Vastu Expert

 Vastu Expert

Vastu Shastra is a holistic science, which is in agreement with the whole cosmos and the entire energy. It can give you several benefits if you follow the principles of Vastu Shastra.

Dr Vinay Bajrangi is a Vastu Expert with specialization in Vastu inflicted diseases.

Your home, factory, industrial establishment, office or any enclosure dealing with space, needs to be the concurrence with the positive energy of cosmos. If the directives of this science is not taken in to consideration serious problems can occur which can stall the progress of the individual.

The following problems could be a direct cause of Vastu defect:

  • Ill health
  • Continual Loss
  • Unnecessary Expenditure.
  • Loss to Life.
  • Bad or unexpected behavior of any family member.
  • Sustained pressure

If any of these features are troubling you, your establishment needs Vastu rectification  which draws a Vastu  balance of the elements.

Keep this in mind , a  home/ establishment that is Vastu-compliant attracts more wealth, creates financial security, generates new opportunities, strengthens relationships, and brings joy and happiness.

You can send you architectural plan for Vastu rectification, or arrange Dr Vinay Bajrangi to visit your place he will take care of Solar energy, Lunar energy, Energy from the earth, Energy from the Sky, Electric Energy, Thermal Energy, Wind Energy, Light Energy, Cosmic Energy.

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