Vastu remedies for Home Analysis by Astrologer

Vastu remedies

The following useful points are remedial measures for Nadi Grah Vastu

1. Inside facing door two sides’ right and left windows indicates male and female folks of the house. For Sun and Moon, common enemies are Saturn and Venus. Saturn causes disputes among father and son, slow progress, and harassment from higher-ups to the male folk of the house. If the same Saturn significations are affecting the left side window, the female folks will have health problems, loss, and inconsistency in professional matters. Venus aspect on right side window makes the male folks of the house be more luxurious and spendthrift and involve in litigation with females.

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If Venus aspect is on left side window, then there will be a loss of money, female folk will have barrenness, develops capricious qualities, marital disputes, and there could be cases of eloping of female folks from the house and getting blames. Mercury is not an enemy to Sun but to Moon Mercury is. Mercury aspect on left side windows may cause problems to women folks in martial matters. The male folks may entertain outside women to cause distress to women folks in the house resulting in family disturbances. Rahu is an eclipsing planet and its signification on a window will cause health hazards both to male and female folks of the house and it also indicates secret relationship particularly when it has an effect on left side windows. Ketu is a renouncing and philosophical planet. Its aspect on right window causes the menfolk of the house to lead philosophical life and block material progress. On the left side window, it affects the male folk to get entangled with other women or it may cause stubbornness to female and male folks of the house. It also affects the health and relational matters of female folks. It is common to have window and door curtains to decorate the house. As a matter of fact, this is not a good practice. However, if curtains used they must be transparent, the color of the curtain should not be black or blue it is preferred to have cream or light yellow color. Sliding the curtain with two sides and making clearance to the window is one of the best ways to reduce the effect of Rahu. Now a day’s glass panels are fitted to windows. The see-through glass is Moon, and therefore it is not harmful. The sunshade glasses if act like a mirror it would become Rahu and Venus and may create problems for the male and female folks with health problems and identity crises. Normal glass or color glass of less transparent can be used avoiding color of Rahu, Ketu, Venus, and Saturn.

2. Curtain to the main door is not advisable in any form. Because door itself is Rahu and it should not be magnified. This will enhance the health problem and multiple marriages.

3. Next is main hall which represents Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. From the main entrance the northern side of the hall represents Mercury, the central portion is Jupiter and the southern portion is Venus. Therefore do not place material signifying Mars, Moon Rahu, and Ketu in the main hall. We can keep materials related to Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. The Jupiter related articles should not be kept in a hall for material prosperity. The painting depicting hills, flowing water, Well, Tanks, or Machinery etc are to be avoided in the main hall. The pictures of Garden, Beauty, and Toys can be kept. There should not be photograph or painting of wild animals and violent sequences. The furniture should not be in red color, ash color or blue color. It can be black in color or any other color. The furniture to be arranged in such a way that more empty space is provided towards North, Northeast and Eastern directions. This is irrespective of the entrance of the house.

4. It is not advisable to have shoes and slippers inside the house. Shoes and slippers indicate Ketu and their presence in the hall indicate the less number of visitors and financial stress. The best place for them is towards the right side of the door from inside the house for eastern entrance, and left side for western entrance for northern and southern entrance it should be left aside. But if they kept inside the house, they are to be arranged in a closed rack so that they are not visible.

5. The main door should have a threshold and an indicator of Goddess Lakshmi. This wooden plank at the bottom should be smeared with turmeric powder and decorated with “rangoli” on it and in front of it towards outer side. This portion of the house represented Lord Narayana sleeping on Adisesha spreading its hood above as Vishnu Maya and it the bottom at the tail end Mahalakshmi is seated. The entrance is, therefore, the abode of Sriman Narayana and Mahalakshmi. On this threshold, Lord Narasimha ends the life of demon Hiranyakasipu. It should be free from obstructions from the front portion. This portion must be well decorated. Usually, the hood of the serpent is Rahu who represents ‘Rakshasa,’ and therefore a face resembling demon is kept at the top of the door as protection against the evil eyes. Though it appeals like myth is has its value. The human eye casts powerful evil influence and especially if the person is envious towards the prosperity of native.

6. After the main hall, we take up the right side portions of the house (when you face easterly direction). The firsts kitchen. Kitchen, according to its direction, indicates the female folk especially wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law of the house. Mars represents the kitchen. Should there be a window inside the kitchen, it must be towards extreme right side when you face easterly direction. That is it should be just near the fire factor in the kitchen, and there should not be any water-related significations on this side. The water taps and wash basin to be placed on the extreme left side. A window on the left direction will not only create gynecological problems for the female in the house but also the food will lose its right effect. There will be lots of waste of food. There should not be a door leading outside from kitchen. This will block the progeny prospects of spouse and daughter in law in the house. It may also delay and disturb the marital matters of the female members of the native. Apart from this entire female folk in the house will have health-related problems. Do not keep anything that represents Ketu, Moon & Rahu in the kitchen. These will not only block the financial aspect of the native but also turns the female folks towards metaphysical nature, and the material prosperity will be blocked. Female folks will body pains and immobility problems. The electrical appliances should definitely occupy southern and Southwest part of the kitchen and not towards eastern and North-east and Northwest part of the kitchen. Unless there is a store separately towards North-western part, the storage of food grains if needs to be kept in the kitchen it should be towards the Northwest part of the kitchen and these should not be visible to the fire factors of southern of Southwest directions

7. The bathroom should be after the main hall before reaching pooja room, or it can be between kitchen and pooja room but not after kitchen falling in between master bedroom and kitchen. (Note bathroom does not indicate toilet which should never be in this direction.) This implies that bathroom cum toilet inside the master bedroom should not fall between the kitchen and the room. But since there will be the wall blocking this continuity the effect may not be serious. However, it is better to have Mars signification side the bathroom (toilet)  like a water heater, geyser and it is advised to keep a raw salt packet in such combined toilet and bathroom in the master bedroom if that is falling in that direction apart from having electrical appliances as said above.

8. The master bedroom is an indicator of Mars predominantly as per the direction of Mars, but it represents Venus. The first problem is air-conditioning this room. Air-conditioner as a single unit represents Mars and Rahu which is not as harmful as both are together. In “Split-Ac” the working machine part is kept in a different place, and only the conditioning equipment is attached to the wall of the bedroom. This represents Rahu and Moon which is not good for the husband and wife as far as progeny and bed comforts are a concern. This also creates little disputes between the couple. In such cases, the machine part is to be fixed near to the Southern wall where the conditioner part is visible very near or the same direction as the wall. But in unavoidable circumstances place a Mars article like sharp rod or weapon on the conditioning part to get rid of this effect. There is a myth to have a treasury in this room mostly attached to the western wall and opening towards either east or north. This is not correct. This room is not meant for wealth, money or treasury. The cupboard or almirah here is meant for storing dress materials only. Artificial jewelry can be stored here. These must be towards the Southwest corner making that place heavy. The idea is to cover strongly the place of Rahu. In every room, the North, Northeast and Eastern sides should have more place. Keeping this in view the cot should be arranged. Head should be either to East, South and never to the North or West. Never use bed made out of only rubberized cushion or sponge. Coir or cotton mixed cushion beds are preferred. The dressing table should be towards the North West wall and should not be towards East or South side wall. Do not store washable clothes inside this master bedroom. Do not hang washed clothes for drying inside this room. The room wall should not be painted with Moon, Ketu, Rahu, Mercury Saturn colors. Do not use paintings of trees, jungle and desert sceneries. The room should be decorated with pleasant and progressive symbolic depicting love and harmony. Window if placed should be towards the southern or eastern wall and not towards the western wall. From inside the house, there should be no window to this bedroom. Windows represent Sun and Moon both are enemies to Venus, therefore, it should not be towards Western wall representing Saturn direction and Northern wall representing Mercury who is friends to Venus. South and Eastern walls are friends to Mars and windows can be there. Unfortunately, if windows are in other directions they are to be kept closed besides covering with curtains of Ash or Blue color. The simple logic applicable here is to identify the planet representing the portion and avoid keeping articles of the enemy planet and if wrongly placed use the enemy articles as a remedy.

9. Dining should be towards West side. The dining table is to be arranged leaving sufficient space towards North and East sides. The Southwest corner of dining hall should not have Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars-related items. It can have a stand to decorate with cutlery or dining sets. Though dining table in generals occupied all the sides, the inmates should always try to face East while taking food and guests can face any direction. From the dining table, the direct fire element of the kitchen should not be visible. There should not be toilet or bathroom visible from this point. From this room, a door can be there towards West leading to veranda or balcony.

10. The balcony can be towards West or East side of the bedroom and western side to dining place. If possible balcony towards Northside can be provided. However, a balcony to dining place will attract more guests for dining, and therefore t is always good.

11. Washbasin should be towards the Northwest direction. In any other direction, this is to be remedied by keeping the enemy articles of Moon. The only condition is it should not be directly visible or at least the inmates should not face them while taking food.

12. It is strongly recommended to have toilets behind the house and avoid inside the house. Even if it is low system, if you own it, try to implement this it will greatly benefit the future of inmates. Southwest and toilets represent Rahu. Therefore, in Naadi we always recommend having toilet towards this direction. The Northwest is moon’s direction, and Rahu and Moon will not go together which causes eccentricity to the moon. Moon is a loss-indicating planet, and with Rahu, it increases the debt factors. Therefore, it is not recommended to have a toilet in Northwest.

13. The Northwest direction is of Moon which in earlier days used to be the place of cow-sheds. Now, this can be used for storing food grains. We have discussed the storage place in the kitchen not visible to fire factor. In the event of insufficient place in the kitchen in that direction, a small room or a place can be earmarked in Northwest direction for storage of food grains. The northwest room can have windows. But door should not be there leading to balcony or veranda. A bathroom in this direction is not preferred, and toilet is banned. However, this is an alternate place for the kitchen.

14. Northern room or an extension of Northwest room along the Northern side which is to the left side of the house from inside facing the main door considering the house to be in eastern direction is preferred for treasury room. In this room, to the Northern direction, the treasury can be kept to the Northwest wall or Southwest wall allowing the door to open towards East or North. The entire room is Kubera sthana(place of wealth). In any room, the logic of keeping more space towards North, Northeast, and Eastside must be maintained. This room is also study room hence this can be children’s room. There is no harm if the children use this as their bedroom. But the Northwest portion is to be kept for storing food articles if it is a common room and temporary partition can be made for this. This room can also have windows towards projecting outside it can be in any direction except towards the wall of the main hall. There can be a door from Northern or Eastern or Eastern side towards balcony or veranda.

15. If the direction of the house changes, except in the Southwest, Northeast, in any other direction kitchen can be shifted. However, the cooking place inside kitchen must fall in Southeast direction. Other portions of the house to be maintained as recommended. If main entrance falls towards West direction, the toilet should be towards the Southern backside wall towards west. If it is a Sothern entrance, it falls towards the right side back wall from inside house. If it is Northern or Eastern, there will not be any change, and it falls the same position as described.

16. The staircase is represented by Ketu, and the placement of staircase decides the involvement of other planets. Suppose the house is East facing, standing in front of the house facing West and the main door, the right side is Northeast, North, and Northwest. The left side is South and Southwest. Except for the Southwest direction, which is represented by Rahu, all other direction the staircase is preferred subject to the condition that the East and Northeast portions are to be kept free. In the Southwest direction, it will become “kalasarpa dosha”(Rahu-Ketu axis) which will cause troubles to the inmates. In North and Eastern directions, it covers the space not allowing the good effects of windows on the sides of the house, which may result in n problems with male and female members of the family. Care should be taken that the effect of staircase does not fall through some means of an opening into the house portions representing family members.

17. Entrance steps representing Saturn should not be too high or too short, and it should be maintained properly without any damages.

18. Blocking of entrance by any Mars significations (like broken steps, electrical poles, rods, sharp edges and thorny planets) is an obstruction to the main door of the house represented by Rahu. It invites troubles from outsiders and enmity in the locality

19. Similarly, any plant representing Sun, Moon, Ketu, and Mars is also not good in front of the main entrance.

20. Natural sloping towards North-eastern side is best. Well, can be situated In front of the house towards North and East.

21. Wide roads surrounding the house represent Rahu while the Narrow roads represent Ketu. Wide roads running in front of the house indicate prominence in society and active life of inmates with or without hoarding wealth. On the contrary, if the Narrow road is running in front to the house, the inmates will not be exposed to the society in spite of having wealth.

22. A playground or vacant land and dilapidated building in front of a house visible directly from the house and windows of the house create not only health problems but also accounts for materialistic problems. In such cases placing a reflector to the outside wall will reduce the evil effect.

23. Standing at the main door facing outside, a wide road running from right to left terminating exactly at the end of the end of the house, indicates danger to husband, ill health to wife & daughter-in-law and displacement to children causing a disturbance in education. If the road runs from right, it will indicate danger to children, ill health to native, the dispute between wife & husband and separation. If the same road is narrow then there could be a dispute among male and female folks in the house, the native may fall from divine contemplation, and there could be ill health and break in education to children. If it is from left to right, the children will have a break in education; the native will have a dispute about land, and house property and the female folks will have health problems.

24. If a wide road (Rahu) directly approaches the main door of your house and terminates without any turn, then it indicates never-ending problems and the native will be blocked without any progress. The results will be similar if the road is narrow (Ketu) and the inmates develop disbelief in supernatural effect, instead of cursing them and accumulate more sin.

25. The trees to be grown are to be noted from the karakatwa of planets basing on friendship and enmity and the direction they rule.

26. We have given the most important karakatwa of planets relating to Vastu. Readers are already aware of the friendship and enmity of planets, and it will be easy for the readers to understand the logic of logic of placement based on this relationship technique. This is purely Naadi based Vastu which has proved to be beneficial when applied. Though this is an introductory chapter on Vastu, we have furnished vital rules, which have been put to the test and verified on various house analyses. For the benefit of readers, we furnish a house diagram and show the method of Vastu analysis.

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