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Venus And Its Association With Different Planet As Per NADI

venus and association


Mars is body and Venus is the female body. In Nadi, these two planets attributed to wife and husband. This combination supports the unification of wife and husband. The fury and obstructive nature of Mars do its effect by giving temporary separation at times. In Nadi, this conjunction indicates the bondage of wife is from a previous birth.

On fulfilling the “rinanubandha” (debt of bondage) there could be separation. Venus being a watery planet flows in Money. Mars being fiery planet evaporates it. Native may become spendthrift. Venus represents the wife, Mars stubbornness, and anger. Wife will be short-tempered and at times stubborn.

Mars indicates brother and for him marriage brings prosperity. Brother may also gain knowledge in art matters. Despite having, a loving wife at the time, there could be separation due to other reasons. Brother may also hoard affluence. Mars through a destiny modifier and troublemaker, still exert positive matters in this combination.


Bhoga (pleasures) is Venus Moon, the mind is chanchala (unsteady). There is hardly any metaphysical propensity with this combination. Due to its unsteady nature, the native will always doubt others.  When the native encounters a female, (Venus representing both women and Money), Moon will exhibit its adulterous, blemish & loss tendencies. Venus and Moon being two female planets representing a sisterly relationship between them.

If Venus is a wife, the Moon is her sister. At a given situation, she will extent comparatively higher pleasures n all respect to the native. (Native being adulterous and his wife’s sister being pleasure-loving). The wife of this native hails from the distant place and there will be distress between husband wife and at times reaches its peak. The female issues and the sisters of native represented by Moon and Venus may suffer ill health and distress in their lives. One of them may elope with an outsider.

Mother represented by Moon with the enemy factor of Venus will indicate surpassed ordeal in the life of a mother and the affluence part (Venus) will be lost (Moon) to others (because the lost part is also acting upon the native). For native these two combination cause diabetes, blood and other sexual related problems. Though Moon is a modifier, its role in this combination has equated with a breaker except for the illicit relationship of native, which accounts for a partial pleasure. Socially this short-lived pleasure and long-lasting loss is not a criterion to dignify Moon as destiny maker.


In mythology, Venus represents shukracharya and Rahu represents daityamsha. Materially Venus is bhoga (pleasures) Rahu is Maya (illusion). This combination will lead to accumulation of sin in this birth. Rahu is a planet that assumes the qualities of the planet conjunct with it and adds up its signification. Venus is affluence and Rahu indicates large, big and high values. There will be abundance of affluence. Rahu indicates outsider and Venus affluence. There is a possibility of gaining the wealth of an outsider.

These abundance affluence factors are subject to the involvement of other destiny makers and karma planet Saturn. The Jupiter link alone to Venus may not account for abundance. Rahu is kalapurusha but Venus itself indicates mritasanjeevini (life-saving). Therefore, Rahu may not engulf Venus but it definitely causes troubles in health and fertility factors especially for a male progeny (Rahu and Venus both are enemies to Sun). Husband represented by Mars is a bitter enemy to Rahu and therefore, there is a possibility of de-linking between husband and wife. Rahu is the shadow, secretive and unethical. Venus is art and affluence. Native may gain from shadow arts (cinema and media) and affluence transactions.

 Venus represents both daughter and sister. One of them will suffer from ill health or marital problems due to evil effects of past life and the other will lead a flourished and luxurious life. This combination in a female chart will indicate that her husband will not trust her. Venus and Rahu indicate luxurious vehicles. In our experience, we find the combination of Venus Rahu has always troubled the female folks, especially in health matters. Rahu dignifies in all three groups as modifier, maker, and breaker.


Spiritually speaking with Ketu, the Venus represents divine pleasures accredited with panditya (expertise). Venus is female and Ketu is spiritual. This defines a female deity protecting the native. Venus is dravya (Money) Ketu is mukti (liberations). Possibly native may gain Mukti dravya (accumulated benefits of the dead). This is not a conduce combination for accumulating wealth by the native.

 However, it is possible for the wife to hoard money. Native gains reasonably well if he put his efforts in metaphysical fields. Ketu indicates the root and Venus indicates the fruit. This combination supports gains from agriculture. The root goes deep into earth and Venus is wealth indicating hidden treasure in the house (guptanidhi) with a conditional conjunction in Mars signs. (Mars is Dharani garbha sambhoota). With so many spiritual causatives, it hardly supports for a materially successful life.

Naturally, this discords martial happiness. This combination will cause troubles in health and marital problems to other female relatives of a native. In a female chart, it indicates life before marriage and progress after marriage subject to other planetary influences. In this combination, Ketu not defined with any singled out dignity under the general classification.


Despite the consequences, Jupiter outrightly rejects affluence of Venus due to metaphysical reasons well explained in the earlier chapters. This makes native lesser affluent. However, due to the divine link of his radiant, spiritual, and helping natured wife deficits are covered. On the other hand, native learns in many faculties including healing. He leads an effortless life though it may not account for a sizeable wealth. One of the sisters will be learned and fortunate. This also holds good to daughter and daughter in law. In material matter particularly money and assets matters this combination does not help. Being a destiny maker there is breaker quality in a lesser degree in hoarding wealth.