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Today's Forecast for 21 Nov 2018

Vinay bajrangi Today's Forecast
aries aries

The natives might have to modify their outlook, in order to preserve some sort of security. Keep your senses – eyes and ears – alert. You must be prepared to changing circumstances, as you are in a learning stage. You might face difficulties, if you fail to do so. Your interest in relationships, especially romance, will be strong, this evening. Advice 1: save money. Advice 2: forgive readily. Recite the manthra “Om Suryaaya Namah.”

taurus taurus

Most of your relatives, including your kith and kin, are forcing you to get married. However, some of them will encourage you to be happier, with freedom, for some more time. Even they think there is more time for marriage. They are sent by none other than a set of favorable planets. Freedom is totally your perspective. 

gemini gemini

Your confidence level is very high today. You will be able to accomplish any task with relative easiness if you set your expectations right. Information is power, but others might try to manipulate this power over you. Be a good team player and you will achieve a great deal.

cancer cancer

There will be a kick to love and romance today. A major turn of event will happen as far as matters related to heart. Resolve for nothing but the best. And, when this happens, the day will be bright. 

leo leo

You have realized that communication has an important role to play. But, it turns out that it is more important than what you have thought. You also realize that things that appear flexible are stubborn and rigid in reality. You just ought to be patient for this to fall into place.


virgo virgo

Your general easygoing attitude helps you handle any situation, but, today, because of tensions, it might be difficult for you to handle controversial situations. Unfortunately, people, especially those with egos and unrealistic attitudes don’t understand this. The best you can do is be in a safe zone.

libra libra

It can be an extremely tiring day. Your energy becomes so low that you’ll find it difficult to catch up with the group, ahead of you. Also, the atmosphere at work is monotonous and stressful. So, you might feel like getting away from the race. You might choose a new path and lifestyle that is not more taxing. At times, you’ll be forced to make changes.

scorpio scorpio

Your dynamic, creative traits are in correct pitch, and are in line with the expectations of the group. As time goes by, worldly consciousness will become more important to you. You will realize that you need to consider the facts of the situations rather than your opinions. Keep your goals within your sight. 

sagittarius sagittarius

The likelihood of a positive transformation in your personal or professional life is around the corner. But this will leave you anxious at the beginning. Loosen up a bit and think positively. 

capricorn capricorn

You’ll be tasked with higher responsibilities, but you’ll be able to accomplish the with your hard and art work. Some of you will get hold of a new job, which will be satisfying. Experts in the field of art and culture will gain good name and fame. All in all, this is a favorable time.

aquarius aquarius

Aquarian natives should start drafting letters or emails today. Voice communications might lead to conflicts and troubles. If you control your short-temper nature, you’ll create new opportunities for yourself. Fortune favors the bold and aggressive.

pisces pisces

Someone in the higher rank will appreciate your ideas. But some of your coworkers might be biased. So, you have to keep your temper. You do not have to make any decisions or solve anything right now. As a matter of fact, the more comfortable you are the more likely the outcome is.