7 Vastu shastra tips for home as per Nadi

Vastu shastra tips

Vastu tips for Home

Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu tips for your House

1.In the main hall, there is no window to the left side. The native has no wife.

2.There is a window to the left in the next room on the northern side which represents the daughter of the Native. The room at the back of it (North West) is blocked and contains construction materials of the owner of the house. It is Mars factor in the Moon direction. The daughter is of stubborn nature. In this room, there is a bathroom & toilet attached n line with window wall. The daughter is having a sinus problem. In this room, there is a door leading to another place which does not belong to native which has a right side window and a door towards the north. The small door is Ketu and Northside represent Mercury. The daughter marriage was though proposed there was an affair continued till one year before the wedding. After her marriage, this room is sparingly used with only books in it, and the father uses it as a bedroom.

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3. The right window is Sun representing the son. The native has one son. Next to this window is pooja room which has windows at the center point of this God room and in front of this window outside the house there s a big open terrace representing Rahu. The window is at the center portion of the God room which is both male and female nature. The native worships “shivashaktaikya Roopini,” in fact the native has a Sri charka mounted on Shiva linga. 

4. Next is kitchen which represents the daughter-in-law (since the native does not have the wife). There is a door in the North side of the kitchen which opens towards East leading to open terrace (Rahu). This represents Rahu, and there is a tap next to the door, and next to it there is a window which falls more ion left side of the kitchen. That is the combination is Rahu, Moon. The daughter-in-law’s mother is not well and suffers from many diseases. The Moon factor has also affected daughter-in-law she is prone to quick cold and sinus. The effect of Rahu is also reflected in her horoscope.

5. Next, to the Southern wall of the kitchen in the master bedroom of son and daughter in law, there is an attached bathroom and toilet representing Moon and Rahu. Immediate next there is a window towards the left side and another window towards Western side n this room. All these indicate that this room has the effect of Rahu, Moon, and Saturn indicating progeny problem and mental unrest. The remedy is only to change the residence.

6. In the Daughter-in-law’s horoscope there is a link to Venus Mars, Moon and Rahu in son’s horoscope there is an exchange between Mars and Venus and having Rahu along with Sun.

7. In transit, the change of house is indicated in the year (2009) by which the position will lead to prosperity and progress in family life.

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