the ultimate divine power & this only brings the results. 

Mind you no astrologer, no Jyotish, no astro remedies, rituals, no gemstones nothing else helps but its only your faith in the divine power with right guidance for your karma correction will help you.

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Even negative planets can give positive results & vice-versa.

No ritual is potent enough to change a dosha or yoga