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Ht City Delhi 9.9.19- Understanding All About Pitra Dosha

Pitra Dosha is like a dirty window pane; it will not let the sunshine in. If it is there in a horoscope, it will act as a double-edged sword as on the one hand, it can sit over the Yogas, preventing them from blossoming & on the other hand it mercilessly devoid the native of worldly pleasures. There are three types of Pitra Dosha which are differentiated on basis of their potency, and the category depends upon flaws of one’s previous births. The effects of mildest Pitra Dosha are easy to mitigate whereas it becomes harder and harder to get over the effects of the intermediary and most 
atrocious Pitra Dosha. The outcome of Pitra Dosha, or the ‘curse of one’s forefathers’ can be anything, including childlessness, fear of death, early death of family members (males in particular), loss of reputation, imprisonment, and unexplained constant loss.
Pitra Dosha comes and is controlled by our own karmas from the past and present. 
Reading the horoscope could effectively predict as to why the wrath of the forefathers has fallen over the person and with this knowledge it becomes easy to guide the native towards corrective measures. The corrective measures chiefly comprise not repeating actions that have infuriated forefathers.
I know about many tales in which natives have suffered without respite, because of continuing to repeat what they had erroneously done in the previous birth. Awareness and the possible way out is the easiest of the strategies that one should follow. A fortnight from September 24 is the Pitra Paksha, wherein pledge Sankalpam for karma correction can be undertaken for absolving oneself from this dreaded Dosha. My blogs of Pitra Dosha has a detailed explanation of the effects and remedies on this dosha.
Further, Rahu is the chief conspirator for infusing a Pitra Dosha on to a native, 
but the present time is such that Rahu can be easily used for self-benefit which will also help to tone down the Pitra Dosha. In my article next week, I will explain the benefits that can be drawn from the north-node Rahu. Says Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer who also provides free astrology advice through his