telephonic or skype appointment

Skype / Telephonic Basic Appointment for discussions with Dr Vinay Bajrangi.

People not able to meet Dr Bajrangi personally in our HQ at Noida ( UP) / Mumbai or other places where he regularly visits can conduct the appointment session on Skype / Video WhatsApp call / normal Telephone call. 

In case there is internet connection issue, we recommend stay connected on Skype / Video ( for face expressions) and speak on normal Telephone call. Better record the conversation to understand the depth later on re-listening it. 


The solutions are not only based on D 1 Chart but are derived from relevant Shodash Vargas in the birth chart further analysed in tandem with various other principles of Parashari, Brighu , South Nadis, North Indian Techniques, Krisnamurthy Padyati etc for  comprehensive solutions. A Useful read before you consult ANY ASTROLOGER.


ONCE you register with us for the appointment, we take your birth details ( clear date, *Accurate time & place of birth) . We  also ask for the main area of concern ( specific Bhav ). This has a very specific relevance for pre-analysis of your horoscope before the appointment starts so that the appointment sessions start straightaway with the main subject. Now during the appointment, firstly main area of concern is discussed & subsequently, you can discuss other major areas of concern in this session. 

NOTE: In case you have even iota of doubt on the birth time, please speak to us before taking any decision of booking the appointmment.


  • You get to know the main reasons of all your problems, area of concern.
  • You get to know the Upaya (remedial measures), if any required to relieve you of the accumulated negativity in the horoscope.
  • Upaya ,if any, suggested, are totally Vedic, small  & self doable.
  • In many cases, Dr Vinay Bajrangi advises you to do some long term Karma Korrection within yourself so that such things do not surface in that horoscope again.
  • The Karma Korrection ( if advised) & Upaya are given to you in writing.
  • This session lasts for 30  minutes.


  • You get connected to the Head of our support team who would explain all minute things about Upaya / remedial measures & Karma Korrection tips. Subsequently, the support team stays in touch with you following  the same.
  • Within about 2 months time after the 1st appointment, we expect you to share your 1st feedback with us.

This appointment is a comprehensive analysis of the Horoscope for all areas of concern. Apart this,  there are other options also for  customised appointments as mentioned below.

  • Birth time rectification
  • Birth time rectification with detailed analysis of the Horoscope.
  • Comprehensive analysis with readings of past, present & future with birth time validation
  • Past life analysis 
  • Married life issues – Pre & Post Marriage 

To Know the charges for the TAILOR Made Appointments, Pls Call our office

For booking the  Appointment session, you need to deposit 100% applicable fee payment in advance. 

Payments can be made Online , in our bank or Paytm, Western Union , MoneyGram details of which are given as required.

For any other query please feel free to contact us