Transiting saturn in capricorn

saturn transit in capricorn

With about 2 decades of practicing on Indian Vedic Astrology, I firmly say that no one including creator Brahma can change the horoscope. Then should we become a spectator & dance to the tune of planets and experience the results taking them as destiny, be it negative or positive. NO, we should try to understand impact of planetary transits & changing Dashas. Proper guidance for few minutes can really make a difference. This can prove the theory of rags to riches and also vice versa. All these planetary transits have useful karmic based indications for all Zodiac Signs & recent transiting Saturn in Capricorn is one of the most significant among these planetary transits. This will happen on 24.01.2020. 

For the last few weeks, I have been explaining the effects of the transiting Saturn on the professional front, may it be for a businessman or for the one who is employed. This transit from Sagittarius zodiac sign to the Capricorn zodiac sign is indeed of significance as this phenomenon is repeating itself after a gap of thirty years, and Saturn is known to like its positioning in Capricorn. 

Saturn the karmic planet, when positions in a place of its liking, is sure to give positive transformations on one's karmic efforts. The key is to know what to do when. Now, many may believe that this transiting Saturn would only influence the tenth house i.e., the house of karma. But this isn't true as it also influences other domains of an individual's life. Another important domain of an individual is one's seventh house, which is the house relating to the marriage and spouse. This transiting Saturn in Capricorn plays a crucial role in effecting and influencing this sphere of the individual.

Neha, a 1984 born individual, was finding it hard to get married as she was finding herself on the wrong side of the thirties. The initial years were spent in building her career, and when the career stabilized, there were very few who could match her capabilities and were unmarried. Similar was the case with Amit; he was a 1982 born unmarried male with an average Government job. His marriage could not have solemnized as there were few elder brothers and sisters who were finding it hard to get married.

Supriya, a 1986 born dejected female, had a sore love affair. The person she saw for the past six years deserted her. She and her family were finding it hard to find a suitable groom for her. Ankita, a 1985 born female who got divorced in 2016, was also struggling to find a suitable partner for her. I remember these names so vividly because these all got their partners in November and December 2019.  Saturn is known to give its results a few months before its change, just like an approaching train whistle before reaching the station.

A knowledge of this event and the will to change with the support of a helpful hand can make a significant difference.  All the above four individuals are due to get married in this new year and have found a match of their and their family's choice. The hiccups like the Mangal Dosha, multiple marriage Yoga, BhakootDosha, which earlier were playing a spoilsport, did not obstruct now. It is, therefore, very essential to play to our advantage to the beats of the transiting planets and transiting Saturn is one of the most important among them. Meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for all type of astrological predictions, free astrological predictions through his blogs.