Vastu Correction Through Horoscope

Vastu Correction

Ht City - 2.9.18 - Vastu Correction Through Horoscope

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.  Those who understand this try and make their home cozier, relaxable and beautiful. Those who super recognize the importance of positively energized home make their workplace, factory, industry in addition to their home complainant to the divine Vastu Engineering. A Vastu Engineered place rightly blends the vibrations, waves, sound and light and re-engineers the Jal (water)-Agni(fire)-Prithvi(Earth)-Vaayu(wind)-Akash(Ether) Tatwas of the place aligning it cosmically. Not many would know that Jyotisha (astrology) is the prerequisite of cosmic Vastu. All those who follow astrology understand that a horoscope is a complete accounting description of the assets of the individual like the house(s) he may own, the factory(ies) /establishment(s)/industry(ies) he may possess. But only a few know that the Vastu-Dosha of the all these units also lies embedded in the horoscope which should be aptly read, and this reading should precede any onsite Vastu visit. For, most of the times the analysis of horoscope is enough for knowing and correcting the Vastu-Dosha of the site. 

More than two decades of reading the charts for VastuDosha and its rectification coupled with global site visits for Vastu, empowers me to proclaim that the removal of on-site Dosha (which is just twenty percent) combined with modifications as suggested by horoscope reading (this is the rest eighty percent) enables a complete "Vastu-cally" reengineered makeover of the premises for the maximum benefits. E.g., a nasty Rahu in a horoscope necessarily tells about the dilapidated walls, wall painting with crevices or broken joints with unused place radiating the negativity. The placement of this Rahu in the chart determines the exact location that could be at the site. One must cautiously repair/restore it and never let it happen for maximum benefits. Through my latest blog on  I have tried to clarify it more thoroughly.

Pitra Dosha frightens many. It may retard, restrict, snatch things for which even the horoscopes promise. Says Dr Vinay Bajrangi a vedic astrologer for all type of astrological predictions & astrology reading online.